5th Issue

There were more 199 million fifth issue fractionals printed between 1874 and 1876. There aren’t many rare varieties in this series, in fact there are only six varieties altogether. You can find our stock of fifth issue US fractional currency below.

  • Type

FR No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1308$0.255th IssuePMG 55$46
5th Issue 1308 $0.25 fractionals

A pleasing Walker with margins all around on front and back.

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1309$0.255th IssuePMG 64EPQ$175
5th Issue 1309 $0.25 fractionals

A lovely Walker with short, thick key. Pleasing, balanced margins all around, vivid colors and Exceptional Paper Quality noted by […]

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1381$0.505th IssuePMG 64EPQ$220
5th Issue 1381 $0.50 fractionals
1381$0.505th IssuePMG 58EPQ$195
5th Issue 1381 $0.50 fractionals

A lovely  “Bob Hope” note with all the eye appeal of a Gem CU.  Beautifully balanced margins, vivid colors and […]

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