National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
1801-2$10Nebraska1929II4173AlbionPMG 63EPQ$425
Nebraska 1801-2 Albion $10 nationals

A lovely Choice CH. Type 2,  from a popular State.  Pleasing margins, colors and embossing with Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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1802-1$20Nebraska19291798LincolnPMG 63EPQ$425
Nebraska 1802-1 Lincoln $20 nationals

Pleasing note. S/N C007928A

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1800-2$5Nevada1929 TY27038RenoPMG 63EPQ$1800
Nevada 1800-2 Reno $5 nationals

A bright pleasing and well-centered example of this desirable and highly collected bank. Lovely type II with Exceptional Paper Quality […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey19292527Atlantic CityVF$345
New Jersey 1801-1 Atlantic City $10 nationals
607$5New Jersey19022527Atlantic CityFine$465
New Jersey 607 Atlantic City $5 nationals

Quite a pleasing FINE with margins all around and clear signatures. A very desirable Seashore Note with only 25 large […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey19295884Atlantic CityVG$350
New Jersey 1801-1 Atlantic City $10 nationals
1801-1$10New Jersey19295884Atlantic CityVG$335
New Jersey 1801-1 Atlantic City $10 nationals
1802-1$20New Jersey19295884Atlantic CityVF$365
New Jersey 1802-1 Atlantic City $20 nationals

A desirable note on this seashore bank’s first title.  Balanced margins all around on this problem free example.  Low serial […]

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606$5New Jersey1902 PB11368BergenfieldFine$1,050
New Jersey 606 Bergenfield $5 nationals

A very tough note from Bergen County. There are only 5 large size notes recorded on this second title. Bank […]

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1801-2$10New Jersey1929 TY29268BordentownVF$350
New Jersey 1801-2 Bordentown $10 nationals

Problem free and evenly circulated.

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587$5New Jersey1902RS1222Burlington UNC$2200
New Jersey 587 Burlington  $5 nationals

A well centered Red Seal from Burlington County.  Deep blue serial numbers along with bold signature of G.W.Lewis, President.  The […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey19291222BurlingtonVF$250
New Jersey 1801-1 Burlington $10 nationals

A bright example from Burlington County.   Pleasing and evenly circulated.

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624$10New Jersey1902 PB1209CamdenVF$450
New Jersey 624 Camden $10 nationals

First title note with 16 large recorded. Well centered with nice signatures.

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1800-1$5New Jersey1929 TY11209CamdenFine$95
New Jersey 1800-1 Camden $5 nationals

Bright Type I.

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1802-1$20New Jersey19299285Cape MayVF$2250
New Jersey 1802-1 Cape May $20 nationals

A very popular “Seashore Note” !  This is one of only 7 large and 21 small size notes recorded in […]

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599$5New Jersey1902 PB7983CollingswoodFINE$675
New Jersey 599 Collingswood $5 nationals

A tougher Camden County bank with only 18 large size recorded. A pleasing example with margins all around and clear […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey1929 TY17983CollingswoodF/VF$200
New Jersey 1801-1 Collingswood $10 nationals
1802-1$20New Jersey19296707ElmerFine$225
New Jersey 1802-1 Elmer $20 nationals

Salem County with 19 large and 37 small recorded.  Several pinholes.

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1801-1$10New Jersey1929892FlemingtonFine$175
New Jersey 1801-1 Flemington $10 nationals

Problem free Fine from Hunterdon County.

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1800-1$5New Jersey192913530Haddon HeightsFine$185
New Jersey 1800-1 Haddon Heights $5 nationals

This is one of only 30 notes recorded on this small size only bank in Camden County.  A reasonably priced […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey1929374Jersey CityFine$75
New Jersey 1801-1 Jersey City $10 nationals

A decent, problem free Fine.  Affordable

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480$10New Jersey1882BB695Jersey CityF/VF$1350
New Jersey 480 Jersey City $10 nationals

A desirable Brownback from this Hudson County bank.  This note is new to the census of 12 large size only […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey19292343Mount HollyFine$135
New Jersey 1801-1 Mount Holly $10 nationals

Well centered note from this popular location. Several rust spots in margin.

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1801-1$10New Jersey19292343Mount HollyVF$325
New Jersey 1801-1 Mount Holly $10 nationals

A very bright example from this widely collected bank in Burlington County.  Well centered.

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616$10New Jersey1902DB6728Mullica Hill VF$1695
New Jersey 616 Mullica Hill  $10 nationals

Bright and nicely centered example. This is the ONLY $10 1902 Dateback recorded, with only 11 other large size notes […]

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616$10New Jersey1902DB6728Mullica Hill VF$1400
New Jersey 616 Mullica Hill  $10 nationals

This is only one of 12 large size notes recorded and the only $10 Dateback in the census.  An evenly […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey19296060Ocean CityFine$335
New Jersey 1801-1 Ocean City $10 nationals
1800-1$5New Jersey192912510PleasantvilleFINE$425
New Jersey 1800-1 Pleasantville $5 nationals

A tough Atlantic County note with only 15 small size recorded.

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1800-1$5New Jersey19294872PrincetonFine$215
New Jersey 1800-1 Princeton $5 nationals

Mercer County bank and home of Princeton University.

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401$5New Jersey18752257Red BankPCGS 25$2950
New Jersey 401 Red Bank $5 nationals