Obsolete Currency

Obsolete currency refers to paper money issued by entities other than the federal government, e.g. state banks, railroads, merchants, state and local governments. The money issued by state banks makes up the largest portion of obsolete currency, also commonly referred to as “Broken Banknotes”. As you can see below, we are currently selling varied Broken Banknotes as well as other types of obsolete currency.

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$10Virginia1862RichmondCH CU$175
Richmond $10 Virginia obsolete

Virginia Treasury Note. Lovely vignette of Ceres at center. Green overprinted “X’s” and “TENs”.

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Staunton $5 Virginia obsolete

A pleasing obsolete from Virginia with margins all around and vivid orange overprints.  Fully issued with clear signatures and lovely […]

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Stewardsville $0.75 Virginia obsolete
Winchester $20 Virginia obsolete

The Bank of the Valley in Virginia. Angel and cherubs entwined in large “20” at upper right corner. Penned signed […]

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Winchester $0.25 Virginia obsolete

Corporation of Winchester

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$3Washington DCJuly 4, 1862Washington DCCU $525
Washington DC $3 Washington DC obsolete

An uncirculated. issued note with bright colors and fancy green scroll work on back.

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Hudson $1 Wisconsin obsolete

The City of Hudson

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$5Wisconsin1850WaupunPMG 65EPQ$435
Waupun $5 Wisconsin obsolete

Corn Exchange Bank, Waupun.  Man picking corn in field at center. Lovely red overprint “FIVE” with blue stamped serial number. […]

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$1Wisconsin1850's - 1860'sWaupunPMG 65EPQ$325
Waupun $1 Wisconsin obsolete

The Corn Exchange Bank, Waupun.  Gem remainder with blue stamped serial number, vignette of  maiden, globe and sailing ship at […]

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