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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2050-D*$20FRN1928PMG 35 $265
FR 2050-D* $20 FRN

A pleasing and nicely centered early issue STAR note from Cleveland.  Vividly inked with deep green serial numbers.  Problem free […]

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FR 2050-E $20 FRN

An early issue FRN from Richmond.  Balanced margins and evenly circulated.

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FR 2050-E $20 FRN

A very vividly inked FRN from  Richmond “5” with pleasing margins all around.  A lovely, early issue in AU.

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2050-I$20FRN1928PCGS 45PPQ$125
FR 2050-I $20 FRN

An evenly circulated, well centered and problem free 1928 District #9 note with bold inks and very light bends.

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2052-J$20FRN1928BPMG 63 $145
FR 2052-J $20 FRN

A lovely Light Green Seal $20 ’28B FRN from Kansas City.  Bright paper and balanced margins all around on this […]

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FR 2054-D $20 FRN

Very bright note with vivid colors on both front and back.  Margins all around on this three-fold XF note.

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2057-Cob$20FRN1934CPMG 55$65
FR 2057-Cob $20 FRN
2057-Lob$20FRN1934CPMG 55EPQ$52
FR 2057-Lob $20 FRN

Boardwalk margins all around on this San Francisco district note with the early design ‘Old Back’.

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2058-GW$20FRN1934DPMG 63EPQ$85
FR 2058-GW $20 FRN

A Chicago “G” District in Choice CU with broad top margin and tighter bottom margin.  Still bright with Exceptional Paper […]

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2060-C*$20FRN1950APMG 66EPQ$325
FR 2060-C* $20 FRN

A pleasing  Gem CU STAR from Philadelphia District with balanced margins and pleasing inks on front and back.

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2060-F$20FRN1950APMG 66EPQ$75
FR 2060-F $20 FRN

A gorgeous $20 Atlanta “F” District FRN with balanced margins, bright paper and vivid colors.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted […]

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2061-G*$20FRN1950BPCGS 63PPQ$95
FR 2061-G* $20 FRN

STAR note. Lovely Choice New note with margins all around and vivid colors. Premium Paper Quality has been noted by […]

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2064-L$20FRN1950EPCGS 63PPQ$48
FR 2064-L $20 FRN

Although slightly off-center, still very bright with vivid colors.  Premium Paper Quality is noted by PCGS.

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2068-A$20FRN1969APCGS 65PPQ$85
FR 2068-A $20 FRN

Vivid inks, bright paper and balanced margins on this Gem Boston “A” District FRN.

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2070-A$20FRN1969CPCGS 64PPQ$50
FR 2070-A $20 FRN

Striking colors on this $20 Boston “A” District FRN  with Premium Paper Quality noted by PCGS.

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2072-G$20Errors/Oddities1977PCGS 53PPQ$395
FR 2072-G $20 Errors/Oddities

Quite a lovely  $20 1977 FRN ERROR note with inverted overprints on the Chicago district.  A bright AU with Premium […]

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2078-G*$20FRN1990PCGS 66PPQ$85
FR 2078-G* $20 FRN

A gorgeous STAR note with broad margins, bold inks and Premium Paper Quality noted by PCGS.

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2089-C*$20FRN2004PMG 67EPQ$85
FR 2089-C* $20 FRN

A gorgeous Superb Gem Federal Reserve STAR Note with broad margins and bold colors.

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2100-D$50FRN1928PMG 55 $285
FR 2100-D $50 FRN

A very bright and well centered “4” Cleveland District FRN.  Brilliant colors and bright paper on this AU example.

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2101-Bd$50FRN1928APMG 30$85
FR 2101-Bd $50 FRN

New York District. VF with Dark green seal on this bright and problem free note.

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2150-C$100FRN1928PMG 58$685
FR 2150-C $100 FRN

This Choice AU early issue $100 from Philadelphia District is very bright with pleasing colors and  margins all around.

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2168-E*$100FRN1977PMG 66EPQ$265
FR 2168-E* $100 FRN

A beautiful STAR note from Richmond “E” District with bright paper and vivid inks, and balanced margins all around on […]

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2173-L*$100FRN1990PMG 58 $185
FR 2173-L* $100 FRN

San Francisco District Star note.

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FR 2202-L $500 FRN

A nicely centered and evenly circulated $500 from San Francisco “L” district

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FR 2211-C $1000 FRN

A very bright, nicely centered high denomination from Philadelphia “C” District with vivid light green seal and serial  numbers.

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FR 2211-C $1000 FRN

An evenly circulated and nicely centered Philadelphia “C” District high denomination with remnants of a teller stamp on the reverse.

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