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On July 10, 1929, after years of discussions, the first of the current, reduced size notes were placed in circulation. In order to cut costs on printing paper money, it was decided that millions of dollars could be saved if currency was reduced 25% in size. Also, it was a way for the government to have more uniformity in the look of its currency.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2061-G*$20FRN1950BPCGS 63PPQ$95
FR 2061-G* $20 FRN smallsize

STAR note. Lovely Choice New note with margins all around and vivid colors. Premium Paper Quality has been noted by […]

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2064-L$20FRN1950EPCGS 63PPQ$48
FR 2064-L $20 FRN smallsize

Although slightly off-center, still very bright with vivid colors.  Premium Paper Quality is noted by PCGS.

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2068-A$20FRN1969APCGS 65PPQ$85
FR 2068-A $20 FRN smallsize

Vivid inks, bright paper and balanced margins on this Gem Boston “A” District FRN.

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2070-A$20FRN1969CPCGS 64PPQ$50
FR 2070-A $20 FRN smallsize

Striking colors on this $20 Boston “A” District FRN  with Premium Paper Quality noted by PCGS.

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2071-B$20FRN1974CH CU $365
FR 2071-B $20 FRN smallsize
FR 2077-G $20 Errors/Oddities smallsize

An uncirculated note with four small pinholes at center.  Complete offset printing of back to front of note.  Vividly inked.

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2078-G*$20FRN1990PCGS 66PPQ$85
FR 2078-G* $20 FRN smallsize

A gorgeous STAR note with broad margins, bold inks and Premium Paper Quality noted by PCGS.

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2089-C*$20FRN2004PMG 67EPQ$85
FR 2089-C* $20 FRN smallsize

A gorgeous Superb Gem Federal Reserve STAR Note with broad margins and bold colors.

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2101-G$50FRN1928ACH CU $175
FR 2101-G $50 FRN smallsize

A beautiful example from Chicago “G”.  This note has balanced margins all around, as well as bright paper and bold […]

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2101-Bd$50FRN1928APMG 30$85
FR 2101-Bd $50 FRN smallsize

New York District. VF with Dark green seal on this bright and problem free note.

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2168-E*$100FRN1977PMG 66EPQ$265
FR 2168-E* $100 FRN smallsize

A beautiful STAR note from Richmond “E” District with bright paper and vivid inks, and balanced margins all around on […]

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2168-B$100Errors/Oddities1977CH AU $385
FR 2168-B $100 Errors/Oddities smallsize

A complete (lightly inked) offset printing of back to front on a Choice AU high denomination note.

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2173-L*$100FRN1990PMG 58 $185
FR 2173-L* $100 FRN smallsize

San Francisco District Star note.

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2300$1Errors/Oddities1935APMG 30 $235
FR 2300 $1 Errors/Oddities smallsize

Gutter Fold ERROR.  Broad margins and pleasing colors on an evenly circulated, problem free Hawaii.

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2300$1Hawaii1935APMG 66EPQ$325
FR 2300 $1 Hawaii smallsize
FR 2300 $1 Hawaii smallsize

A problem free, evenly circulated example.

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2300$1Hawaii1935ACH CU $175
FR 2300 $1 Hawaii smallsize

The second of two consecutively numbered Hawaii notes in Choice CU.  Bright and vividly inked.

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FR 2300 $1 Hawaii smallsize

An evenly circulated, nicely margined example of this popular type.  Quite affordable.

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2300$1Hawaii1935APMG 65EPQ$245
FR 2300 $1 Hawaii smallsize

A very bright Hawaii note with beautiful colors on front and back.  Y-B Block with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by […]

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FR 2303* $10 Hawaii smallsize

This evenly circulated and problem free Hawaii STAR note is new to the census of 62 stars recorded. A pleasing […]

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2400$10Gold Certificate1928Fine$135
FR 2400 $10 Gold Certificate smallsize

An affordable Gold Certificate with margins all around.  Intact and problem free note.

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2400*$10Gold Certificate1928PMG 35 $825
FR 2400* $10 Gold Certificate smallsize

A tougher Star note with only 161 examples recorded.  A bright Choice VF note with balanced margins all around.  Pleasing […]

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2404$50Gold Certificate1928PMG 35EPQ$1495
FR 2404 $50 Gold Certificate smallsize

A lovely and desirable note with four balanced margins and vivid colors on front and back.  Ex ceptional Paper Quality […]

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