Legal Tender

The term legal tender can be applied to any old currency that was issued as a United States note. Legal tenders were not bank issued and not backed by gold or silver. The US initially experimented with legal tenders during the Civil War. Be sure to visit our small size legal tender and type notes pages for more information.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
64$5Legal Tender1869PCGS 64PPQ$3,950
FR 64 $5

A bright and vividly inked Rainbow note with margins all around.

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64$5Legal Tender1869PCGS 58 $1985
FR 64 $5

A vividly inked Choice AU Rainbow note with balanced margins all around.  This lovely note boasts deep blue inks on […]

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73$5Legal Tender1880PMG 63 $1275
FR 73 $5

Minor Rust noted by PMG on this vividly inked, early issue Woodchopper with large red seal and blue serial numbers.  […]

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90$5Legal Tender1907CH AU $575
FR 90 $5

An incredibly bright note with vivid colors on the front and back.  This Woodchopper has margins all around and bears […]

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91$5Legal Tender1907PMG 55 $685
FR 91 $5

A bright and vividly inked AU Woodchopper with cherry red seal and serial numbers and margins all around.  This note […]

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91$5Legal Tender1907VF$215
FR 91 $5

An evenly circulated Woodchopper with three balanced margins, top is tight but not into the engraving.

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103$10Legal Tender1880PMG 53 $1650
FR 103 $10

This lovely Jackass note has margins all around, bright paper, deep blue serial numbers and vivid large red seal. A […]

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120$10Legal Tender1901PMG 35 $1850
FR 120 $10

A lovely Bison with cherry red seals and serial numbers and balanced margins all around.  Pleasing, mid-grade example of this […]

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121m$10Legal Tender1901PMG 40EPQ$2650
FR 121m $10

A very bright and brilliantly inked Bison note with all the eye appeal of a much higher grade.  Exceptional Paper […]

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122$10Legal Tender1901VF$1175
FR 122 $10

An evenly circulated Bison note with bright paper and bold inks on front and back.

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123$10Legal Tender1923Fine$2350
FR 123 $10

An evenly circulated and nicely margined example of the always popular “Poker Chip”  note.  This problem free note has retained […]

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128$20Legal Tender1875PCGS 20 $2350
FR 128 $20

A rather tough FR number with only 64 examples recorded by Track & Price.  This is a well centered PCGS […]

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135$20Legal Tender1880PMG 25 $1375
FR 135 $20

An evenly circulated and nicely centered example with large red seal and bold blue serial numbers.

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136$20Legal Tender1880PMG 40$1995
FR 136 $20

A very bright Legal with bold blue serial numbers and beautiful large red spiked seal.

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