Silver Certificates

Silver certificates were issued by the United States as early as 1878, as part of its circulation of paper money. They were intended to be redeemable for their worth in silver dollar coins, but since 1968 have only been redeemable in Federal Reserve Notes. Large size silver certificates were issued from 1878-1923, while small size silver certificates were issued from 1928-1964.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
261$5Silver Cert.1886PMG 35 $3150
FR 261 $5

A pleasing Silver Dollar Back with a lovely large red spiked seal.  Balanced margins all around with bold coin engraving […]

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268$5Silver Cert.1896PMG 20 NET$875
FR 268 $5

Quite an affordable example of the desirable $5 Educational note.  Graded Very Fine Net by PMG, this well centered example […]

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268$5Silver Cert.1896PMG 25 $2150
FR 268 $5

A well-centered and evenly circulated Educational note with bright paper and vivid inks.  There is a bit of a wallet […]

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269$5Silver Cert.1896PCGS 45$6200
FR 269 $5

This vividly inked Educational has all the eye appeal of a much higher grade note.  Pleasing margins all around, bold […]

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275$5Silver Cert.1899VF$585
FR 275 $5

A nicely centered Chief with vivid blue seal and serial numbers and balanced margins.

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278$5Silver Cert.1899Fine$425
FR 278 $5

Nicely centered and problem free Fine Chief.

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280$5Silver Cert.1899Abt. Fine$375
FR 280 $5

An affordable Chief with margins all around.  There is some staining on the front of the note.

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281$5Silver Cert.1899Fine/VF$635
FR 281 $5

An affordable example of the always popular “Chief”.  Margins all around with some light staining noticeable at bottom.

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282$5Silver Cert.1923PMG 30EPQ$1875
FR 282 $5

A pleasing Porthole note with margins all around, vivid blue serial numbers  and Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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293$10Silver Cert.1886PMG 30 $3450
FR 293 $10

A pleasing Tombstone note with large red seal bearing the signatures of Rosencrans and Hyatt.  This 1886 series note has […]

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301$10Silver Cert.1891PMG 25$1375
FR 301 $10

A bright, pleasing and evenly circulated Tombstone with vivid red seal, bold blue serial numbers and margins all around.

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366$10Treasury Notes1890PCGS 30$3150
FR 366 $10

A desirable large brown seal Treasury note with pleasing centering, vivid seal and deep red serial numbers.  An evenly circulated […]

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