National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
1800-2$5Pennsylvania1929II5832WaynesboroPMG 64EPQ$225
Pennsylvania 1800-2 Waynesboro $5 nationals

A pleasing Type II example from this Franklin County bank.  Margins all around, bright paper and Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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624$10Pennsylvania1902148West ChesterVF$365
Pennsylvania 624 West Chester $10 nationals

Well centered example with vivid blue seal and numbers.  County Seat of Chester County.

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598$5Pennsylvania1902148West ChesterCH VF$385
Pennsylvania 598 West Chester $5 nationals

A bright and boldly inked example from this popular Chester County location.  Bold signatures of the bank’s officers, as well […]

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1801-1$10Pennsylvania1929552West ChesterVF$345
Pennsylvania 1801-1 West Chester $10 nationals

A very desirable note from the first title of the Chester County bank.  There are only 8 small size notes […]

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1800-2$5Pennsylvania1929II552West ChesterVF$225
Pennsylvania 1800-2 West Chester $5 nationals

A bright Type 2 from the County Seat of Chester County.

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608$5Pennsylvania19022669West GroveAbt. VF$495
Pennsylvania 608 West Grove $5 nationals

A nicely centered note from this Chester County location.  One of only 9 large and 29 small size recorded on […]

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1802-2$20Pennsylvania1929II13852Wilkes-BarreAbt. VF$90
Pennsylvania 1802-2 Wilkes-Barre $20 nationals

A broadly margined Type II from this Luzerne County bank that issued only small size notes.  Popular “Miners” title.

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1802-1$20Tennessee19293432MorristownCH VF$365
Tennessee 1802-1 Morristown $20 nationals

This $20 example from Morristown, TN is one of only 23 large and 14 small size notes recorded.  Pleasing inks, […]

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Texas 692 Georgetown $100 nationals

A bright and vividly inked 1902 Dateback on this desirable Williamson County bank with only 7 large and 53 small […]

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Texas 689 Marshall $100 nationals

While there are 14 large and 18 small size notes recorded in the Track & Price census on this Harrison […]

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1801-2$10Utah1929II6012Price CU $1425
Utah 1801-2 Price  $10 nationals

A bright and boldly inked type II example from a desirable state.  An uncirculated serial number A000005 example with margins […]

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650$20Vermont1902489St. JohnsburyFine$265
Vermont 650 St. Johnsbury $20 nationals

A pleasing and problem free note from St. Johnsbury, Vermont and one of only 31 large size note recorded in […]

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Virginia 1801-2 Harrisonburg $10 nationals

A very bright and nicely centered Type 2 from this Virginia bank with only 33 large and 30 small size […]

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Virginia 651 Lynchburg $20 nationals

An evenly circulated Plainback on the second title of this charter with only 12 large size and 145 small size […]

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Virginia  Lynchburg $20 nationals

A problem free example from a widely collected State.  This bright $20 1902 has margins all around, although the bottom […]

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Virginia 598 Lynchburg $5 nationals

Clear signatures and balanced margins all around.

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1801-1$10Virginia192910194NorfolkCH VF$175
Virginia 1801-1 Norfolk $10 nationals

A very bright and problem free example with margins all around.

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Virginia 590 Petersburg $5 nationals

A bright and pleasing’02 Dateback with balanced margins and vivid inks.

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Virginia 625 Winchester $10 nationals

A nicely centered note from a popular State.  Evenly circulated with several small margin splits in the top margin.

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1801-1$10West Virginia19297681ClarksburgAbt. VF$115
West Virginia 1801-1 Clarksburg $10 nationals

Evenly circulated example from this Harrison County bank.

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607$5West Virginia19025266New MartinsvillePMG 25 $565
West Virginia 607 New Martinsville $5 nationals

A mid-grade example from Wetzel County and one of only 27 large and 26 small size notes recorded in the […]

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1801-1$10Wisconsin19298281Eau ClaireFine$165
Wisconsin 1801-1 Eau Claire $10 nationals

A problem free Fine from this popular State.

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619$10Wisconsin1902DB4305RiponPCGS 30$465
Wisconsin 619 Ripon $10 nationals

A bright and nicely centered 1902 Dateback on this “Ethnic” titled bank in Wisconsin.  Signatures are faded but legible with […]

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620$10Wisconsin1902DB4744WausauPCGS 20APP$275
Wisconsin 620 Wausau $10 nationals

An Ethnic Title on a ’02 Dateback from Wisconsin.  Margins all around, with decent colors and officers’ signatures.  Very Fine […]

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