National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Pennsylvania 1802-1 Rimersburg $20 nationals

A problem free example from Clarion County – one of 13 large and 16 small size notes recorded.

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480$10Pennsylvania1882BB2977RochesterPMG 58 $2895
Pennsylvania 480 Rochester $10 nationals

A beautiful Brownback from Beaver County,  with bold inks on front and back, as well as vivid signatures of bank’s […]

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Royersford $5 nationals

Montgomery County bank with only 13 large and 38 small size notes recorded.

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1800-2$5Pennsylvania1929II3551RoyersfordCH CU $385
Pennsylvania 1800-2 Royersford $5 nationals

Another example from this Montgomery County bank. This $5 ’29II  is a bright and well centered Choice CU note with […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Schwenksville $10 nationals

A tougher Montgomery County bank with only 11 large size and five small size notes recorded on this First Title.  […]

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Sellersville $5 nationals

A desirable Bucks County bank with 25 large and 39 small size notes recorded.  A very bright XF with balanced […]

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420$10Pennsylvania18752667SellersvillePMG 30NET$3250
Pennsylvania 420 Sellersville $10 nationals

A lovely, nicely centered First Charter offering on this desirable bank in Bucks County.  Balanced margins all around, vivid red […]

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Pennsylvania 600 Smethport $5 nationals

A well centered “Grange Bank” note from this McKean County town.  Evenly circulated and problem free with margins all around […]

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Pennsylvania 652 Smethport $20 nationals

Another evenly circulated example from the “Grange Bank” at Smethport.  This $20 has margins all around, legible but somewhat faded […]

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Smethport $5 nationals

A well centered small size “Grange Bank” note.  This note is one of only 17 large and 29 small size […]

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599$5Pennsylvania19028141Spring GroveVF$625
Pennsylvania 599 Spring Grove $5 nationals

A pleasing Very Fine from desirable and widely collected  York County.  This is one of only 11 large and 5 […]

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1800-1$5Pennsylvania19297511State CollegeVF$485
Pennsylvania 1800-1 State College $5 nationals

A problem free and nicely centered example from the home of Penn State University.  There are only 11 Large and […]

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613$10Pennsylvania1902RS7193SwarthmoreCH AU $7950
Pennsylvania 613 Swarthmore $10 nationals

A stunning Red Seal from Delaware County and 1 of only 2 – $10 Red Seals in the census with […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Swarthmore $20 nationals

Second title note with only 2 large and 22 small recorded on Track & Price.

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1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II7193SwarthmoreCH CU $685
Pennsylvania 1801-2 Swarthmore $10 nationals

A pleasing Type II from desirable Delaware County with only 24 small size notes recorded on Track & Price.   This […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-2 Telford $20 nationals

Montgomery County bank.

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Thompsontown $5 nationals

A tougher bank from Juniata County with only six large and eight small size notes recorded in the Track & […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Tioga $10 nationals

A scarce “Grange Bank” in Tioga County with only three large size and 5 small size notes in the Track […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Turbotville $20 nationals

A tough Northumberland County bank with only 4 large and 5 small size notes recorded in Track & Price.  This […]

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624$10Pennsylvania19026574Turtle CreekPMG 25$625
Pennsylvania 624 Turtle Creek $10 nationals

A popular and widely collected town in Allegheny County.  One of only 23 large and 26 small size notes recorded.  […]

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1802-1$20Pennsylvania19296574Turtle CreekVF$325
Pennsylvania 1802-1 Turtle Creek $20 nationals

One of only 23 large and 26 small size notes recorded in Track & Price.  This evenly circulated  and well […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Tyrone $10 nationals

Popular ‘FIRST NAME’ bank in Blair County.

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598$5Pennsylvania19026516TyronePMG 30 $515
Pennsylvania 598 Tyrone $5 nationals

A well centered example from Blair County with only 26 large and 35 small size notes recorded.  Bright with clear […]

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1804-1$100Pennsylvania1929681UniontownCH VF$525
Pennsylvania 1804-1 Uniontown $100 nationals

A very bright Choice VF note from Fayette County with margins all around, although the bottom margin tapers to the […]

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Pennsylvania 480 Washington $10 nationals

A gorgeous Brownback from Washington County with 40 large size ONLY recorded by Track & Price.  Vivid inks, boardwalk margins, […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-2 Watsontown $20 nationals

A pleasing type 2 from Northumberland County with broad margins.

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609$5Pennsylvania190212504WaynePMG 45 $2350
Pennsylvania 609 Wayne $5 nationals

An incredibly bright and vividly inked example from this large size only bank in Delaware County.  This is one of […]

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1800-2$5Pennsylvania1929II5832WaynesboroPMG 64EPQ$225
Pennsylvania 1800-2 Waynesboro $5 nationals

A pleasing Type II example from this Franklin County bank.  Margins all around, bright paper and Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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624$10Pennsylvania1902148West ChesterVF$365
Pennsylvania 624 West Chester $10 nationals

Well centered example with vivid blue seal and numbers.  County Seat of Chester County.

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598$5Pennsylvania1902148West ChesterCH VF$385
Pennsylvania 598 West Chester $5 nationals

A bright and boldly inked example from this popular Chester County location.  Bold signatures of the bank’s officers, as well […]

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