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Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Pennsylvania 1802-1 Swarthmore $20 nationals

Second title note with only 2 large and 22 small recorded on Track & Price.

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Pennsylvania 1802-2 Telford $20 nationals

Montgomery County bank.

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Thompsontown $5 nationals

A tougher bank from Juniata County with only six large and eight small size notes recorded in the Track & […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Tioga $10 nationals

A scarce “Grange Bank” in Tioga County with only three large size and 5 small size notes in the Track […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Turbotville $20 nationals

A tough Northumberland County bank with only 4 large and 5 small size notes recorded in Track & Price.  This […]

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624$1019026574Turtle CreekPMG 25$625
Pennsylvania 624 Turtle Creek $10 nationals

A popular and widely collected town in Allegheny County.  One of only 23 large and 26 small size notes recorded.  […]

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1802-1$2019296574Turtle CreekVF$325
Pennsylvania 1802-1 Turtle Creek $20 nationals

One of only 23 large and 26 small size notes recorded in Track & Price.  This evenly circulated  and well […]

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598$519026516TyronePMG 30 $515
Pennsylvania 598 Tyrone $5 nationals

A well centered example from Blair County with only 26 large and 35 small size notes recorded.  Bright with clear […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Tyrone $10 nationals

Popular ‘FIRST NAME’ bank in Blair County.

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1804-1$1001929681UniontownCH VF$525
Pennsylvania 1804-1 Uniontown $100 nationals

A very bright Choice VF note from Fayette County with margins all around, although the bottom margin tapers to the […]

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Pennsylvania 1804-1 Uniontown $100 nationals
Pennsylvania 480 Washington $10 nationals

A gorgeous Brownback from Washington County with 40 large size ONLY recorded by Track & Price.  Vivid inks, boardwalk margins, […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-2 Watsontown $20 nationals

A pleasing type 2 from Northumberland County with broad margins.

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609$5190212504WaynePMG 45 $2350
Pennsylvania 609 Wayne $5 nationals

An incredibly bright and vividly inked example from this large size only bank in Delaware County.  This is one of […]

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1800-2$51929II5832WaynesboroPMG 64EPQ$225
Pennsylvania 1800-2 Waynesboro $5 nationals

A pleasing Type II example from this Franklin County bank.  Margins all around, bright paper and Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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624$101902148West ChesterVF$365
Pennsylvania 624 West Chester $10 nationals

Well centered example with vivid blue seal and numbers.  County Seat of Chester County.

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598$51902148West ChesterCH VF$385
Pennsylvania 598 West Chester $5 nationals

A bright and boldly inked example from this popular Chester County location.  Bold signatures of the bank’s officers, as well […]

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1800-2$51929II552West ChesterVF$225
Pennsylvania 1800-2 West Chester $5 nationals

A bright Type 2 from the County Seat of Chester County.

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1801-1$101929552West ChesterVF$345
Pennsylvania 1801-1 West Chester $10 nationals

A very desirable note from the first title of the Chester County bank.  There are only 8 small size notes […]

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608$519022669West GroveAbt. VF$495
Pennsylvania 608 West Grove $5 nationals

A nicely centered note from this Chester County location.  One of only 9 large and 29 small size recorded on […]

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1802-2$201929II13852Wilkes-BarreAbt. VF$90
Pennsylvania 1802-2 Wilkes-Barre $20 nationals

A broadly margined Type II from this Luzerne County bank that issued only small size notes.  Popular “Miners” title.

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