As a coin dealer, we buy and sell all types of United States coins. We’re especially focused on better grade gold, silver and copper type coinage. You can see what we currently have in stock below, or contact us to sell your own items. Our coin shop is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

  • Denomination

0.501955NGC MS 65 FBL$145
0.50 1955 coins
0.501834PCGS AU55$1100
0.50 1834 coins

Large Date, Large Letter

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.501958 DNGC MS 66 FLB$225
.50 1958 D coins
11882NGC MS 64$475
1 1882 coins
11997 SNGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo $75
1 1997 S coins
1NDMS 60$175
1 ND coins