3rd Issue

The third issue of fractional currency is the only series that issued a three cent denomination. Additionally, they were the first fractionals to feature signatures from banking officers and the only series to be used during the Civil War. See below for third issue fractionals, or visit our fractional currency page for more options.

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FR No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1226$0.033rd IssueGem $295
3rd Issue 1226 $0.03 fractionals

A lovely 3-cent note with jumbo margins and bright inks.

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1236$0.053rd IssuePMG 64$475
3rd Issue 1236 $0.05 fractionals

A Choice CU 5 Cent Third Issue Clark with vivid red back and margins all around. A scarce note.

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1253spwmf$0.103rd IssuePMG 63NET$275
3rd Issue 1253spwmf $0.10 fractionals

This Choice CU Wide Margin Specimen bears the autographed signatures of Colby and Spinner.  Great color and bold overprints  — […]

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1255$0.103rd IssuePMG 45EPQ$85
3rd Issue 1255 $0.10 fractionals

A Choice XF Washington with three broad margins and top being tight but not into note. Bottom margin on reverse […]

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1255$0.103rd IssuePMG 58EPQ$175
3rd Issue 1255 $0.10 fractionals

A nicely centered example with pleasing bronzing and color on front and back.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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1255$0.103rd IssueCH CU $135
3rd Issue 1255 $0.10 fractionals

This ten-cent Washington is well centered with lovely bronzing on front and back, as well as vivid inks.

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1294$0.253rd IssuePCGS 25$495
3rd Issue 1294 $0.25 fractionals

A Very Fine example of a desirable 25 cent Third Issue note with an Inverted Surcharge on the Reverse.  Well […]

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1324$0.503rd IssuePMG 65EPQ$735
3rd Issue 1324 $0.50 fractionals

A scarce Spinner Red Back with “A-2-6-5” surcharges on reverse. This lovely example is very bright with vivid inks on […]

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1328$0.503rd IssuePMG 63EPQ$485
3rd Issue 1328 $0.50 fractionals

A boldly inked Spinner red back with autographed signatures of Colby and Spinner. This scarce Third Issue example has Exceptional […]

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1331$.503rd IssuePMG 64EPQ$565
3rd Issue 1331 $.50 fractionals

A CH CU Spinner with margins all around, vivid bronzing and dark green reverse.

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1347$0.503rd IssuePMG 63EPQ$565
3rd Issue 1347 $0.50 fractionals

A scarce Justice with vividly inked back and surcharges A-2-6-5. Margins all around, although left side is tight.

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1355$0.503rd IssuePMG 63 $565
3rd Issue 1355 $0.50 fractionals

A scarce red back Justice with autographed signatures. Lovely inks and margins all around.

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1356$0.503rd IssuePMG 64EPQ$865
3rd Issue 1356 $0.50 fractionals

A lovely hand signed Spinner with broad margins and bold bronzing.  “A-2-6-5” on reverse with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by […]

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