Gold Certificates

In the mid 19th century, the US treasury started issuing gold certificates as part of its paper currency. The certificates gave the holder title to a corresponding amount of gold from the vault. Gold certificates were in circulation until 1933, when the United States banned private gold ownership.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1167$10Gold Certificates1907PMG 55EPQ$1950
FR 1167 $10

A well centered AU with deep gold seals and serial numbers on front, as well as pleasing orange reverse.  Well […]

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1178$20Gold Certificates1882PMG 65EPQ$18950
FR 1178 $20

A gorgeous $20 1882 Gold Certificate with stunning colors on front and back. From the cherry red seal to the […]

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1179$20Gold Certificates1905CH VF$7650
FR 1179 $20

A well centered Technicolor note with bold, eye-catching colors on front and back.  Cherry red seal and serial numbers and […]

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1187$20Gold Certificates1922AU$1725
FR 1187 $20

A well-centered AU Gold Certificate with pleasing colors and bright paper, as well as vivid orange reverse.  Nicely centered with […]

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