Gold Certificates

In the mid 19th century, the US treasury started issuing gold certificates as part of its paper currency. The certificates gave the holder title to a corresponding amount of gold from the vault. Gold certificates were in circulation until 1933, when the United States banned private gold ownership.

  • Type

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1169A$10Gold Certificates1907VF$350
FR 1169A $10

A boldly inked and nicely centered ’07 Gold Certificate with small serial numbers.  Pleasing gold colors on front as well […]

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1173*$10Gold Certificates1922VF$975
FR 1173* $10

An evenly circulated STAR note and one of only 287 pieces recorded in the Track & Price census.  Margins all […]

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1178$20Gold Certificates1882PCGS 25PPQ$1750
FR 1178 $20

A mid-grade example of a desirable type with Premium Paper Quality noted by PCGS Currency.  Broad margins all around, bright […]

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1185$20Gold Certificates1906VF$365
FR 1185 $20

A boldly inked and evenly circulated 1906 Gold Certificate with small serial numbers.  Pleasing margins all around.  Two small pinholes […]

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1186$20Gold Certificates1906VF$385
FR 1186 $20

A boldly inked, evenly circulated and problem free  ’06 Gold note with pleasing margins all around.

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1187$20Gold Certificates1922VF$325
FR 1187 $20

Evenly circulated with margins all around.  Bold orange reverse.

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1197$50Gold Certificates1882VF$1985
FR 1197 $50

There are only 242 examples recorded in Track & Price.  This is a broadly margined Very Fine with pleasing colors […]

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1225H$10000Gold Certificates1900PMG 55$7850
FR 1225H $10000

At first glance, this $10,000 Gold note looks Gem.  Broad margins, deep blue  numbers, cherry red seal, and NO Perforations […]

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