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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1505$2Legal Tender Notes1928DVF$275
FR 1505 $2 Legal Tender Notes

Desirable Error on a $2 Red Seal. Gutter Fold on a problem free, nicely centered VF $2 1928D.

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FR 1527-M $5 Errors/Oddities

This well inked $5 1928C Red Seal has a large Gutter Fold Error with margins all around and problem free.

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FR 1614 $1 Errors/Oddities

A deep Gutter Gold on this $1 1935E Silver. Bright XF with margins all around.

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1621$1Errors/Oddities1957BPMG 66EPQ$995
FR 1621 $1 Errors/Oddities

A gorgeous 2-digit mismatched serial number error.  This bright and boldly inked silver certificate is well embossed with broad, balanced […]

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2019-A$10Errors/Oddities1969ACH VF$265
FR 2019-A $10 Errors/Oddities

Misalignment Error on a $10 1969A FRN. Bright and problem free Choice VF with balanced margins all around.

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2071-D$20Errors/Oddities1974Gem CU $375
FR 2071-D $20 Errors/Oddities

A $20 1974 FRN Error – Complete offset of obverse on reverse. Lovely Gem note.

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2081-B$20Errors/Oddities1995CH AU $295
FR 2081-B $20 Errors/Oddities

A bright Choice AU $20 1985 with a Misalignment Error. Pleasing centering.

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