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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1612$1Errors/Oddities1935CCH VF$135
FR 1612 $1 Errors/Oddities

An evenly circulated and well centered silver certificate with a deep gutter fold on front.  Popular and widely collected error!

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1614$1Errors/Oddities1935EPMG 58EPQ$625
FR 1614 $1 Errors/Oddities

A lovely Choice AU ERROR note with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.  Bright and nicely centered Silver Certificate with […]

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1908-C $1Errors/Oddities1974CH CU $125
FR 1908-C  $1 Errors/Oddities
1922-I$1Errors/Oddities1995CH CU$135
FR 1922-I $1 Errors/Oddities

Fold over cutting error, known as a “Butterfly Error”.

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1962-A$5Errors/Oddities1950AGem CU $565
FR 1962-A $5 Errors/Oddities

A Gem CU example of a cutting error at lower right.

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1975-E$5Errors/Oddities1977ACH CU $185
FR 1975-E $5 Errors/Oddities

ERROR NOTE.  Dark green ink smear error on reverse of Choice CU $5 1977A with broad margins, bright paper and […]

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1975-L$5Errors/Oddities1977AGem CU $585
FR 1975-L $5 Errors/Oddities

A beautiful mismatch serial number error note in Gem CU condition.

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FR 2011-A $10 Errors/Oddities
2023-B$10Errors/Oddities19777CH CU $295
FR 2023-B $10 Errors/Oddities

A $5 1977 Federal Reserve Note with Mismatched Serial Numbers L45596823B / L44596823B.

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2027-I$10Errors/Oddities1985CH CU $375
FR 2027-I $10 Errors/Oddities

A Choice CU ERROR NOTE with underinked second printing.  Pleasing margins all around.

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2071-B$20FRN1974CH CU $365
FR 2071-B $20 FRN
2071-D$20Errors/Oddities1974Gem CU $375
FR 2071-D $20 Errors/Oddities

A $20 1974 FRN Error – Complete offset of obverse on reverse. Lovely Gem note.

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2168-B$100Errors/Oddities1977CH AU $385
FR 2168-B $100 Errors/Oddities

A complete (lightly inked) offset printing of back to front on a Choice AU high denomination note.

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2188F$100FRN2013CH CU $785
FR 2188F $100 FRN

Cutting Error. The Selvage remains attached by 25% across the top f the note.

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