2nd Issue

The term “fractional currency” wasn’t actually used until the second issue (1863-1867). Because counterfeiting was such a problem with the first issue, the second featured a bronze oval on the front. Visit our main page to learn more about United States fractional currency.

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FR No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1232$0.052nd IssuePMG 58$100
2nd Issue 1232 $0.05 fractionals
1233$0.052nd IssuePMG 40NET$55
2nd Issue 1233 $0.05 fractionals

An XF example with surcharges “18-63” on reverse.  Net grade due to tear in top margin.

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1244$0.102nd IssuePMG 58$95
2nd Issue 1244 $0.10 fractionals

A very bright Choice AU note with three broad margins, left side is cut on the engraving line. Still pleasing […]

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1246$0.102nd IssuePMG 55EPQ$160
2nd Issue 1246 $0.10 fractionals
1247$0.102nd IssuePMG 50EPQ$145
2nd Issue 1247 $0.10 fractionals

A very scarce issue with beautiful bronzing and surcharge “18-63” and “I” on reverse. Right side margin cut very slightly […]

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1318$0.502nd IssuePMG 64 $485
2nd Issue 1318 $0.50 fractionals

This scarcer 2nd Issue fractional has surcharges ’18-63′ and ‘1’ clearly printed on the deep red reverse. Uncirculated with balanced […]

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