World Notes

We strive to provide the world note collector with beautiful examples of paper money from around the globe. World notes are rapidly becoming a very desirable collectible. See the world currency that we have available below, or contact us if you’re interested in selling some of your own.

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DenomCountryDatePick No.GradePrice
Australia 1 26b worldnotes

A broadly margined and boldly inked One Pound note. Deep forest green on reverse.  Lovely.

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10 ShillingsAustralia29Fine$55
Australia 10 Shillings 29 worldnotes

A problem free Fine with pleasing centering and bold orange overprint.

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1 DollarAustralia1966-7237aCH AU $80
Australia 1 Dollar 37a worldnotes
50 DollarsCanada193763bVF$345
Canada 50 Dollars 63b worldnotes

A vividly inked and well-centered example from the Banque du Canada.

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1 DollarCanada1937BC-21dPMG 63EPQ$75
Canada 1 Dollar BC-21d worldnotes

A lovely Choice CU example with pleasing margins, deep inks and Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMB.

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2 DollarsCanada1974BC-47aAPMG 66EPQ$95
Canada 2 Dollars BC-47aA worldnotes

A gorgeous Replacement Deuce with broad margins and bold inks.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.  Charlton Catalog lists Gem […]

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$50Canada1975BC-51aA-iPMG 40EPQ$685
Canada $50 BC-51aA-i worldnotes

$50 Replacement.  A vividly inked example with lovely colors on front and back.  Vignette of Canadian Mounties on horseback on […]

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10 LiraCyprus198751XF/AU$128
Cyprus 10 Lira 51 worldnotes

The Central Bank of Cyprus.  Well margined example with lovely vignettes on front and back.  Vividly inked.

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10 KronerDenmark194537VF$62
Denmark 10 Kroner 37 worldnotes

Evenly circulated note with bold green inks.

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5 PesosDominican Republic188-S105VF$125
Dominican Republic 5 Pesos S105 worldnotes
5 KrooniEstonia199171CH CU $8
Estonia 5 Krooni 71 worldnotes

A lovely example from Estonia with pleasing colors and vignettes.

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20 PoundsFalkland Islands198415aCH AU $170
Falkland Islands 20 Pounds 15a worldnotes
500 MarkkaaFinland194581VF$185
Finland 500 Markkaa 81 worldnotes

An oversized 500 Markkaa denomination from Finland with blue  microprinting and lovely vignette

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1000 MarkkaaFinland194582VF$135
Finland 1000 Markkaa 82 worldnotes

An oversized 1000 Markkaa denomination from Finland with purple color on front and back.

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1000 MarkkaaFinland194582VF$135
Finland 1000 Markkaa 82 worldnotes
10 FrancsFrance1974150aAU$65
France 10 Francs 150a worldnotes

Banque De France.  Bright AU that features vignettes of Hector Berlioz, the French composer.

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50 Million MarkGermany1923120AU$65
Germany 50 Million Mark 120 worldnotes

A bright and beautifully inked note from Berlin.

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5 Billionen MarkGermany1924141VF$250
Germany 5 Billionen Mark 141 worldnotes
100 ReichsmarkGermany1924178XF/AU$350
Germany 100 Reichsmark 178 worldnotes
10000 RialsIran1981131aCH CU $95
Iran 10000 Rials 131a worldnotes

Bank Markazi Iran.  Very brightly inked example with pleasing margins all around.

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1 PoundIreland - Republic9.17.197064bWBG 35 Very Fine Choice $55
Ireland - Republic 1 Pound 64b worldnotes

The Central Bank of Ireland. 17.9.1970.  A very bright, well centered note with vignette of Lady Lavery on front.  World […]

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50 LatuLatvia193420VF$48
Latvia 50 Latu 20 worldnotes

Pleasing rainbow-like colors on both the front and back of this note.

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250 GuldenNetherlands196713aPMG 66EPQ$595
Netherlands 250 Gulden 13a worldnotes
50 CordobasNicaragua194596s2PMG 67*$485
Nicaragua 50 Cordobas 96s2 worldnotes

Specimen, s/n00000 Population 1 of 1, with nothing graded higher by PMG.  This lovely example, with rainbow colors across the […]

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100 CordobasNicaragua1941-4297asPMG 67EPQ$525
Nicaragua 100 Cordobas 97as worldnotes

Specimen, s/n00000 Population 1 of 1, this is the highest graded example from PMG.  Lovely pink and red inks on […]

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10 PesosParaguay186526PMG 64$215
Paraguay 10 Pesos 26 worldnotes

A bright, oversized example from Paraguay with vivid blue inks, clear signatures and serial number.  This choice CU note has […]

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20 PesosPhillippines192818VF$125
Phillippines 20 Pesos 18 worldnotes
500 EscudosPortugal1966170aXF$98
Portugal 500 Escudos 170a worldnotes

A lovely, original XF with punch thru embossing clearly evident.  Bright inks and balanced margins all around.

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100 EscudosPortuguese Guinea197145aCH CU $85
Portuguese Guinea 100 Escudos 45a worldnotes
100 DinaraSerbia194333CH CU $60
Serbia 100 Dinara 33 worldnotes

A beautiful note with vivid colors on both sides.

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