Colonial Notes

Colonial currency is paper money that was issued in North America, prior to the Revolutionary War, while the colonies were still under Great Britain’s rule. Colonial money was first issued in 1690 by the original 13 colonies and the state of Vermont, and printed through the late 1700’s.

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DenomStateDateState NoGradePrice
10 ShillingsPennsylvania6/18/1764124Fine w/ support backing$985
124 $10 Shillings Pennsylvania colonials
4 ShillingsPennsylvania4/10/1777217VF$175
217 $4 Shillings Pennsylvania colonials

Margins all around on this four shillings, problem free note.

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3 ShillingsPennsylvania8/10/1777216VF$195
216 $3 Shillings Pennsylvania colonials

A three shillings note with tight margin at bottom.  Internal slit.

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1 ShillingPennsylvania4/10/1777213VF$175
213 $1 Shilling Pennsylvania colonials

One shilling with “To Counterfeit is Death” on reverse.  Margins all around.  Signatures faded.

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2 Shillings and 6 PencePennsylvania4/3/1772157VF$325
157 $2 Shillings and 6 Pence Pennsylvania colonials

Two shillings and six-pence PA colonial is problem free and fully issued.  Margins all around on front and back.

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6 PenceRhode Island1786290VF$285
290 $6 Pence Rhode Island colonials

Newport, Rhode Island.  Six Pence dated 1786.  Nicely inked with clear signatures.

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1 PoundNorth Carolina12/1771139Gem $345
139 $1 Pound North Carolina colonials

As lovely a Colonial as one can find.  A bright North Carolina One  Pound example with four bold signatures, clear […]

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