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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
282$5Silver Cert.1923PMG 25$1150
Silver Cert. 282 1923 $5 typenote

A nicely centered and affordable Very Fine Porthole with bold blue seals and serial numbers.  A very popular type.

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90$5Legal Tender1907PCGS 64PPQ$1275
Legal Tender 90 1907 $5 typenote

A very bright and boldly inked Woodchopper bearing Elliott/White signatures.  Cherry red seals and serial numbers with margins all around.  […]

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85$5Legal Tender1907PMG 65EPQ$1375
Legal Tender 85 1907 $5 typenote

A lovely GEM CU Woodchopper with all the attributes of  this grade.  Bright paper, cherry red seals and serial numbers, […]

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235$1Silver Cert.1899CH VF$315
Silver Cert. 235 1899 $1 typenote

This evenly circulated Black Eagle boasts balanced margins and bold inks and bears Elliott/White signatures.  A Choice VF with light […]

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234$1Silver Cert.1899XF$345
Silver Cert. 234 1899 $1 typenote

Pleasing margins and vivid inks on this problem free Black Eagle bearing Elliott/Burke signatures.  Deep blue seals and numbers on […]

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233$1Silver Cert.1899VF$275
Silver Cert. 233 1899 $1 typenote

A well centered and problem free Very Fine bearing Teehee/Burke signatures.  A bright and pleasing example of this popular collectible.

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217$1Silver Cert.1886CH CU $2650
Silver Cert. 217 1886 $1 typenote

This desirable Martha boasts broad margins, large red spiked seal, and pleasing green reverse.  This Choice CU example bears Rosencrans/Hyatt […]

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216$1Silver Cert.1886CH CU $2175
Silver Cert. 216 1886 $1 typenote

A desirable, early issue Martha with small red seal and blue serial numbers.  There are only 457 examples recorded in […]

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91$5Legal Tender1907CH AU $795
Legal Tender 91 1907 $5 typenote

A bright Choice AU Woodchopper with balanced margins all around,  deep red seal and serial numbers and bright paper.  A […]

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88$5Legal Tender1907CH AU $865
Legal Tender 88 1907 $5 typenote

A lovely Woodchopper bearing Teehee/Burke signatures and bold red seals and serial numbers.  Balanced margins all around on this bright, […]

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79$5Legal Tender1880CH CU $1650
Legal Tender 79 1880 $5 typenote

An early issue, 1880 series Woodchopper with deep blue serial numbers and small scalloped red seal.  A well centered example […]

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39$1Legal Tender1917CH AU $325
Legal Tender 39 1917 $1 typenote

A bright and  problem free Choice AU example with pleasing inks on front and back, as well as margins all […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
626$10Pennsylvania19024039CH VF$795
626 Mifflintown, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

A pleasing example from Juniata County with margins all around and bright teal colored stamped signatures.  Problem free and one […]

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642 Doylestown, Pennsylvania $20 1902DB Nationals

A well centered Very Fine with clear penned signatures, vivid inks and bright paper from widely collected Bucks County.  This […]

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1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II1CH VF$565
1801-2 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals

A lovely, well centered and bright Type II on the first bank in the United States to receive a Charter […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2202-G$500FRN1934APMG 45EPQ$2350
FR 2202-G 1934A $500 FRN

A problem free Choice XF example of a high denomination note from Chicago (G) district with broad, balanced margins all […]

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