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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1187$20Gold Certificates1922VF$365
Gold Certificates 1187 1922 $20 typenote

Margins all around and pleasing gold overprint on front as well as bold orange reverse.

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979A$20FRN1914CH VF$245
FRN 979A 1914 $20 typenote

Pleasing colors and margins on this Cleveland (‘4-D’) district FRN.

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975$20FRN1914CH VF$325
FRN 975 1914 $20 typenote

A very bright and boldly inked Philadelphia (‘3-C’) district FRN with balanced margins all around.

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280$5Silver Cert.1899VF$1150
Silver Cert. 280 1899 $5 typenote

A midgrade Chief with decent inks and margins all around. Problem free and evenly circulated.

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71$5Legal Tender1880VF$465
Legal Tender 71 1880 $5 typenote

Large brown seal Woodchopper with margins all around.  Evenly circulated.  Please note there are several small pinholes in the body […]

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40$1Legal Tender1923XF$385
Legal Tender 40 1923 $1 typenote

A very bright and boldly inked Red Seal with pleasing centering.

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1225h$10000Gold Certificates1900PMG 55$6795
Gold Certificates 1225h 1900 $10000 typenote

A bright and vividly inked example with pleasing margins all around.  This lovely AU has a cherry red seal, as […]

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1006$20FRN1914CH AU $595
FRN 1006 1914 $20 typenote

A lovely Choice AU example from Dallas “11-K” District with balanced margins, bright paper and bold blue seal and serial […]

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FRN 871A 1914 $5 typenote

This Chicago District “7-G” FRN boasts bold inks on front and back, as well as pleasing margins all around.

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91$5Legal Tender1907VF$325
Legal Tender 91 1907 $5 typenote

An evenly circulated Woodchopper that displays pleasing inks on front and back, as well as margins all around.

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909$10FRN1914CH AU $385
FRN 909 1914 $10 typenote

A lovely New York District “2-B” FRN with all the eye appeal of a Gem.  Bright paper, bold inks on […]

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215$1Silver Cert.1886Abt. VF$425
Silver Cert. 215 1886 $1 typenote

This early issue Martha bears small red seal and signatures of Rosencrans and Jordan.  Three pleasing margins, bottom is cut […]

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68$5Legal Tender1875VF$485
Legal Tender 68 1875 $5 typenote

An early issue Woodchopper with floral embellishment, as well as margins all around.  Pleasing inks on front and back.

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48$2Legal Tender1878Fine$365
Legal Tender 48 1878 $2 typenote

Well centered example with floral embellishment.  While there is some staining on reverse, this is still a pleasing example of […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1500$1Legal Tender Notes1928VF$235
FR 1500 1928 $1 Legal Tender Notes

Broad margins all around on this problem free example that has retained its vivid red seal and numbers.

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2309$10North Africa1934APMG 55EPQ$245
FR 2309 1934A $10 North Africa

A vividly inked AU North Africa with margins all around. Exceptional Paper Quality is noted by PMG.

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1890-I$100FRBN1929PMG 58EPQ$365
FR 1890-I 1929 $100 FRBN

Nicely centered Choice AU on Minneapolis District.  Bold inks and bright paper with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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1890-D$100FRBN1929PMG 63EPQ$450
FR 1890-D 1929 $100 FRBN

A Choice CU on Chicago District with deep brown overprints and bright paper.  Nicely centered with Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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1890-D$100FRBN1929PMG 53EPQ$295
FR 1890-D 1929 $100 FRBN

A Cleveland District AU with margins all around, bold overprints and vivid green reverse.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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1613sub18*$1Silver Certificates1935DPMG 64EPQ$285
FR 1613sub18* 1935D $1 Silver Certificates

A bright and vividly inked STAR note with pleasing margins on front and back.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG […]

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1501$2Legal Tender Notes1928PMG 65EPQ$265
FR 1501 1928 $2 Legal Tender Notes

A GEM 1928 Deuce with bright paper and bold red seal and serial numbers.  From the Q. David Bowers Collection.  […]

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1500$1Legal Tender Notes1928PMG 65EPQ$525
FR 1500 1928 $1 Legal Tender Notes

A gorgeous example of the popular $1 1928 Legal.  Balanced margins, bright paper and vivid red seal and numbers are […]

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Confederate Notes:

T No.DenomDateGradePrice
T65$100PMG 64EPQ$325
T65 $100  Confederate

Havana Counterfeit.  Nicely centered Choice CU example with clear penned signatures, balanced margins and Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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T28 $10  Confederate

A tougher 1861 series with margins all around, penned signatures and red serial numbers.  Evenly circulated and problem free.

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T71$1PMG 58EPQ$235
T71 $1  Confederate

A lovely, fully issued,  $1 CSA with deep red inks.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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Obsolete Currency:

$500Louisiana18New OrleansCH CU$465
New Orleans Louisiana $500 18 Obsolete

Griffins on guard at center with large blue ‘D’ underprint. Margins all around on this bright Choice CU. Kelly Obsolete […]

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$500Louisiana18--New OrleansCH AU $245
New Orleans Louisiana $500 18-- Obsolete

Ocean going steamship and sailboats at center. Margins all around with only a corner fold at lower right. Vivid red […]

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