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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
277$5Silver Cert.1899VF$750
Silver Cert. 277 1899 $5 typenote

Evenly circulated, well centered VF.

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893a$10FRN1914PCGS 45$1575
FRN 893a 1914 $10 typenote
67$5Legal Tender1875PMG 64EPQ$2850
Legal Tender 67 1875 $5 typenote
73$5Legal Tender1880PMG 58EPQ$1800
Legal Tender 73 1880 $5 typenote
893a$10FRN1914PMG 64$5395
FRN 893a 1914 $10 typenote

National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
607$5Ohio190211862PMG 64$1895
607 Cleveland, Ohio $5 1902 Nationals

Here’s your chance to own a Choice CU example from the longest title on a National Bank Note. Well centered […]

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1804-1$100Pennsylvania1929681PMG 40$575
1804-1 Uniontown, Pennsylvania $100 1929 Nationals

Balanced margins, bright paper and low S/N E000037A on this XF example from Fayette County with only 27 large and […]

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613$10Pennsylvania1902RS7193CH AU $7950
613 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania $10 1902RS Nationals

A stunning Red Seal from Delaware County and 1 of only 2 – $10 Red Seals in the census with […]

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1802-1 Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

A tough type from Wyoming County. There are only 11 large and 20 small size notes recorded. A problem free […]

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1800-2$5New Jersey1929II8800CH CU $695
1800-2 Atlantic City, New Jersey $5 1929II Nationals

An Uncirculated example from this popular Seashore Bank. Bright and vividly inked.

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1801-1$10Pennsylvania1929696CH CU $350
1801-1 Reading, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A lovely Choice CU note from the Berks County Seat. Margins all around, bright paper and deep embossing all readily […]

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1802-1$20New Jersey1929587PCGS 65PPQ$2400
1802-1 New Brunswick, New Jersey $20 1929 Nationals

A beautiful GEM CU Serial Number 1 from this Middlesex County bank.  A gorgeous example with broad and balanced margins, […]

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468$5New Jersey1882BB1459PCGS 30$2795
468 Frenchtown, New Jersey $5 1882BB Nationals

Hunterdon County.

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466$5Pennsylvania1882BB104PCGS 30$1775
466 Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

Luzerne County.  A lovely example and one of only three $5 Brownbacks recorded in the Track & Price censes.  Balanced […]

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466$5New Jersey1882BB374PMG 40 $1750
466 Jersey City , New Jersey $5 1882BB Nationals

A pleasing XF with margins all around, vivid penned signatures of the Cashier and vice President and bold inks. Desirable […]

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474 Slatington , Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

Lehigh County.

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472 Conshohocken, Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

A pleasing, evenly circulated Brownback from desirable Montgomery County.  There are 28 large and 44 small size notes recorded on […]

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577$10Illinois1882VB2503PMG 64EPQ$2850
577 La Salle, Illinois $10 1882VB Nationals
1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II3766PMG 64EPQ$2275
1801-2 Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals

Low serial number A000005 on this desirable note from Montgomery County.  This is one of only five large and 20 […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1609$1Silver Certificates1935APMG 64EPQ$1050
FR 1609 1935A $1 Silver Certificates

FR 1609 “R” and FR 1610 “S” A lovely R & S Set in Choice CU.  These notes are well […]

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1609$1Silver Certificates1935APMG 66EPQ$1750
FR 1609 1935A $1 Silver Certificates

FR 1609 “R” and FR 1610 “S” A gorgeous R&S Set with bright paper, bold inks, balanced margins and deep […]

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2402$20Gold Certificate1928PMG 62EPQ$435
FR 2402 1928 $20 Gold Certificate

A bright and boldly inked Gold Certificate with margins all around.  Bottom margin tapers down on left but not into […]

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2404$50Gold Certificate1928PMG 35 $825
FR 2404 1928 $50 Gold Certificate

A well centered $50 Gold Certificate with balanced margins all around, as well as vivid overprints and bright paper.

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2302$5Hawaii1934APMG 66EPQ$875
FR 2302 1934A $5 Hawaii

FR # on PMG holder is incorrect. A lovely, GEM CU example with bright paper, bold inks and pleasing margins […]

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2402$20Gold Certificate1928PMG 55$475
FR 2402 1928 $20 Gold Certificate

A very bright and vividly inked $20 Gold note with balanced margins all around.

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1500$1Legal Tender Notes1928PMG 65EPQ$595
FR 1500 1928 $1 Legal Tender Notes

A gorgeous GEM $1 Legal with vivid red seal and numbers, bright overall paper and balanced margins all around. Exceptional […]

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