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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
235$1Silver Cert.1899PMG 63$475
Silver Cert. 235 1899 $1 typenote

An incredibly bright and boldly inked Black Eagle MULE bearing Elliott/White signatures. Deep blue seals and serial numbers and forest […]

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311$20Silver Cert.1880PCGS 40 $18500
Silver Cert. 311 1880 $20 typenote

A scarce $20 1880 Decatur note and one of only 157 examples in Track and Price census. A vividly inked […]

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711$1FRBN1918PMG 63EPQ$685
FRBN 711 1918 $1 typenote

A boldly inked ‘Green Eagle’ on New York district with bright paper and pleasing margins on front and back. PMG […]

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1054$50FRN1914PMG 63 $2450
FRN 1054 1914 $50 typenote

A broadly margined and bright St. Louis Fed with bold inks on front and back. A tougher FR number and […]

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42$2Legal Tender1869PCGS 58PPQ$7250
Legal Tender 42 1869 $2 typenote

A stunning Rainbow Deuce with beautiful inks, deep blue end paper and pleasing margins all around. Premium Paper Quality is […]

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1200$50Gold Certificates1922PCGS 53$3650
Gold Certificates 1200 1922 $50 typenote

A gorgeous $50 Gold with bright paper and vivid gold seals and numbers. Deep orange reverse and balanced margins all […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
474$5Missouri1882BB4178PCGS 66PPQ$2750
474 St. Louis, Missouri $5 1882BB Nationals

This lovely $5 1882 Brownback from St. Louis, MO, has broad margins, bright paper and clear, penned signatures of the […]

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1804-1$100Pennsylvania1929681PMG 40 $575
1804-1 Uniontown, Pennsylvania $100 1929 Nationals