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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
258$2Silver Cert.1899PMG 63EPQ$1650
Silver Cert. 258 1899 $2 typenote

A lovely CH CU Agriculture. Bright and well embossed with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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257$2Silver Cert.1899PMG 63EPQ$2250
Silver Cert. 257 1899 $2 typenote
255$2Silver Cert.1899PMG 35 $635
Silver Cert. 255 1899 $2 typenote

An evenly circulated and problem free Agriculture. A nicely centered example with pleasing colors and Parker/Burke signatures.

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226$1Silver Cert.1899PMG 58$1165
Silver Cert. 226 1899 $1 typenote

A very bright Black Eagle with margins all around and vivid blue seals and numbers bearing Lyons/Roberts signatures.

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40$1Legal Tender1923PMG 65EPQ$1650
Legal Tender 40 1923 $1 typenote

This beautifully inked Red Seal boasts broad margins, bright paper, punch thru embossing and serial number A5665B. A gorgeous note.

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31$1Legal Tender1880PMG 35EPQ*$1575
Legal Tender 31 1880 $1 typenote

One of only 180 pieces recorded in the Track and Price census, this gorgeous, evenly circulated example has earned both […]

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221$1Silver Cert.1886CH AU $1995
Silver Cert. 221 1886 $1 typenote

A very bright and broadly margined Choice AU with beautiful colors on front and back.

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
598 Wilmington, Delaware $5 1902 Nationals

Margins all around on this desirable example from Wilmington.  Evenly circulated note with clear stamped

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2303$10Hawaii1934APMG 63EPQ$765
FR 2303 1934A $10 Hawaii

This CH CU $10 Hawaii is very bright and vividly inked with margins all around and Exceptional Paper Quality noted.

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2302$5Hawaii1934APMG 65EPQ$895
FR 2302 1934A $5 Hawaii

A gorgeous Gem with bold brown overprints, deep green reverse and pleasing centering with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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2402$20Gold Certificate1928PMG 64EPQ$1350
FR 2402 1928 $20 Gold Certificate

A bright and beautifully inked Gold Certificate with lovely overprints and margins all around.

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