Federal Reserve Bank Notes were issued in the U.S. between 1915 and 1934. Only large size notes were available in denominations of $5, $10, and $20 until 1918, when denominations of $1, $2, and $50 were added. In 1933, small size FRBN’s were printed as an emergency issue in response to many bank failures prompting the public to begin hoarding cash. Take a look at the Federal Reserve Bank Notes available from Alex Perakis Coins & Currency below.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
711$1FRBN1918PMG 63EPQ$685
FR 711 $1

A boldly inked ‘Green Eagle’ on New York district with bright paper and pleasing margins on front and back. PMG […]

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712$1FRBN1918PMG 64EPQ$625
FR 712 $1

A lovely Choice CU example from New York with margins all around and deep blue seal and numbers. Exceptional paper […]

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FR 714 $1

A very bright  FRBN on the Philadelphia Fed Reserve Bank.  Deep blue seal and serial numbers and vivid Green Eagle […]

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715$1FRBN1918PMG 30 $225
FR 715 $1

A bright and nicely centered Philadelphia Green Eagle with bold seal and serial numbers.  Evenly circulated and problem free.

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FR 717 $1

A problem free Philadelphia FRBN with margins all around.

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718$1FRBN1918PMG 40$315
FR 718 $1

A vividly inked Cleveland Green Eagle that is bright with balanced margins all around.

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730$1FRBN1918PMG 64$1450
FR 730 $1

Only 253 examples recorded by Track & Price on this FR number.  This low serial number H48A St. Louis FRBN […]

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731$1FRBN1918PMG 45EPQ$385
FR 731 $1

A lovely Choice XF Green Eagle from St. Louis District.  Pleasing, balanced margins all around with vivid inks.  Exceptional Paper […]

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742$1FRBN1918PMG 30 $325
FR 742 $1

This Dallas FRBN is evenly circulated with margins all around.

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754$2FRBN1918PMG 30EPQ$1250
FR 754 $2

This Philadelphia Battleship note is well centered and bright with vivid inks.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted by PMG.

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FR 754 $2

An evenly circulated and problem free Battleship note from Philadelphia.  A well centered example that has retained its pleasing inks.

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787$5FRBN1918PMG 30EPQ$925
FR 787 $5

A bright and desirable Cleveland FRBN with balanced margins.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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790$5FRBN1918PMG 30 $875
FR 790 $5

A problem free Very Fine FRBN on Atlanta with balanced margins, bright paper and bold inks.

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