Legal Tender

The term legal tender encompasses many old US notes. If the currency didn’t earn interest, wasn’t issued by banks, and also wasn’t backed by silver or gold, it is legal tender. See our available small size legal tender below and be sure to visit our small size notes page for more information.

  • Type

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1500$1Legal Tender Notes1928PMG 63EPQ$435
FR 1500 $1 Legal Tender Notes

A desirable type note in an affordable grade.  This Red Seal has bright paper bold red seal and serial numbers […]

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1503$2Legal Tender Notes1928BXF (tear)$275
FR 1503 $2 Legal Tender Notes

A bright XF Red Seal with a small tear in bottom margin that just touches the engraving.  Nicely centered example.

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1504*$2Legal Tender Notes1928CPCGS 30$675
FR 1504* $2 Legal Tender Notes

Tough note in mid grade.

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1504*$2Legal Tender Notes1928CPMG 25 $265
FR 1504* $2 Legal Tender Notes

A nicely centered STAR note with deep red overprints.

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1507*$2Legal Tender Notes1928FPMG 63EPQ$735
FR 1507* $2 Legal Tender Notes

A vividly inked STAR note with pleasing margins and lovely embossing.  Exceptional Paper  Quality is noted by PMG.

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1508*$2Legal Tender Notes1928GPMG 66EPQ$1,350
FR 1508* $2 Legal Tender Notes

A high grade and beautiful STAR note. Broad margins, vibrant red overprints and exceptional embossing on a desirable note.

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1512$2Legal Tender Notes1953CPCGS 64PPQ$43
FR 1512 $2 Legal Tender Notes

Bright paper with bold inks.

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1531Wi$5Legal Tender Notes1928FPMG 65EPQ$145
FR 1531Wi $5 Legal Tender Notes

Gem 1928F Red Seal, Wide I with balanced margins all around.

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1550$100Legal Tender Notes1966CH CU $475
FR 1550 $100 Legal Tender Notes

A very bright and boldly inked example of this popular Legal Tender.  Broadly margined, with bottom margin being wider than […]

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