Silver Certificates

Silver certificates were made available during the U.S. circulation of paper money and were only redeemable for face value in silver dollar coins. Silver certificates were reduced in size in 1928 and available from 1928-1964. They were sold only in denominations of $1, $5, and $10. See below for some small-sized silver certificates available in the Philadelphia area.

  • Type

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1601$1Silver Certificates1928APMG 66EPQ$295
FR 1601 $1 Silver Certificates

A high grade Funnyback with balanced margins all around, deep and bold blue seal and serial numbers, bright paper and […]

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1602$1Silver Certificates1928BCH CU $125.00
FR 1602 $1 Silver Certificates

A Choice CU Funnyback with vivid inks on front and back.  Well embossed with margins all around.

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1605$1Silver Certificates1928EVF$465
FR 1605 $1 Silver Certificates

An evenly circulated and well centered example of a tougher type note.  

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1606$1Silver Certificates1934PMG 50$125
FR 1606 $1 Silver Certificates

An Abt.AU Funnyback with bold inks and bright paper.  Broad margins all around.

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1609$1Silver Certificates1935APMG 64EPQ$1485
FR 1609 $1 Silver Certificates

A striking R&S Set in Choice CU.  Bright paper, bold inks and broad margins all around on both notes.  Exceptional […]

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1620$1Silver Certificates1957AUNC$45
FR 1620 $1 Silver Certificates

Bright and vividly inked Silver Certificate bearing the courtesy autograph of Elizabeth Rudel Smith, treasurer. Uncirculated with boardwalk margins all […]

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1650$5Silver Certificates1934PMG 64EPQ$165
FR 1650 $5 Silver Certificates

This Choice CU Silver Certificate has all the eye appeal of a GEM.  Lovely paper, vivid inks and broad margins […]

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1654Wi$5Silver Certificates1934DPMG 58$75
FR 1654Wi $5 Silver Certificates
1654Wi$5Silver Certificates1934DPMG 66EPQ$150
FR 1654Wi $5 Silver Certificates

A lovely, high grade Wide I T-A block Silver has everything going for it — beautiful centering, colors and bright […]

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1702$10Silver Certificates1934AVF$85
FR 1702 $10 Silver Certificates