Obsolete Currency

Obsolete currency refers to paper money issued by entities other than the federal government, e.g. state banks, railroads, merchants, state and local governments. The money issued by state banks makes up the largest portion of obsolete currency, also commonly referred to as “Broken Banknotes”. As you can see below, we are currently selling varied Broken Banknotes as well as other types of obsolete currency.

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Montgomery $1 Alabama obsolete

The Farmers Bank of Alabama. Fully issued, printed during the Civil War. Allegorical maid seated on bale, shield with cotton […]

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$10Connecticut18New HavenCH CU$155
New Haven $10 Connecticut obsolete

The City Bank of New Haven. Very vivid vignettes of cherubs with portraits of Washington and Franklin. Large red “TEN” […]

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$3Connecticut18StoningtonCH CU$275
Stonington $3 Connecticut obsolete

The Stonington Bank. Vivid red tints and broad margins all around. A lovely note with steamship Plymouth Rock at center […]

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Dover $5 Delaware obsolete

The Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware. A very nice example that is fully issued and dated on the […]

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Wilmington $10 Delaware obsolete

A well entered proof on card from one of the tougher states to acquire an obsolete.  Hole punch cancelled at […]

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Wilmington $0.05 Delaware obsolete

Corporation of the Borough of Wilmington. A piece of merchant script with a beehive in center.

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Wilmington $3 Delaware obsolete

Bank of Delaware. An inexpensive example of an early (1824) $3 note – black letters.

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Tallahassee $1 Florida obsolete

Evenly circulated with margins all around, clear signatures of C.W. Austin, Treasurer and John Milton, Governor.

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Tallahassee $100 Florida obsolete

A high denomination example from a popular State.  Evenly circulated with bold signature and signed by  John Milton, Governor.  Clear […]

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Augusta $100 Georgia obsolete

The Augusta Insurance and Banking Co. Large central vignette of US Capitol Building. Red tints. Scarce high denomination. Red 10 […]

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Augusta $1 Georgia obsolete

Evenly circulated “Certificate of Deposit”.  Black with red printing and border at margins.  Clear signatures.

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Macon $5 Georgia obsolete

The Manufacturers Bank. Maid carried by flying eagle. Green overall tints. Many of these notes I have observed have weak […]

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Savannah $10 Georgia obsolete

A vividly inked VF with deep red X’s and embellishments. Fully issued and punch hole cancelled.

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$2Indiana18La PorteCH CU $325
La Porte $2 Indiana obsolete

Error Obsolete Note with Overprint on Back.  Vivid inks, balanced margins with beautiful vignette of farmer and dog herding sheep.

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Russellville $5 Kentucky obsolete

Proof with a small fault on back, still lovely colors with dark red overprint “FIVE” on front.

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Alexandria $5 Louisiana obsolete

Fully issued with bright red overprinting. Train in oval.

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Alexandria $5 Louisiana obsolete

Train in oval at center with Red “Five Dollars” overprint. Fully issued in VF condition.

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$1000Louisiana18New OrleansCH CU $350
New Orleans $1000 Louisiana obsolete

New Orleans, LA Remainder. Prosperity and Liberty at center. Lovely reverse.

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$1000Louisiana18--New OrleansCU$395
New Orleans $1000 Louisiana obsolete

$1000 Remainder from The New Canal & Banking Company, New Orleans, LA. Wind and steam team up in the beautiful […]

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Hallowell $5 Maine obsolete

Vignette of woman with flag and eagle at the top of the note and four different “5”s on the front. […]

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Westbrook $5 Maine obsolete

A scarcer denomination from the bank with a large “V” on the front and a maid with a shield.

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Florence $2 Nebraska obsolete

Lovely, nicely centered note with seated Native American at center and Liberty at left. Large block letter TWO in red.

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Omaha $2 Nebraska obsolete

A fully issued note with red outlined TWO overprint.

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$0.10New Jersey186HaddonfieldVF$65
Haddonfield $0.10 New Jersey obsolete

A pleasing piece of scrip from a popular town.  Vivid inks and clear vignettes.

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$8New Jersey18PattersonAU$195
Patterson $8 New Jersey obsolete

A well centered remainder with vignette of Griffins pulling Cybele’s Chariot at center. A desirable denomination.

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$2New Jersey1861TrentonCU$400
Trenton $2 New Jersey obsolete

A lovely, uncirculated note printed by NBNCo. with two large 2’s printed in vivid green next to portrait as well […]

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$5North Carolina1859LexingtonVF$90
Lexington $5 North Carolina obsolete

An evenly circulated example from Lexington, NC dated 9 August, 1859.  Pleasing red overprints and micro-underprinting on this fully issued […]

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$5North CarolinaApril 26, 1860MurphyFine$145
Murphy $5 North Carolina obsolete

Nicely centered example with leasing red overprints and two red “V”s.  Fully dated and issued.

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Franklin $5 Ohio obsolete

$5 Remainder from The Franklin Silk Company, Franklin, Portage Co., Ohio that features Prosperina, Mercury and Vulcan.

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Coatesville $5 Pennsylvania obsolete

A bright red background on this lovely $5 Proof from Coatesville with balanced margins all around.  Punch cancellations at bottom […]

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