Obsolete Currency

Obsolete currency refers to paper money issued by entities other than the federal government, e.g. state banks, railroads, merchants, state and local governments. The money issued by state banks makes up the largest portion of obsolete currency, also commonly referred to as “Broken Banknotes”. As you can see below, we are currently selling varied Broken Banknotes as well as other types of obsolete currency.

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$20Connecticut18NorfolkCH CU $440
Norfolk $20 Connecticut obsolete

Connecticut State Arms on this nicely centered, vividly inked remainder. This note is well centered with pink microprinting.

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Wilmington $0.05 Delaware obsolete

Corporation of the Borough of Wilmington. A piece of merchant script with a beehive in center.

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Wilmington $3 Delaware obsolete

Bank of Delaware. An inexpensive example of an early (1824) $3 note – black letters.

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Tallahassee $100 Florida obsolete

A high denomination example from a popular State.  Evenly circulated with bold signature and signed by  John Milton, Governor.  Vignette […]

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Macon $5 Georgia obsolete

The Manufacturers Bank.   America soars with eagle and flag at center.   Green overall tints. Many of these notes I have […]

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Petersburg $1 Indiana obsolete

Vignette of man and dog battling a bear at center of this fully issued XF example. Deep red microprinting on […]

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$10Kentucky1850s -60sRussellvillePMG 66EPQ$1275
Russellville $10 Kentucky obsolete

A gorgeous Proof on the Southern Bank of Kentucky, Russellville.  Bold red tint on this well centered note with four […]

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$10Louisiana1860sNew OrleansPMG 65EPQ$275
New Orleans $10 Louisiana obsolete

A boldly inked and bright Gem Remainder from this popular bank.  Pleasing vignette of spread winged eagle on shield at […]

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$1000Louisiana18New OrleansCH AU $225
New Orleans $1000 Louisiana obsolete

A well centered example with vignette of Prosperity and Liberty at center. Pleasing red reverse on this high denomination.

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$1000Louisiana18New OrleansCH CU $350
New Orleans $1000 Louisiana obsolete

New Orleans, LA Remainder. Prosperity and Liberty at center. Lovely reverse.

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$500Louisiana18New OrleansCH CU$465
New Orleans $500 Louisiana obsolete

Griffins on guard at center with large blue ‘D’ underprint. Margins all around on this bright Choice CU. Kelly Obsolete […]

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$5Louisiana1856New OrleansAU$295
New Orleans $5 Louisiana obsolete

Issued example with Ships at Sea at center and sailor at lower right. Lovely, nicely centered with red reverse.

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Hallowell $5 Maine obsolete

Vignette of woman with flag and eagle at the top of the note and four different “5”s on the front. […]

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Portland $3 Maine obsolete

United States Exchange Company. Fully issued $3 denomination payable at Portland, Maine. Vignette of teacher and Native American with globe.

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Westbrook $5 Maine obsolete

A scarcer denomination from the bank with a large “V” on the front and a maid with a shield.

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$5Maryland1858BaltimorePMG 67EPQ$1385
Baltimore $5 Maryland obsolete

A stunning proof on The American Bank, Baltimore, Maryland.  Balanced margins with beautiful vignette of Harbor filled with ships.  Vivid […]

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Baltimore $1 Maryland obsolete

A very bright and vividly inked remainder with margins all around.  Deep green protector panel at left of note, as […]

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Roxbury $1.25 Massachusetts obsolete

Ships at sea, top and steam engine at left. Fully issued.

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$4Missouri186CH AU$225
 $4 Missouri obsolete

Missouri Defence Bond. Steamboats on river with orange underprint.

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$4Missouri186-CH AU $225
 $4 Missouri obsolete

Margins all around on this $4 Missouri Defense Bond with deep red overprints on front. Vignette of steamboats on river. […]

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Florence $2 Nebraska obsolete

Lovely, nicely centered note with seated Native American at center and Liberty at left. Large block letter TWO in red.

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$1New Jersey1861Egg HarborPMG 25 $135
Egg Harbor $1 New Jersey obsolete

A problem free Very Fine example from Egg Harbor City that is fully issued.  Vignette of hounds  chasing stag at […]

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$50New Jersey1830sNewtonPMG 66EPQ$250
Newton $50 New Jersey obsolete

A high denomination GEM Remainder from Newton, NJ.  Well centered with vignette of Ceres with grain and cattle at center.  […]

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$2New Jersey1861TrentonCU$350
Trenton $2 New Jersey obsolete

A lovely, uncirculated note printed by NBNCo. with two large 2’s printed in vivid green next to portrait as well […]

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$2New York1850sDundeePMG 20NET$1850
Dundee $2 New York obsolete

A very rare note from J.T. Raplee’s Bank, a small private bank in New York.  This fully issued  example bears […]

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$5New York18New YorkCU$650
New York $5 New York obsolete

Very bright, vividly inked proof remainder with margins all around.  Shipyard scene in large open “V”.  Punch cancelled at bottom […]

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$10North Carolina1849FayettevilleF/VF$110
Fayetteville $10 North Carolina obsolete

A fully issued F/VF with Commerce and Liberty at the shoreline.

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$10North Carolina1860MurphyFine$135
Murphy $10 North Carolina obsolete

Vignette of overseer managing harvest with pleasing orange underprint of ‘TEN’ and ‘X’. Fine with small hole in note at […]

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$10North Carolina1860sWashingtonPMG 63EPQ$235
Washington $10 North Carolina obsolete

This lovely Choice CU remainder from the Bank of Washington, NC has bold red embellishments on the front, as well […]

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Coatesville $5 Pennsylvania obsolete

A bright red background on this lovely $5 Proof from Coatesville with balanced margins all around.  Punch cancellations at bottom […]

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