4th Issue

Fourth issue fractional notes were the first series to feature a red or green treasury seal. They were also the first to issue a 15 cent denomination. This series was printed between 1869 and 1875. For more information on our currency for sale, visit our fractionals page.

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FR No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1258$0.104th IssueAU$68
4th Issue 1258 $0.10 fractionals

A well-centered Liberty with large red seal and pink silk fibers on unwatermarked paper.  Scarce issue in Kravitz Guide to […]

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1259$0.104th IssuePCGS 55PPQ$150
4th Issue 1259 $0.10 fractionals
1267$0.154th IssuePMG 64$375
4th Issue 1267 $0.15 fractionals

A nicely centered note on watermarked paper with pleasing colors on both the front and back.

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1267$0.154th IssuePMG 64 $425
4th Issue 1267 $0.15 fractionals

A lovely Choice CU note on watermarked paper with pink silk fibers.  Pleasing margins all around, as well as vivid […]

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1267$0.154th IssuePCGS 64$375
4th Issue 1267 $0.15 fractionals
1374$0.504th IssuePMG 55EPQ$785
4th Issue 1374 $0.50 fractionals

A beautiful Lincoln fractional with balanced margins all around.  Bright with vivid colors on both front and back, as well […]

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