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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
833A$5FRN1914PCGS 64PPQ$3350
FR 833A $5

A boldly inked $5 Red Seal from New York “2-B” district that is very bright and well centered with deep […]

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847a$5FRN1914PMG 45EPQ$375
FR 847a $5

This lovely $5 1914 from Boston “1-A” is very bright and boldly inked.  Pleasing, balanced margins all around on this […]

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847a*$5FRN1914PMG 45EPQ$2150
FR 847a* $5

A lovely STAR note on Boston (1-A) district. While there are 1440 examples recorded on this FR number, only 31 […]

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855a$5FRN1914PCGS 65$785
FR 855a $5

This Gem Philadelphia “3-C” District Fed boasts balanced margins, bright paper and bold inks on front and back.

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855a$5FRN1914PMG 25EPQ$235
FR 855a $5

Pleasing and affordable Philadelphia “3-C” District FRN with margins all around.  Evenly circulated with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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FR 859A $5

Margins all around on this VF $5 FRN from Cleveland “4-D” district.  Light staining visible on reverse.

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859a$5FRN1914PMG 35EPQ$225
FR 859a $5

Very bright note with deep colors on front and back. Well centered with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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859A$5FRN1914PMG 40EPQ$265
FR 859A $5

A nicely margined example from Cleveland district (4-D) with vivid inks on front and back.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted […]

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875a$5FRN1914PMG 30 $195
FR 875a $5

Problem free Very Fine from St. Louis “8-H” District with margins all around.

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FR 909 $10

Quite a lovely AU FRN from New York (2-B) with pleasing margins all around.  Bright with deep blue seal and […]

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911C$10FRN1914CH XF$365
FR 911C $10

Evenly circulated and problem free example from New York “2-B” district with pleasing margins and bold inks.

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966$20FRN1914PMG 35EPQ$465
FR 966 $20

One of only 243 examples recorded from Boston (1-A) district bearing Burke-Houston signatures.  Perfect partner to the FR 906 offered […]

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FR 971A $20

A very bright FRN from New York “2-B” district with pleasing colors and margins.  It should be noted that there […]

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974$20FRN1914PMG 25 $235
FR 974 $20

One of 284 examples recorded on this Philadelphia District (3-C) Federal Reserve Note.  Problem free and affordable Very Fine with […]

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984$20FRN1914PCGS 20$215
FR 984 $20

Evenly circulated and problem free $20 FRN from Atlanta “6-F” with balanced margins all around.

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988$20FRN1914PCGS 15$185
FR 988 $20

A Fine $20 1914 from Chicago “7-G” that is well centered and evenly circulated.

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1035$50FRN1914PCGS 25$575
FR 1035 $50

A popular and widely collected type in a problem free mid-grade.  Broad and balanced margins all around with decent inks […]

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1046$50FRN1914PMG 64EPQ$4650
FR 1046 $50

A lovely Choice CU example of this desirable type note.  Margins all around, bright paper and vivid inks on front […]

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FR 1089 $100

There are 105 pieces recorded on this FR number in the Track & Price census.  This evenly circulated note has […]

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