Continental currency includes notes authorized by the Continental Congress and the first federally issued paper money in the United States. This currency provided the financing that made the American Revolution possible. View the continental money we currently have available below, and keep in mind that we are also in the market to buy.

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CC NoDenomDateGradePrice
9/26/1776 $$5 79 continentals
83$30September 26, 1778PMG 58EPQ$565
September 26, 1778 $30 83 continentals

Quite a pleasing $30 9/26/1778 example in Choice AU. Well inked on front and back with red serial number.  Exceptional […]

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8$8May 10, 1775PMG 40$525
May 10, 1775 $8 8 continentals

Staining noted by PMG on this XF 40 example.  $8 denomination dated May 10, 1775 with margins all around and […]

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62$30February 26, 1777XF$385
February 26, 1777 $30 62 continentals

A pleasing XF with bold signatures and margins all around.

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