Colonial Notes

Colonial currency is paper money that was issued in North America, prior to the Revolutionary War, while the colonies were still under Great Britain’s rule. Colonial money was first issued in 1690 by the original 13 colonies and the state of Vermont, and printed through the late 1700’s.

A lovely AU note with cut cancellation.

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DenomStateDateState NoGradePrice
9 PenceConnecticutJanuary 1, 1782206AU$325
206 $9 Pence Connecticut colonials

A lovely AU note with cut cancellation.

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5 DollarsMassachusettsMay 5, 1780282VF$115
282 $5 Dollars Massachusetts colonials

An evenly circulated note with a cut out cancel.

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Two Shillings and Six-pencePennsylvania1775188AU$395
188 $Two Shillings and Six-pence Pennsylvania colonials