Colonial Notes

Colonial currency is paper money that was issued in North America, prior to the Revolutionary War, while the colonies were still under Great Britain’s rule. Colonial money was first issued in 1690 by the original 13 colonies and the state of Vermont, and printed through the late 1700’s.

A Fine example of this scarce issue with several repairs made on the reverse.

  • Type

DenomStateDateState NoGradePrice
$4South Carolina12/23/1776138Fine$325
138 $$4 South Carolina colonials

A Fine example of this scarce issue with several repairs made on the reverse.

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$5Massachusetts5/5/1780282CU $42
282 $$5 Massachusetts colonials

Cut-out cancelled Uncirculated example. Vivid signatures and serial numbers.

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283 $$7 Massachusetts colonials

Cut out cancelled Uncirculated, example with clear signatures and numbers, as well as margins all around.

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10 ShillingsConnecticut7/1/1780238VF$72
238 $10 Shillings Connecticut colonials

A 10 Shillings Colonial from Connecticut, dated July 1, 1780. Punch cancelled VF with red signatures and serial numbers.

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18 PencePennsylvaniaOctober 25, 1775186PMG 55EPQ$245
186 $18 Pence Pennsylvania colonials

A boldly inked Pennsylvania Colonial with lovely inks and clear signatures and numbers.  A gorgeous AU 55 with Exceptional Paper […]

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50 ShillingsPennsylvania1773170PCGS 53PPQ$250
170 $50 Shillings Pennsylvania colonials

Vivid red and black inks on this desirable 50 shilling Colonial from Pennsylvania.  Lovely AU 53 with Premium Paper Quality […]

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20 ShillingsPennsylvania10/1/1773169AU$215
169 $20 Shillings Pennsylvania colonials
5 ShillingsPennsylvaniaMarch 20, 1771146PMG 35$365
146 $5 Shillings Pennsylvania colonials

A pleasing Choice VF PA Colonial note.  This 5 shilling example has three clear signatures, as well as pleasing red […]

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2 Shillings, 6 PenceGeorgiaOctober 16, 1786128PMG 40$4850
128 $2 Shillings, 6 Pence Georgia colonials

A beautifully signed and vividly inked piece with all the eye appeal of a Gem note. A genuinely scarce Georgia […]

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1Georgia177671PMG 50NET$3300
71 $1 Georgia colonials

A well-margined, bright piece with a deeply struck orange seal and bold signatures. A gorgeous Georgia piece.

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One Sixth of a Dollar MarylandApril 10, 177461Fine$275
61 $One Sixth of a Dollar  Maryland colonials