Confederate Money

During the American Civil War, the 11 southern states that made up the Confederate States of America needed a monetary system of its own, which gave birth to Confederate Currency. These notes were issued in 4 Series (1861, 1862, 1863, & 1864) with numerous varieties in each series. After the defeat of the South in the Civil War, CSA’s became worthless as a form of US Currency.

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T NoDenomDateGradePrice
T18 $20 1861 confederates

This early-issue, problem free,  $20 CSA has clear red serial number and vivid signatures.

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T36 $5 1861 confederates

This early issue $5 is cut cancelled with red serial numbers and margins all around.  There are two pinholes in […]

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T37 $5 1861 confederates

A desirable early issue CSA note with three nice margins, right side is tight.  Still fully issued with red serial […]

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T53 $5 1862 confederates

Same as above. Margin tight on left – pink paper.

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T54$21862PMG 55$175
T54 $2 1862 confederates

A lovely AU with clear signatures and serial number.  One pinhole noted by PMG.

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T58 $20 1863 confederates

A bright note with three pleasing margins, right side is cut tight.  Still an attractive 1863 Series.

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T62$11863CH CU$165
T62 $1 1863 confederates

Same as above. Very bright, left margin tight.

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T64$5001864PMG 63NET$1385
T64 $500 1864 confederates

A Choice CU high denomination Confederate with deep red color.  Lovely note with three pleasing margins and top slightly slanted […]

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T65 $100 1864 confederates

Evenly circulated with margins all around.

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T65$1001864CU $165
T65 $100 1864 confederates

A pleasing uncirculated Lucy Pickens Series II  example with vivid signatures and margins all around.

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T66 $50 1864 confederates

Vivid red front, while the back of this $50 is washed out.  Still, a pleasing Very Fine.

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T67 $20 1864 confederates

Scarcer variety with no flourish over THE. Margins all around.

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T69 $5 1864 confederates

An affordable example with bold colors on front and back.

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T72$0.501864PCGS 63$75
T72 $0.50 1864 confederates

A pleasing Choice New example with pleasing embossing.

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