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Fr No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1228$0.051st IssuePMG 62EPQ$250
FR 1228 $0.05 1st Issue fractionals

An Uncirculated First Issue Fractional with Perforated Edges all around, as well as Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
713$1FRBN1918CH CU $435
FRBN 713 1918 $1 typenote
224$1Silver Cert.1896CH VF$975
Silver Cert. 224 1896 $1 typenote
1179$20Gold Certificates1905F/VF$2650
Gold Certificates 1179 1905 $20 typenote

An evenly circulated example of the desirable and popular Technicolor note.  This note has retained its vibrant colors on the […]

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1173A$10Gold Certificates1922XF$385
Gold Certificates 1173A 1922 $10 typenote

A bright and nicely centered three-fold XF note with boldly inked seals and serial numbers, as well as vivid orange […]

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1197$50Gold Certificates1882PMG 55EPQ$17500
Gold Certificates 1197 1882 $50 typenote

A gorgeous 1882 Gold Certificate with bright paper, bold colors, cherry red seal, balanced margins and Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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1183$20Gold Certificates1906PCGS 58$2650
Gold Certificates 1183 1906 $20 typenote

A boldly inked example from the Series of 1906.  Bright overall paper and balanced margins all around with one of […]

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1169$10Gold Certificates1907PCGS 40PPQ$735
Gold Certificates 1169 1907 $10 typenote

A pleasing Series of 1907 Gold Certificate, or Hillegas note.  This note is well centered with vivid orange on the […]

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351$1Treasury Notes1891PMG 55EPQ$1085
Treasury Notes 351 1891 $1 typenote

This well-centered Stanton has deep red serial numbers, small red seal, bright paper and Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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281$5Silver Cert.1899PMG 30EPQ$1225
Silver Cert. 281 1899 $5 typenote

A mid-grade example of the popular and widely collected Chief.  Bright with bold inks, margins all around and Exceptional Paper […]

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278$5Silver Cert.1899PMG 30EPQ$1250
Silver Cert. 278 1899 $5 typenote

This mid-grade Chief bears the Teehee Burke signature combination and has pleasing margins all around, bold blue serial numbers and […]

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225$1Silver Cert.1896PMG 30 $895
Silver Cert. 225 1896 $1 typenote

A problem free example of the always popular $1 Educational.  This mid-grade note is well centered with pleasing colors and […]

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82$5Legal Tender1880PMG 53 $985
Legal Tender 82 1880 $5 typenote

A lovely AU Woodchopper  and one of only 83 notes bearing the Lyons-Roberts signature combination recorded by Track & Price.  […]

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57$2Legal Tender1917PMG 64EPQ$565
Legal Tender 57 1917 $2 typenote

A bright Choice CU example with vivid colors on front and back as well as Exceptional Paper Quality noted by […]

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40$1Legal Tender1923PCGS 40$325
Legal Tender 40 1923 $1 typenote

An evenly circulated Red Seal with pleasing margins and bold inks.

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
1800-1 State College, Pennsylvania $5 1929 Nationals
1801-2$10Connecticut1929II4PMG 15$210
1801-2 Stamford, Connecticut $10 1929II Nationals

Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1911-H$1FRN1981PMG 63EPQ$195
FR 1911-H 1981 $1 FRN

Low serial number (H00000055B) on this Uncirculated St. Louis District FRN.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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1504$2Legal Tender Notes1928CPMG 65EPQ$285
FR 1504 1928C $2 Legal Tender Notes

This desirable ’28C deuce boasts bright paper, brilliant inks and lovely centering.  In addition to Exceptional Paper Quality, PMG notes […]

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1550*$100Legal Tender Notes1966CH CU $1750
FR 1550* 1966 $100 Legal Tender Notes

A bright Star Note with deep, vivid red seal and numbers as well as margins all around. A lovely example […]

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1870*$20FRBN1929Fine (VF)$250
FR 1870* 1929 $20 FRBN

An evenly circulated STAR note with balanced margins all around.  This problem free example has retained its pleasing colors.

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2404$50Gold Certificate1928PMG 35 $935
FR 2404 1928 $50 Gold Certificate

A very bright and well centered note  with bold “gold” seal and serial numbers.  A perfect mid-grade example of this […]

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2300$1Hawaii1935APMG 65EPQ$235
FR 2300 1935A $1 Hawaii

A vividly inked and bright example of this popular type.  Nicely centered with deep brown seal and serial numbers as […]

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FR 2300 1935A $1 Hawaii

A problem free Fine example of the popular Hawaii “emergency issue” with scarcer F-C block. Nicely centered with bold overprints.

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Obsolete Currency:

Erie Pennsylvania $5 1860 Obsolete