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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
321$20Silver Cert.1891PMG 35 $2195
Silver Cert. 321 1891 $20 typenote

Here is your opportunity to own an evenly circulated, bright and boldly inked Manning note.  Deep forest green on reverse […]

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123$10Legal Tender1923PMG 30 $3250
Legal Tender 123 1923 $10 typenote

Here is a mid-grade Poker Chip with pleasing margins and vivid colors.  A desirable note and on  many collector’s want […]

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103$10Legal Tender1880PMG 53 $1650
Legal Tender 103 1880 $10 typenote

This lovely Jackass note has margins all around, bright paper, deep blue serial numbers and vivid large red seal. A […]

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FRN 1088 1914 $100 typenote

This FRN from New York has several small edge splits, but has retained its body and colors.

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FRN 1035 1914 $50 typenote

A nicely margined Philadelphia FRN with pleasing colors.

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FRN 999 1914 $20 typenote

An affordable Minneapolis with bold inks. Two very small pinholes left of seal.

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712$1FRBN1918CH CU $235
FRBN 712 1918 $1 typenote

A New York Green Eagle with pleasing margins, bold blue seal and serial numbers and vivid inks.  All in all, […]

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309$20Silver Cert.1880VF$4250
Silver Cert. 309 1880 $20 typenote

One of only 59 examples recorded by Track & Price.  A very desirable Decatur note that shows signs of even […]

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249$2Silver Cert.1899VF$395
Silver Cert. 249 1899 $2 typenote

A very bright and nicely centered Agriculture note.  There are a few smears of ink on the back.

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280$5Silver Cert.1899Abt. Fine$375
Silver Cert. 280 1899 $5 typenote

An affordable Chief with margins all around.  There is some staining on the front of the note.

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225$1Silver Cert.1896Fine$335
Silver Cert. 225 1896 $1 typenote

A well-circulated $1 Educational with margins all around.  This note has retained its pleasing colors on front and back.  Quite […]

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1183$20Gold Certificates1906VF$585
Gold Certificates 1183 1906 $20 typenote

Pleasing colors and balanced margins all around on this evenly circulated Gold Certificate.  A bright 1906 with vivid gold overprints.

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1200$50Gold Certificates1922Fine$485
Gold Certificates 1200 1922 $50 typenote

A nicely centered example of a popular type note.  Evenly circulated with decent colors on both front and back.

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
1802-2$20Pennsylvania1929II8421PMG 45 $2650
1802-2 Blue Ball, Pennsylvania $20 1929II Nationals
1802-2$20New York1929II11730VF$3650
1802-2 Westbury, New York $20 1929II Nationals

A scarce note from widely collected Nassau County.  This is new to the census of only 3 large and 4 […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey192912598VF$395
1801-1 Highland Park, New Jersey $10 1929 Nationals

A tougher New Jersey note from Middlesex County with only 2 large and 29 small size examples recorded.  Nicely centered […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2308$10North Africa1934PMG 25$2450
FR 2308 1934 $10 North Africa

Mule. Erasure noted by PMG.  This is one of only 80 examples recorded by Track & Price.  A very desirable […]

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1550$100Legal Tender Notes1966CH CU$275
FR 1550 1966 $100 Legal Tender Notes
FR 2201-C 1934 $500 FRN

An affordable example that has retained its pleasing colors.  Nicely centered with a small, closed tear in the top margin.  […]

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Obsolete Currency:

$3LouisianaMarch 24, 1862Parish of Saint John the BaptistPCGS 30 $360
Parish of Saint John the Baptist Louisiana $3 March 24, 1862 Obsolete

Fully issued Parish Scrip with vivid red Three overprint.  Printed on Municipality Bond remainder paper.  Vignette of Ceres at center […]

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$100Florida1862TallahasseePCGS 55 APP$350
Tallahassee Florida $100 1862 Obsolete

A pleasing high denomination from a widely collected State.  Fully issued Choice AU note with small edge tear at bottom […]

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$3Washington DCJuly 4, 1862Washington DCCU $525
Washington DC Washington DC $3 July 4, 1862 Obsolete

An uncirculated. issued note with bright colors and fancy green scroll work on back.

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$5Nebraska1857Omaha City Gem CU $115
Omaha City  Nebraska $5 1857 Obsolete

A nicely centered Gem, Bishop Hill Colony variety, with red FIVE overprint and stamped blue serial number.

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Omaha Nebraska $2 1852 Obsolete

A fully issued note with red outlined TWO overprint.

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Florence Nebraska $2 18- Obsolete

Lovely, nicely centered note with seated Native American at center and Liberty at left. Large block letter TWO in red.

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Hagerstown Maryland $10 18- Obsolete

Bright note with small, uniform margin. Bold orange overprints.

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Nashville Tennessee $5 1855 Obsolete

Nicely centered and fully issued with FIVE in red block letters.  Washington on horseback at right.

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Reading Pennsylvania $10 18- Obsolete

A pleasing punch canceled remainder with margins all around. Vignette of train on bridge at center.

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Northampton Pennsylvania $$10 1836 Obsolete

A Pennsylvania obsolete note written in German bearing signatures of John Rice, cashier and Peter Rhoads, President.

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$$1PennsylvaniaApril 17, 1862Philadelphia Fine$435
Philadelphia  Pennsylvania $$1 April 17, 1862 Obsolete

This fully issued obsolete has vivid green overprints, clear penned signatures and a historic vignette of Washington on horseback at […]

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$$5NebraskaOctober 1, 1857OmahaVF$185
Omaha Nebraska $$5 October 1, 1857 Obsolete

A vividly inked note with large white 5 outlined in red.  Fully issued with serial number 3333! Vignette of sailor […]

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$$1Pennsylvania181Hulme VilleCU$195
Hulme Ville Pennsylvania $$1 181 Obsolete

An uncirculated remainder from the Farmers Bank of Bucks County.  Full margins at top and bottom, sides are unevenly cut,

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