New Notes

Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1183$20Gold Certificates1906VF$275
Gold Certificates 1183 1906 $20 typenote

Evenly circulated and well centered example that has retained its bold inks on front and back. A couple of small […]

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1183$20Gold Certificates1906VF$265
Gold Certificates 1183 1906 $20 typenote

Evenly circulated and problem free example with balanced margins all around.

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FRN 1025 1914 $50 typenote

A pleasing, well centered example of a Boston (1A) $50 FRN.  Problem free note that has retained its pleasing inks.

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FRBN 779 1918 $2 typenote

A bright and well centered San Francisco Battleship note with deep blue seal and numbers.  Please note a small repair […]

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293$10Silver Cert.1886Fine$1025
Silver Cert. 293 1886 $10 typenote

A popular 1886 Tombstone with large red spiked seal and fancy back.  Evenly circulated with balanced margins all around.  Please […]

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262$5Silver Cert.1886Fine$985
Silver Cert. 262 1886 $5 typenote

A problem free Fine Silver Dollar Back with broad, balanced margins all around and vivid inks.  Although well-circulated, this note […]

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27$1Legal Tender1878CH VF$1095
Legal Tender 27 1878 $1 typenote

A very bright 1875 with vivid floral embellishment and bold blue end paper across bottom margin.  Well centered and problem […]

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217$1Silver Cert.1886PMG 55EPQ$1925
Silver Cert. 217 1886 $1 typenote

Pleasing margins, bright paper and vivid inks are clearly evident upon first look at this lovely About AU Martha.  Exceptional […]

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116$10Legal Tender1901PMG 35 $1685
Legal Tender 116 1901 $10 typenote

A lovely, mid-grade example of the always popular Bison note.  This Choice Very Fine note boasts balanced margins all around, […]

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218$1Silver Cert.1886PMG 40EPQ$1275
Silver Cert. 218 1886 $1 typenote

A well centered early issue Martha that has received the Exceptional Paper Quality designation from PMG.  A pleasing example with […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
534 Salt Lake City, Utah $5 1882DB Nationals

A pleasing 1882 Dateback on this first title example with only 15 large size notes recorded.  Nicely centered with bold […]

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598$5New York190294CH VF$395
598 Port Jervis, New York $5 1902 Nationals

A bright and evenly circulated note on this second title bank.  Balanced margins all around, bold blue seal and numbers, […]

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607$5West Virginia19025266PMG 25$565
607 New Martinsville, West Virginia $5 1902 Nationals

A pleasing example from this Wetzel County bank and one of only 27 large and 26 small size  notes recorded […]

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626$10New York19028301PMG 10$1375
626 Horseheads, New York $10 1902 Nationals

A tough and desirable bank from Chemung County with only eight large size and 28 small size notes recorded by […]

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574$5Minnesota1882VB5826PMG 50 $1695
574 Redwood Falls, Minnesota $5 1882VB Nationals

A very bright and vividly inked Valueback from this Redwood County location.  Well centered with clear penned signature of the […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2305$20Hawaii1934APMG 65EPQ$1475
FR 2305 1934A $20 Hawaii

A gorgeous and broadly margined Hawaii with vivid paper, bold inks and deep embossing.  Gem CU with Exceptional Paper Quality […]

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2303$10Hawaii1934APMG 65EPQ$895
FR 2303 1934A $10 Hawaii

A lovely Gem CU $10 Hawaii with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.  A perfect companion to the $5 and […]

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2302$5Hawaii1934APMG 65EPQ$675
FR 2302 1934A $5 Hawaii

A bright and boldly inked Gem CU note with balanced margins and vivid paper.  A perfect match to the $10 […]

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Colonial Notes:

DenomStateDateState No.GradePrice
18 PencePennsylvaniaOctober 25, 1775186PMG 55EPQ$245
Pennsylvania 18 Pence October 25, 1775 Colonial

A boldly inked Pennsylvania Colonial with lovely inks and clear signatures and numbers.  A gorgeous AU 55 with Exceptional Paper […]

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50 ShillingsPennsylvania1773170PCGS 53PPQ$250
Pennsylvania 50 Shillings 1773 Colonial

Vivid red and black inks on this desirable 50 shilling Colonial from Pennsylvania.  Lovely AU 53 with Premium Paper Quality […]

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Continental Notes:

CC NoDenomDateGradePrice
 100 $$65 January 14, 1779 Continental