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Fr No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1227$0.033rd IssuePMG 58EPQ$135
FR 1227 $0.03 3rd Issue fractionals

A vividly inked and well centered Third Issue with dark background.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
893A $10FRN1914CH VF$695
FRN 893A  1914 $10 typenote

This evenly circulated New York RED SEAL is very bright and boldly inked.  A  pleasing and affordable example with marginal […]

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790$5FRBN1918CH VF$875
FRBN 790 1918 $5 typenote

A desirable $5 FRBN from Atlanta with pleasing, balanced margins all around, bright overall paper and bold inks.  A problem […]

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FRBN 767 1918 $2 typenote

A bright Chicago Battleship note with pleasing margins all around.  Boldly inked on the front and back with deep blue […]

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225$1Silver Cert.1896Fine$235
Silver Cert. 225 1896 $1 typenote

An affordable example of a $1 Education bearing the Bruce/Roberts signature combination.  Margins all around on this well-circulated, problem free […]

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90$5Legal Tender1907CH AU $575
Legal Tender 90 1907 $5 typenote

An incredibly bright note with vivid colors on the front and back.  This Woodchopper has margins all around and bears […]

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1173$10Gold Certificates1922PCGS 58PPQ$875
Gold Certificates 1173 1922 $10 typenote

Bright paper and striking inks are readily apparent on this lovely Choice AU example.  Bold orange reverse and vividly inked […]

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351$1Treasury Notes1891PMG 58EPQ$1065
Treasury Notes 351 1891 $1 typenote

This desirable Stanton note has all the eye appeal of a Gem.  This note displays bright overall paper, bold red […]

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224$1Silver Cert.1896PMG 58EPQ$1850
Silver Cert. 224 1896 $1 typenote

A gorgeous Educational with vivid inks on the front and back and balanced margins all around. A lovely AU that […]

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91$5Legal Tender1907PMG 55 $685
Legal Tender 91 1907 $5 typenote

A bright and vividly inked AU Woodchopper with cherry red seal and serial numbers and margins all around.  This note […]

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50$2Legal Tender1880PMG 25 $675
Legal Tender 50 1880 $2 typenote

An evenly circulated Jefferson note with margins all around, bold red serial numbers and large brown seal.  There are only […]

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1178$20Gold Certificates1882VF$1175
Gold Certificates 1178 1882 $20 typenote

National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
1802-2 Janesville, Wisconsin $20 1929II Nationals

A popular bank in Wisconsin with 13 large and 60 small size recorded.  This example is a nicely centered and […]

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1802-1$20Pennsylvania192913524CH VF$195
1802-1 Nanticoke, Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

A bright and well centered example from this “trade title” bank in Luzerne County with no large and only 51 […]

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1801-1 Kasson, Minnesota $10 1929 Nationals

This problem free VG is one of only 14 large and 30 small size notes recorded by Track & Price.  […]

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1801-1$10Michigan192910527CH VF$115
1801-1 Detroit, Michigan $10 1929 Nationals

A very bright note with three broad margins, bottom margin is cut slightly into engraving.

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1801-1$10Pennsylvania19292137PMG 30 $165
1801-1 Boyertown, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A well centered example from this popular Berks County location.

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1800-2$5Kentucky1929II906PMG 65EPQ$325
1800-2 Lexington, Kentucky $5 1929II Nationals
1801-1 Oakland, Maryland $10 1929 Nationals
1800-2 Oakland, Maryland $5 1929II Nationals
1801-1$10Pennsylvania19296051VF - Small Tear$125
1801-1 Slatington, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals
1801-1 Saint Marys, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals
1801-2 Chalfont, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals
1800-2 Chalfont, Pennsylvania $5 1929II Nationals
1801-2 Johnstown, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals
1801-1 Blue Ridge Summit , Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals
1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II10811PCGS 25PPQ$695
1801-2 Dry Run, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals
1801-1$10New Jersey19293716VF$165
1801-1 Woodbury, New Jersey $10 1929 Nationals

An evenly circulated VF from desirable Gloucester County.

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1801-1 Westernport, Maryland $10 1929 Nationals

A pleasing note from a popular State.

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1801-2 Westernport, Maryland $10 1929 Nationals

Although there are 39 small size notes recorded on this bank, this is the ONLY $10 Type 2 recorded.  Bright […]

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1802-1 Westernport, Maryland $20 1929 Nationals

A broadly margined and problem free note.

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1802-1 Frostburg, Maryland $20 1929 Nationals

One of only 18 large and 19 small size notes from this desirable Allegheny County bank.

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1801-1 Cumberland, Maryland $10 1929 Nationals

A very bright and nicely centered example from this popular State.

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1800-1 Cumberland, Maryland $5 1929 Nationals

A well-centered and problem free $5.

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1801-1 Baltimore, Maryland $10 1929 Nationals

A nicely centered, problem free example, that is very affordable.

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1801-1 Wilmington, Ohio $10 1929 Nationals

An affordable, problem free note with margins all around.

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1801-2 Saint Paul, Minnesota $10 1929II Nationals

A very affordable Type 2 from a desirable State.  Margins all around.

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2402$20Gold Certificate1928VF$135
FR 2402 1928 $20 Gold Certificate
2400$10Gold Certificate1928CH VF$250
FR 2400 1928 $10 Gold Certificate
2307$5North Africa1934APMG 40EPQ$165
FR 2307 1934A $5 North Africa
1707*$10Silver Certificates1953APMG 65EPQ$495
FR 1707* 1953A $10 Silver Certificates
1706*$10Silver Certificates1953PMG 65EPQ$495
FR 1706* 1953 $10 Silver Certificates
1704*$10Silver Certificates1934CPMG 66EPQ$875
FR 1704* 1934C $10 Silver Certificates
1704$10Silver Certificates1934CPMG 67EPQ$525
FR 1704 1934C $10 Silver Certificates
1654w*$5Silver Certificates1934DPMG 67EPQ$895
FR 1654w* 1934D $5 Silver Certificates

Wide I

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1653*$5Silver Certificates1934CPMG 66EPQ$775
FR 1653* 1934C $5 Silver Certificates
2402$20Gold Certificate1928PMG 55$475
FR 2402 1928 $20 Gold Certificate

A bright and vividly inked AU note with balanced margins all around.

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Colonial Notes:

DenomStateDateState No.GradePrice
5 ShillingsPennsylvaniaMarch 20, 1771146PMG 35$365
Pennsylvania 5 Shillings March 20, 1771 Colonial
$2VirginiaMay 1, 1780172PCGS 58$485
Virginia $2 May 1, 1780 Colonial

Minor Mounting Remnants on Back at Right noted by PCGS.

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Obsolete Currency:

$20Pennsylvania18--PittstonCH CU $575
Pittston Pennsylvania $20 18-- Obsolete

Pittson Bank Remainder

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