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Fr No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1294$0.253rd IssuePCGS 25$495
FR 1294 $0.25 3rd Issue fractionals

A Very Fine example of a desirable 25 cent Third Issue note with an Inverted Surcharge on the Reverse.  Well […]

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1238$0.053rd IssuePMG 65EPQ$325
FR 1238 $0.05 3rd Issue fractionals

This Gem five cent Green Back is beautifully margined with bright paper and bold inks.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted […]

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1279$0.251st IssuePMG 64EPQ$395
FR 1279 $0.25 1st Issue fractionals

A fully perforated First Issue with monogram.  Lovely with bold inks on both front and back and Exceptional Paper Quality […]

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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1197$50Gold Certificates1882PMG 55EPQ$14250
Gold Certificates 1197 1882 $50 typenote

A gorgeous 1882 Gold Certificate with bright paper, bold colors, cherry red seal, balanced margins and Exceptional Paper Quality noted […]

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1199$50Gold Certificates1913PMG 30 $2150
Gold Certificates 1199 1913 $50 typenote

A very bright and nicely centered Very Fine example of this popular type with small serial numbers.  Lovely gold seal […]

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1002$20FRN1914PCGS 66EPQ$2850
FRN 1002 1914 $20 typenote

Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG on this absolutely gorgeous $20.  Bright overall paper, vivid blue seal and serial numbers […]

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280m$5Silver Cert.1899PCGS 58$2500
Silver Cert. 280m 1899 $5 typenote

A Choice AU Elliott/White Chief with balanced margins, vivid inks and bright paper.

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236*$1Silver Cert.1899PCGS 40PPQ$1050
Silver Cert. 236* 1899 $1 typenote

Premium Paper Quality noted by PCGS on this Black Eagle Star Note. This is one of only 339 STAR notes […]

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224$1Silver Cert.1896PMG 65EPQ$3475
Silver Cert. 224 1896 $1 typenote

A lovely Gem CU Educational with broad and balanced margins all around.  Vivid inks on front and back with especially […]

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1173*$10Gold Certificates1922VF$975
Gold Certificates 1173* 1922 $10 typenote

An evenly circulated STAR note and one of only 287 pieces recorded in the Track & Price census.  Margins all […]

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112$10Legal Tender1880VF$1850
Legal Tender 112 1880 $10 typenote

A lovely “Jackass” note with the eye appeal of a higher grade.  Margins all around, bright paper, vivid red seal […]

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88$5Legal Tender1907CH AU $425
Legal Tender 88 1907 $5 typenote

A very bright and well inked  Woodchopper note with pleasing margins all around.  Cherry red seals and serial numbers, lovely […]

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237$1Silver Cert.1923CH CU $125
Silver Cert. 237 1923 $1 typenote

A bright and vividly inked Silver Certificate with incredibly deep blue seals and serial numbers.  A pleasing uncirculated example with […]

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40$1Legal Tender1923CH VF$275
Legal Tender 40 1923 $1 typenote

A pleasing, well-centered example with cherry red seals and serial numbers.  Evenly circulated and  quite affordable.

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224$1Silver Cert.1896PMG 15$375
Silver Cert. 224 1896 $1 typenote

A Choice Fine Educational that has retained its vivid inks.  Nicely centered and affordable.

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859C$5FRN1914PCGS 64PPQ$435
FRN 859C 1914 $5 typenote

This vividly inked FRN on Cleveland (4-D) District boasts balanced margins, bright paper and pleasing embossing.

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765$2FRBN1918PCGS 25 $785
FRBN 765 1918 $2 typenote

An evenly circulated example of the desirable Battleship note.  Well centered and nicely inked FRBN on Chicago.

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318$20Silver Cert.1891PMG 15NET$895
Silver Cert. 318 1891 $20 typenote

Repaired and Thinning noted by PMG on this Choice Fine Manning.  This affordable example has retained its pleasing colors on […]

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27$1Legal Tender1878PMG 25NET$475
Legal Tender 27 1878 $1 typenote

Pinholes noted by PMG on this Very Fine note with lovely floral embellishment and blue end paper.  Well centered.

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1104$100FRN1914CH XF$1850
FRN 1104 1914 $100 typenote

This Atlanta District (6-F) FRN is very bright and well centered.  Folds are very light (more like bends) and do […]

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318$20Silver Cert.1891VF$1675
Silver Cert. 318 1891 $20 typenote

This nicely centered Manning Note has bold blue serial  numbers, vivid red seal and forest green reverse.  Evenly circulated and […]

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272$5Silver Cert.1899XF$1565
Silver Cert. 272 1899 $5 typenote

A bright Chief with bold blue seals and numbers, vivid inks and balanced margins all around.

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248$2Silver Cert.1896VF$1575
Silver Cert. 248 1896 $2 typenote

A pleasing mid-grade Educational with balanced margins all around.

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
626 Bel Air, Maryland $10 1902 Nationals

An evenly circulated and problem from note from this Harford County location and one of only 21 large and 20 […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2211-G$1000FRN1934CH AU $2650
FR 2211-G 1934 $1000 FRN

A lovely high denomination – this note has bold inks on bright paper with pleasing margins all around and one […]

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1701$10Silver Certificates1934PMG 64 $1675
FR 1701 1934 $10 Silver Certificates

Great Embossing noted by PMG.  A boldly inked, bright and well centered ’34 Silver with broad margins all around.  Low […]

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1860-G$10FRBN1929CH CU $175
FR 1860-G 1929 $10 FRBN

A widely margined Chicago FRBN with bright paper and bold inks.  Uncirculated and original with pleasing embossing.

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1657$5Silver Certificates1953BPMG 66EPQ$115
FR 1657 1953B $5 Silver Certificates

This lovely note boasts broad and balanced margins, as well as bright paper and deep blue seal and numbers.  Exceptional […]

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1655$5Silver Certificates1953PMG 65EPQ$65
FR 1655 1953 $5 Silver Certificates

A Gem example of a 1953 Silver with vivid inks and balanced margins.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted by PMG.

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1617$1Silver Certificates1935GPMG 66EPQ$75
FR 1617 1935G $1 Silver Certificates

Absolutely gorgeous 1935G Silver With Motto.  Boardwalk margins all around, bright paper and deep blue seal and numbers on this […]

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1612$1Silver Certificates1935CPMG 58EPQ$25
FR 1612 1935C $1 Silver Certificates

This Choice AU ’35C Silver Certificate has all the eye appeal of a Gem CU note.  Lovely inks, bright overall […]

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1500$1Legal Tender Notes1928CH CU $345
FR 1500 1928 $1 Legal Tender Notes

A lovely Choice CU example of this desirable type.  Bright paper and cherry red seal and numbers on this boldly […]

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