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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
244$2Silver Cert.1886PCGS 40PPQ$2350
Silver Cert. 244 1886 $2 typenote

A lovely example of the Hancock note with large brown seal.  Balanced margins all around, vivid colors and premium paper […]

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240$2Silver Cert.1886PMG 53 $2375
Silver Cert. 240 1886 $2 typenote

A very bright and boldly inked Hancock note bearing the small red seal.  This well-centered AU 53 note is from […]

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1179$20Gold Certificates1905VF$2675
Gold Certificates 1179 1905 $20 typenote

A desirable Technicolor note with vivid colors on the front.  Pleasing margins all around on this problem free note.

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236$1Silver Cert.1899VF$135
Silver Cert. 236 1899 $1 typenote

A nicely margined Black Eagle with pleasing colors on both front and back.

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80$5Legal Tender1880CH VF$365
Legal Tender 80 1880 $5 typenote

A very bright Woodchopper with blue numbers and red seal.  Pleasing margins all around with bold inks on both front […]

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91$5Legal Tender1907VF$215
Legal Tender 91 1907 $5 typenote

An evenly circulated Woodchopper with the “PCBLIC” error on the reverse.  Margins all around with  vivid red seal and serial […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
626$10Pennsylvania19029385CH VF$4300
626 Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

A desirable York County national.  There are only 4 large and 15 small size notes recorded on this scarce bank […]

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1800-2 Wyoming, Pennsylvania $5 1929II Nationals

An evenly circulated Type 2 from Luzerne County.  There are only 12 large and 27 small size notes recorded in […]

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1800-2 Kingston, Pennsylvania $5 1929II Nationals

A pleasing type 2 from this Luzerne County bank with 17 small size only.  Margins all around on this problem […]

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1801-1 Phoenix, Arizona $10 1929 Nationals

A decent example from this popular and widely collected State.  Margins all around, with good colors.

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587 Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania $5 1902RS Nationals

A desirable Red Seal from this popular Luzerne County location.  There are only six Red Seals recorded by Track & […]

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