New Notes

Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1173$10Gold Certificates1922PMG 50EPQ$585
Gold Certificates 1173 1922 $10 typenote

A very bright and vividly inked Hillegas gold certificate.  Bold orange on reverse, and vivid yellow seal and serial numbers […]

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739$1FRBN1918PCGS 40$385
FRBN 739 1918 $1 typenote

A well centered Green Eagle from Kansas City with pleasing margins and bright overall paper quality.

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258m$2Silver Cert.1899PMG 25NET$475
Silver Cert. 258m 1899 $2 typenote

A Very Fine Agriculture note with balanced margins and pleasing colors.  Net graded due to small tear in bottom margin.

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122$10Legal Tender1901PMG 45$2350
Legal Tender 122 1901 $10 typenote

A lovely Bison note with pleasing margins all around and bold inks on both the front and back.

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37*$1Legal Tender1917PMG 45$575
Legal Tender 37* 1917 $1 typenote

A nicely centered STAR note with bold colors and bright paper on both front and back.  Pleasing margins all around […]

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237$1Silver Cert.1923CH CU$125
Silver Cert. 237 1923 $1 typenote

A very bright Silver Certificate with deep blue overprints on front and vivid green reverse.

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247$2Silver Cert.1896PMG 30$1750
Silver Cert. 247 1896 $2 typenote

An evenly circulated and problem free Educational Deuce with broad margins all around.  Pleasing colors on both front and back […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
608$5Illinois190212001PCGS 50PPQ$485
608 Chicago, Illinois $5 1902 Nationals

A pleasing AU note from this Cook County bank.  Three broad margins, bottom cut very slightly into design.  Still quite […]

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476$5New York1882BB5112PMG 30$1350
476 New York, New York $5 1882BB Nationals

A broadly margined Brownback from this popular and desirable New York bank.  This note is new to the census of […]

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480$10New York1882BB733PMG 63EPQ$1685
480 New York, New York $10 1882BB Nationals

A gorgeous Brownback from New York with bright and vivid colors, as well as pleasing margins and bold signatures.  Perfect […]

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480$10New Jersey1882BB695F/VF$1350
480 Jersey City, New Jersey $10 1882BB Nationals

A desirable Brownback from this Hudson County bank.  This note is new to the census of 12 large size only […]

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1800-1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $5 1929 Nationals

A problem free and nicely centered note.

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1801-1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

An affordable and well centered example.

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
FR 2202-F 1934A $500 FRN
FR 2210-F 1928 $1000 FRN
FR 1880-B 1929 $50 FRBN

A problem free and evenly circulated New York FRBN with margins all around.

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Colonial Notes:

DenomStateDateState No.GradePrice
One ShillingNew JerseyMarch 25, 1776175Fine$75
New Jersey One Shilling March 25, 1776 Colonial

Vividly inked with clear signatures on this New Jersey Colonial.  Tear on right side of note, and priced accordingly.

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