New Notes


Fr No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1274spwm front & back$0.15SpecimensPMG 63EPQ (front) PMG 63 (back)$1995

Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1214$100Gold Certificates1882PCGS 53 $5950
39$1Legal Tender1917PMG 64EPQ$425
855a$5FRN1914PMG 67EPQ$1575
238$1Silver Cert.1923PMG 66EPQ*$365

A vividly inked example of this desirable signature combination with bright paper and balanced margins.   In addition to the […]

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230$1Silver Cert.1899PMG 65EPQ$735

A gorgeous Black Eagle with deep blue seal and serial numbers.  Bright paper and well-balanced margins, as well as clearly […]

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60$2Legal Tender1917PMG 65EPQ$575

A very bright note with deep red seal and serial numbers.  Balanced margins all around, as well as Exceptional Paper […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice

Popular Bucks County bank with only 18 large recorded. Problem free note.

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A high denomination 1902 Dateback with vivid green signatures. A very pleasing Fine.

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Nicely centered and problem free high denomination with bold signatures.

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A lovely, bright First Charter example.

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Scarce bank with only 4 large recorded. This example has margins all around, bold signatures and pleasing colors.

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A well centered note from Delaware County with vivid signatures.

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Radiant signatures and balanced margins.

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A nicely centered, problem free note.

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A pleasing note from Delaware County with margins all around and bold signatures.

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387$2New York18651334VG$2750

A rare note. This is the ONLY First Charter Lazy Deuce in the census. Margins all around, some internal splits.

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600$5New Jersey19028800VF$625

Well centered note from desirable Atlantic County with purple signatures. Bright and problem free.

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607$5New Jersey19022527Fine$465

Quite a pleasing FINE with margins all around and clear signatures. A very desirable Seashore Note with only 25 large […]

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Only 16 large recorded on this First Title. Broad margins, vivid signatures and pleasing colors.

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474$5Massachusetts1882BB2153CH XF$8750

Stunning Circus Poster Brownback with vivid inks and bold signatures. Very well centered and quite a desirable note.

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A radiant $100 1902 Plainback. This is the ONLY $100 recorded. An original and problem free note.

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401$5Iowa18751810CH CU $2875

Margins all around on this gorgeous First Charter. Vivid penned signatures and radiant blue end paper across top margin.

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601$5Iowa19021744CH CU $575

A great note from a quite desirable state. Bright with balanced margins and vivid signatures.

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498$20Illinois1882BB4342PCGS 25$1895

Broadly margined, bright Brownback with clear, penned signatures.

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Only of only six large size recorded. A problem free note with pink signatures.

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1801-1$10New Mexico19298132VF$575

A pleasing example from a desirable State.  This bank is tougher to acquire in small size than in large size […]

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1802-2$20New Mexico1929II12569VF$1895

A rare note from a very tough state.  While there are only 11 small size notes recorded on this bank, […]

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An evenly circulated example from this tough Lycoming County bank.  There are only two large and nine small size notes […]

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1800-2$5Pennsylvania1929II4355PMG 64EPQ$435

A lovely example from this popular Blair County bank.  There are only 19 small size notes recorded on this second […]

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1801-1$10Pennsylvania192910837PMG 64$675

There are only 16 small size notes recorded on this Northumberland County bank.  This is a very bright type 1 […]

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1800-2$5Pennsylvania1929II7448PMG 58EPQ$425

This Columbia bank has only 12 large size and 13 small size examples recorded.  This Type 2 example has margins […]

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Confederate Notes:

T No.DenomDateGradePrice
T68$101864Unc. $45