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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1171$10Gold Certificates1907VF$385
Gold Certificates 1171 1907 $10 typenote

A well-centered and problem free Gold Certificate with vivid orange reverse.

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348$1Treasury Notes1890F/VF$565
Treasury Notes 348 1890 $1 typenote

A well-centered Stanton with large brown seal.

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278$5Silver Cert.1899VG$325
Silver Cert. 278 1899 $5 typenote

An intact and affordable Chief.

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237$1Silver Cert.1923CH VF$42
Silver Cert. 237 1923 $1 typenote

A Choice VF Silver with deep blue seal and numbers and punch-thru embossing.

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235$1Silver Cert.1899VF$125
Silver Cert. 235 1899 $1 typenote

An evenly circulated Black Eagle with decent margins all around.

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60$2Legal Tender1917XF$225
Legal Tender 60 1917 $2 typenote

A bright and boldly inked Jefferson with margins all around.

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60$2Legal Tender1917VF$185
Legal Tender 60 1917 $2 typenote

This evenly circulated Jefferson note has bold red seal and serial numbers.  An affordable example.

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269$5Silver Cert.1896PCGS 45$6200
Silver Cert. 269 1896 $5 typenote

This vividly inked Educational has all the eye appeal of a much higher grade note.  Pleasing margins all around, bold […]

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251$2Silver Cert.1899VF$275
Silver Cert. 251 1899 $2 typenote

This mid-grade Agriculture note has margins all around, and is evenly circulated and problem free.

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91$5Legal Tender1907VF$250
Legal Tender 91 1907 $5 typenote

A nice and bright, mid-grade Woodchopper.

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63$5Legal Tender1863Fine+$575
Legal Tender 63 1863 $5 typenote

An intact and problem free early issue Legal with balanced margins all around.

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39$1Legal Tender1917CH VF$145
Legal Tender 39 1917 $1 typenote

This legal is quite bright for the grade, with deep red overprints and balanced margins all around.

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
1802-1 Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

A well centered, problem free and affordable note from Luzerne County.

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1801-1 Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A well centered and problem free note from this Schuylkill County bank.

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1800-2 Pittston, Pennsylvania $5 1929II Nationals

An affordable Type II from Luzerne County with margins all around.

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1801-1 Montrose, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A problem free Fine on this Susquehanna County bank.

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1801-2 Ebensburg, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals

An affordable Type II on this Cambria County bank with only 23 large and 36 small recorded.

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1803-1 Easton, Pennsylvania $50 1929 Nationals

A pleasing high denomination note on this scarcer Easton bank.  This is one of only 20 large and 18 small […]

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1802-1 Easton , Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

A very bright example from t his Northampton location.  This well centered XF  has all the eye appeal of a […]

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1801-2$10New York1929II10141Fine$185
1801-2 East Rochester, New York $10 1929II Nationals

Monroe County, New  York.  A decent Type II with margins all around.

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624$10Connecticut19024PMG 15$365
624 Stamford, Connecticut $10 1902 Nationals

Perfect for the low charter number collector, this Choice Fine has bold signatures and decent colors.

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1801-1$10Minnesota19295745PMG 20 $260
1801-1 Hibbing, Minnesota $10 1929 Nationals

A nicely centered example from a popular State.  Evenly circulated note.

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600$5Minnesota19029442PMG 25 $220
600 Minneapolis, Minnesota $5 1902 Nationals

Margins all around, clear signatures and vivid inks on front and back of this problem free example.

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624 Pottstown, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

Three nice margins, with the bottom margin slightly touching the design.  Clear stamped signatures and pleasing colors on both the […]

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632 Pennsburg, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

A VF example from this Montgomery County location with pleasing margins and vivid signatures.  There is a small inked “JR” […]

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472 Pottstown, Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

An evenly circulated Brownback with balanced margins all around from Montgomery County.  This is one of only 34  notes recorded […]

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487 Pennsburg, Pennsylvania $10 1882BB Nationals

A pleasing Brownback with margins all around, pleasing Brown seal and charter numbers, as well as brown penned signatures of […]

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650 Lansdale, Pennsylvania $20 1902 Nationals

This Montgomery County bank issued large size notes only.  This is one of only NINE examples recorded by Track & […]

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652$20Pennsylvania19029541CH VF$650
652 Harleysville, Pennsylvania $20 1902 Nationals

A bright, vividly inked note from Montgomery County with clear penned signatures of the bank’s officers.  A well centered note […]

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626 Goldsboro, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

A scarce York County bank with only seven large and four small size notes recorded in Track & Price.  Pleasing […]

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626 Collegeville, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

Broad margins all around on this desirable Montgomery County bank.  This is one of only 9 large and 35 small […]

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609 Cheltenham, Pennsylvania $5 1902 Nationals

A problem free note from a scarce bank.  There are only 8 large size and 17 small size notes recorded […]

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1802-2$20Pennsylvania1929II9257CH CU $350
1802-2 Telford, Pennsylvania $20 1929II Nationals

A lovely uncirculated Type II example on this  Montgomery County bank.  Bright with vivid colors on both front and back, […]

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1802-1 North Wales, Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

Montgomery County bank with only 16 large and 26 small size notes recorded on Track & Price. A problem free […]

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1801-2 Lansdale, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals

A nicely margined and very bright Type II from Montgomery County.  This is a second title example and one of […]

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1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II13026CH VF$265
1801-2 Hatfield, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals

A well-centered Type II from this Montgomery County bank with 48 small size ONLY recorded on this bank.  Pleasant colors […]

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