Obsolete Currency

Obsolete currency refers to paper money issued by entities other than the federal government, e.g. state banks, railroads, merchants, state and local governments. The money issued by state banks makes up the largest portion of obsolete currency, also commonly referred to as “Broken Banknotes”. As you can see below, we are currently selling varied Broken Banknotes as well as other types of obsolete currency.

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Lowell $2 Massachusetts obsolete

The Merchants Bank. Lovely vignette of small town scene with green “Two” overprint.

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Roxbury $1.25 Massachusetts obsolete

The Roxbury Bank. Vignettes of sailing ships in center, eagle on rock at lower right and train on right. Clear […]

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$1.75Michigan1840AdrianCH AU $185
Adrian $1.75 Michigan obsolete

Erie and Kalamazoo Rail-Road Bank note with margins all around, fully issued and signed.  Pleasing vignette of train at center […]

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$1Michigan1854Ann ArborPMG 25NET$68
Ann Arbor $1 Michigan obsolete

Margins all around with clear signatures and pleasing vignettes. Net grade due to previous mounting.

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$5Michigan18PeninsularCH CU$120
Peninsular $5 Michigan obsolete

The Peninsular Bank. Maiden and ships in center. Lovely green overprints with green design on reverse.

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Florence $2 Nebraska obsolete

Lovely, nicely centered note with seated Native American at center and Liberty at left. Large block letter TWO in red.

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Omaha $2 Nebraska obsolete

A fully issued note with red outlined TWO overprint.

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$$5NebraskaOctober 1, 1857OmahaVF$185
Omaha $$5 Nebraska obsolete

A vividly inked note with large white 5 outlined in red.  Fully issued with serial number 3333! Vignette of sailor […]

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Tekama $1 Nebraska obsolete

The Bank of Tekama in Burt County. Maiden and Indian at center. Red “ONE” overprinted. Fully issued note with St.Louis […]

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$8New Jersey18--PatersonAU$150
Paterson $8 New Jersey obsolete

A desirable $8 denomination on this Remainder from Paterson, New Jersey.  Margins all around, as well as bold inks on […]

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$5New York1836New YorkVF$645
New York $5 New York obsolete

The Manhattan Company

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$3New York1840New YorkXF/AU$545
New York $3 New York obsolete

The New York Exchange Bank

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$5North CarolinaApril 26, 1860MurphyFine$145
Murphy $5 North Carolina obsolete

Nicely centered example with leasing red overprints and two red “V”s.  Fully dated and issued.

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Bristol $5 Pennsylvania obsolete

The Farmers Bank of Bucks County. Vignette of two stallions and eagle at center. Portrait of Washington at left. Clear […]

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Chambersburg $10 Pennsylvania obsolete

Fully signed and issued note from Chambersburg.

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Coatesville $10 Pennsylvania obsolete

A lovely AU proof from Coatesville with bold ink and bright paper.  Punch cancelled at bottom with small tear at […]

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Coatesville $5 Pennsylvania obsolete

A gorgeous AU Proof with a small tear in the body of the note.  Pleasing colors and lovely vignette at […]

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$$1Pennsylvania181Hulme VilleCU$195
Hulme Ville $$1 Pennsylvania obsolete

An uncirculated remainder from the Farmers Bank of Bucks County.  Full margins at top and bottom, sides are unevenly cut,

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Lancaster $1 Pennsylvania obsolete

The Lancaster Bank. Vignette of maiden on shore watching sailboats at sea. “Re-Issue” at bottom. Fully signed and dated.

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Lebanon $5 Pennsylvania obsolete

The Lebanon Bank. Fully issued with margins all around. Dated June 17th, 1849.

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$5Pennsylvania18__LewistownPCGS 63$695
Lewistown $5 Pennsylvania obsolete


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Norristown $10 Pennsylvania obsolete

The Bank of Montgomery County. A lovely note with clear signatures and margins all around.

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$1Pennsylvania1865NorristownPMG 66EPQ$495
Norristown $1 Pennsylvania obsolete

A desirable remainder on this popular Four Generals obsolete bank note from Norristown, PA.  This beautifully centered example is graded […]

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Northampton $$10 Pennsylvania obsolete

A Pennsylvania obsolete note written in German bearing signatures of John Rice, cashier and Peter Rhoads, President.

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$20Pennsylvania18PhiladelphiaPCGS 61$350
Philadelphia $20 Pennsylvania obsolete

The Western Bank of Philadelphia. Two maidens with ships and trains at center. Vivid inking and balanced margins.

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$20Pennsylvania18--PhiladelphiaPCGS 50PPQ$525
Philadelphia $20 Pennsylvania obsolete

The Western Bank.  A tougher note with broad margins all around. Vignette of workers in cotton field at center.  Perforated […]

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$1000Pennsylvania1840PhiladelphiaPMG 55EPQ$675
Philadelphia $1000 Pennsylvania obsolete

A bright example of a $1000 Post Note payable at the New York Branch.  This example has four vivid stamps […]

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$2000Pennsylvania1840PhiladelphiaPMG 62 $750
Philadelphia $2000 Pennsylvania obsolete

A well centered Uncirculated Post Note issued to S. Mason and payable at the New York Branch.  There are three […]

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Reading $10 Pennsylvania obsolete

A problem free remainder from  Berks County, Pa.  Pleasing train vignette at center with margins at three sides, bottom is […]

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Reading $10 Pennsylvania obsolete

A pleasing punch canceled remainder with margins all around. Vignette of train on bridge at center.

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