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Coatesville $5 Pennsylvania

A bright red background on this lovely $5 Proof from Coatesville with balanced margins all around.  Punch cancellations at bottom […]

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Coatesville $10 Pennsylvania

A well centered black and white Proof from Coatesville, PA with six hole punch cancellations at bottom.  Margins all around […]

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Erie $5 Pennsylvania

Vivid red underprinting on this fully issued example with vignette of sailors on dock at upper right.  Clear signatures and […]

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$5Pennsylvania18__LewistownPCGS 63$695
Lewistown $5 Pennsylvania


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Northampton $10 Pennsylvania
$20Pennsylvania18--PhiladelphiaPCGS 50PPQ$525
Philadelphia $20 Pennsylvania

The Western Bank.  A tougher note with broad margins all around. Vignette of workers in cotton field at center.  Perforated […]

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Philadelphia $20 Pennsylvania

A pleasing, uncirculated punch-hole cancelled proof from Philadelphia.  Lovely vignettes of workers on wagons at right and left of this […]

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