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Bristol $5 Pennsylvania

The Farmers Bank of Bucks County. Vignette of two stallions and eagle at center. Portrait of Washington at left. Clear […]

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Coatesville $10 Pennsylvania

A lovely AU proof from Coatesville with bold ink and bright paper.  Punch cancelled at bottom with small tear at […]

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Coatesville $5 Pennsylvania

A gorgeous AU Proof with a small tear in the body of the note.  Pleasing colors and lovely vignette at […]

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$$1Pennsylvania181Hulme VilleCU$195
Hulme Ville $$1 Pennsylvania

An uncirculated remainder from the Farmers Bank of Bucks County.  Full margins at top and bottom, sides are unevenly cut,

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Lancaster $1 Pennsylvania

The Lancaster Bank. Vignette of maiden on shore watching sailboats at sea. “Re-Issue” at bottom. Fully signed and dated.

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Lebanon $5 Pennsylvania

The Lebanon Bank. Fully issued with margins all around. Dated June 17th, 1849.

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$5Pennsylvania18__LewistownPCGS 63$695
Lewistown $5 Pennsylvania


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Norristown $10 Pennsylvania

The Bank of Montgomery County. A lovely note with clear signatures and margins all around.

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$1Pennsylvania1865NorristownPMG 66EPQ$495
Norristown $1 Pennsylvania

A desirable remainder on this popular Four Generals obsolete bank note from Norristown, PA.  This beautifully centered example is graded […]

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Northampton $$10 Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania obsolete note written in German bearing signatures of John Rice, cashier and Peter Rhoads, President.

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$20Pennsylvania18PhiladelphiaPCGS 61$350
Philadelphia $20 Pennsylvania

The Western Bank of Philadelphia. Two maidens with ships and trains at center. Vivid inking and balanced margins.

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$20Pennsylvania18--PhiladelphiaPCGS 50PPQ$525
Philadelphia $20 Pennsylvania

The Western Bank.  A tougher note with broad margins all around. Vignette of workers in cotton field at center.  Perforated […]

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$2000Pennsylvania1840PhiladelphiaPMG 62 $750
Philadelphia $2000 Pennsylvania

A well centered Uncirculated Post Note issued to S. Mason and payable at the New York Branch.  There are three […]

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Reading $10 Pennsylvania

A problem free remainder from  Berks County, Pa.  Pleasing train vignette at center with margins at three sides, bottom is […]

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Reading $10 Pennsylvania

A pleasing punch canceled remainder with margins all around. Vignette of train on bridge at center.

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$$0.10PennsylvaniaMarch 1, 1816Wilkesbarre PMG 64EPQ$135
Wilkesbarre  $$0.10 Pennsylvania

REMAINDER.  A Choice CU example from the County Seat of Luzerne County.  Nicely centered and dated 1816.  Exceptional Paper Quality […]

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