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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1655*$5Errors/Oddities1953PMG 63$575
FR 1655* $5 Errors/Oddities

Desirable Ink Smear  Error on a STAR Silver Certificate.  Bright and boldly inked note with Ink Smear Error on right […]

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FR 1914-B $1 Errors/Oddities

A vividly inked XF Inverted Overprint Error with a portion of the top note showing.  Bright and problem free.

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1915-B$1Errors/Oddities1988AGem CU $375
FR 1915-B $1 Errors/Oddities

A Gem CU example of the offset error, third printing on back.  The seals and serial numbers are vividly inked […]

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1962-A$5Errors/Oddities1950AGem CU $565
FR 1962-A $5 Errors/Oddities

A Gem CU example of a cutting error at lower right.

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FR 2011-A $10 Errors/Oddities
FR 2023-C $10 Errors/Oddities
2027-J$10Errors/Oddities1985PMG 58$565
FR 2027-J $10 Errors/Oddities

A desirable ERROR Note with  popular printed fold error.  This Choice AU note  has bright overall paper, brilliant colors and […]

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2071-B$20FRN1974CH CU $365
FR 2071-B $20 FRN
FR 2077-G $20 Errors/Oddities

An uncirculated note with four small pinholes at center.  Complete offset printing of back to front of note.  Vividly inked.

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2168-B$100Errors/Oddities1977CH AU $385
FR 2168-B $100 Errors/Oddities

A complete (lightly inked) offset printing of back to front on a Choice AU high denomination note.

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2300$1Errors/Oddities1935APMG 30 $235
FR 2300 $1 Errors/Oddities

Gutter Fold ERROR.  Broad margins and pleasing colors on an evenly circulated, problem free Hawaii.

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