Small size Federal Reserve Bank Notes were issued in 1933 in denominations of $5 through $100. They were printed as part of an emergency issue in response to many bank failures at the time. These notes used the same paper stock as national bank notes of the era and looked fairly similar to those notes, though they came from distinctly different issuers.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
FR 1850-C $5 FRBN

Evenly circulated and problem free Philadelphia FRBN.  Quite affordable.

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1860-C$10FRBN1929CH VF$42
FR 1860-C $10 FRBN

An evenly circulated, problem free Philadelphia FRBN.  Bright with margins all around.

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1860-E*$10FRBN1929PMG 20NET$850
FR 1860-E* $10 FRBN

A tough Richmond Star with only 15 stars recorded on Track & Price. This VF is net graded by PMG […]

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FR 1870-A* $20 FRBN

A scarcer STAR note from Boston with only thirteen examples recorded on Track & Price.  This note is evenly circulated […]

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1870-G$20FRBN1929CH CU $235
FR 1870-G $20 FRBN

A lovely Chicago FRBN with balanced margins, bright paper and vivid inks.  Punch-thru embossing is clearly evident!

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