Gold Certificates

Gold certificates acted as proof of gold ownership between 1863 and 1933, while smaller size notes weren’t available until 1928. For more information, visit our gold certificates page.

  • Type

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
2400$10Gold Certificate1928CH VF$165
FR 2400 $10 Gold Certificate

A problem free and  evenly circulated gold certificate with lovely gold overprints and margins all around.

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2400$10Gold Certificate1928Fine$135
FR 2400 $10 Gold Certificate

An affordable Gold Certificate with margins all around.  Intact and problem free note.

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2400*$10Gold Certificate1928PMG 35 $895
FR 2400* $10 Gold Certificate

A tougher Star note with only 161 examples recorded.  A bright Choice VF note with balanced margins all around.  Pleasing […]

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2402$20Gold Certificate1928CH VF$225
FR 2402 $20 Gold Certificate

A perfect companion to the $10 gold listed here.  Nicely centered and problem free with bold overprints.

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2404$50Gold Certificate1928PMG 35EPQ$1550
FR 2404 $50 Gold Certificate

A lovely and desirable note with four balanced margins and vivid colors on front and back.  Ex ceptional Paper Quality […]

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