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On July 10, 1929, after years of discussions, the first of the current, reduced size notes were placed in circulation. In order to cut costs on printing paper money, it was decided that millions of dollars could be saved if currency was reduced 25% in size. Also, it was a way for the government to have more uniformity in the look of its currency.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1604$1Silver Certificates1928DVF$85
FR 1604 $1 Silver Certificates smallsize

A decent note with some staining spots on front and back.

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1606*$1Silver Certificates1934Fine$65
FR 1606* $1 Silver Certificates smallsize

A STAR note with broad margins and decent colors on front and back.

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1613w*$1Silver Certificates1935DCH VF$175
FR 1613w* $1 Silver Certificates smallsize
1650$5Silver Certificates1934AU$65
FR 1650 $5 Silver Certificates smallsize

This lovely AU has all the eye appeal of a much higher grade.  Vivid inks and bright paper.

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1651$5Silver Certificates1934ACH CU $58
FR 1651 $5 Silver Certificates smallsize

A lovely Choice CU example with vivid inks.

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1651m$5Silver Certificates1934APMG 64EPQ$165
FR 1651m $5 Silver Certificates smallsize

A Choice CU Mule with pleasing margins and bold inks.  Deeply embossed with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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1652$5Silver Certificates1934BPMG 66EPQ$195
FR 1652 $5 Silver Certificates smallsize

A lovely Gem Silver with deep blue seal and serial numbers and very bright overall paper.

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1657$5Silver Certificates1953BPMG 62EPQ$25
FR 1657 $5 Silver Certificates smallsize

Lovely colors with margins all around, although right side is broader than left.

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1701$10Silver Certificates1934PMG 66EPQ$325
FR 1701 $10 Silver Certificates smallsize

A beautiful Silver Certificate with deep blue overprints, bright overall paper and balanced margins all around.  Gorgeous embossing is clearly […]

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1702$10Silver Certificates1934AVF$85
FR 1702 $10 Silver Certificates smallsize
1703$10Silver Certificates1934BCH VF$275
FR 1703 $10 Silver Certificates smallsize

A bright and well centered example.  Pleasing margins and bold inks.

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1704$10Silver Certificates1934CPMG 66EPQ$195
FR 1704 $10 Silver Certificates smallsize

Absolutely stunning Silver Certificate with bright paper and bold colors.  Darkest blue seal and serial numbers with Exceptional Paper Quality […]

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1704$10Silver Certificates1934CPCGS 66PPQ$195
FR 1704 $10 Silver Certificates smallsize

A bright and vividly inked Gem Silver Certificate with deep embossing.

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1704*$10Silver Certificates1934CPMG 64EPQ$465
FR 1704* $10 Silver Certificates smallsize

A lovely STAR note with pleasing margins, vivid paper and boldly inked seal and serial numbers.  Exceptional Paper Quality and […]

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1706$10Silver Certificates1953CH CU $145
FR 1706 $10 Silver Certificates smallsize

A lovely blue seal $10 with margins all around.

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FR 1850-C $5 FRBN smallsize

Evenly circulated and problem free Philadelphia FRBN.  Quite affordable.

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1860-E*$10FRBN1929PMG 20NET$850
FR 1860-E* $10 FRBN smallsize

A tough Richmond Star with only 15 stars recorded on Track & Price. This VF is net graded by PMG […]

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1860-D$10FRBN1929PMG 30EPQ$85
FR 1860-D $10 FRBN smallsize

A pleasing, bright example from Cleveland with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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1860-E$10FRBN1929PMG 53$150
FR 1860-E $10 FRBN smallsize

A well centered About Uncirculated example from Richmond.

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1870-A$20FRBN1929PCGS 66PPQ$475
FR 1870-A $20 FRBN smallsize

A stunning Boston FRBN with vivid inks on front and back, balanced margins all around and deep embossing.  Premium Paper […]

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1870-B*$20FRBN1929PMG 25 NET$150
FR 1870-B* $20 FRBN smallsize

A  STAR note from  New  York with a tear and corner tip missing noted by PMG.  Still an attractive example.

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FR 1870-A* $20 FRBN smallsize

A scarcer STAR note from Boston with only thirteen examples recorded on Track & Price.  This note is evenly circulated […]

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1870-L$20FRBN1929PMG 40 $175
FR 1870-L $20 FRBN smallsize

A bright XF note from San Francisco with jumbo margins and vivid colors.

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1870-G $20FRBN1929CH CU $165
FR 1870-G  $20 FRBN smallsize

A pleasing Chicago $20 FRBN.  Broad margins all around on this Choice CU note.

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1890-I$100FRBN1929PMG 58EPQ$345
FR 1890-I $100 FRBN smallsize

A bright and vividly inked $100 note from the  Minneapolis District.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted by PMG.

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1901-B*$1FRN1963APCGS 66PPQ$18
FR 1901-B* $1 FRN smallsize

Boardwalk margins on this high grade STAR note.

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FR 1903-F $1 FRN smallsize
1909-H$1FRN1977PMG 65EPQ$295
FR 1909-H $1 FRN smallsize

Beautifully embossed and vividly inked, this Gem note has a very low serial number.  H00000055B.

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1910-C$1FRN1977APCGS 66PPQ$48
FR 1910-C $1 FRN smallsize

Philadelphia District

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1911-H$1FRN1981PMG 63EPQ$265
FR 1911-H $1 FRN smallsize

This Choice Uncirculated FRN from St. Louis has margins all around, bright paper and Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG. […]

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