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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
834b$5FRN1914PMG 20$340
FR 834b $5

A well centered Philadelphia District Red Seal with vivid colors on front and back.

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847A $5FRN1914VF$125
FR 847A  $5

An evenly circulated Boston FRN with pleasing colors and nice margins.

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851A$5FRN1914CH VF$165
FR 851A $5

A bright and nicely centered New York Federal Reserve Note.

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852$5FRN1914PCGS 25$95
FR 852 $5

Balanced margins all around. Several small foxing spots on an otherwise problem free Philadelphia Federal Reserve.

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855A $5FRN1914CH CU $385
FR 855A  $5

A very bright note from Philadelphia District with deep blue seal and serial numbers and margins all around.

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855c$5FRN1914PCGS 58PPQ$495
FR 855c $5

A vividly inked Choice AU from Philadelphia (3-C).  Bold colors on both the front and back, as well as margins […]

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FR 859B $5

A well centered Cleveland FRN with vivid inks on front and back.

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863a $5FRN1914PCGS 35PPQ$200
FR 863a  $5

A well centered example on Richmond with vivid colors on both the front and back and very bright paper,  An […]

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FR 871C $5
FR 906 $10
FR 911B $10

A bright three fold XF. Pleasing margins all around.

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915a$10FRN1914PCGS 64PPQ$595
FR 915a $10

A brilliantly inked example with pleasing margins and Premium paper quality noted by PCGS.

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FR 928 $10

A Chicago District FRN with balanced margins all around.

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930$10FRN1914CH CU $385
FR 930 $10

A lovely $10 FRN from the Chicago District (7-G) with pleasing margins, bold blue seal and serial numbers and bright […]

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944$10FRN1914CH VF$125
FR 944 $10

A well centered example from Dallas (11-K).  Pleasing colors on an original note.

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FR 951B $10

A evenly circulated and problem free San Francisco FRN.

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FR 975 $20

A bright and evenly circulated example from Philadelphia District, 3-C.  Margins all around and problem free.

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FR 975 $20

This very bright $20 from Philadelphia boasts balanced margins and vivid inks on both the front and back.

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975$20FRN1914PMG 65EPQ$2275
FR 975 $20
978$20FRN1914CH XF$365
FR 978 $20

Cleveland District. A bright and well margined example.

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979A $20FRN1914VF$185
FR 979A  $20

This well-centered Cleveland FRN  has pleasing colors on the front and back.

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FR 990 $20

7-G, Chicago District FRN with margins all around and decent colors,

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FR 999 $20

This Minneapolis District FRN has broad margins and bold inks.

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FR 999 $20

An affordable Minneapolis with bold inks. Two very small pinholes left of seal.

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FR 1035 $50

A nicely margined Philadelphia FRN with pleasing colors.

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FR 1051 $50

Chicago 7-G.  An evenly circulated and problem free example of this popular type.  Portrait of Grant at center, deep blue […]

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FR 1110 $100

A problem free Chicago FRN with balanced margins and vivid inks.  Evenly circulated.

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