Treasury Notes

  • Type

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
347$1Treasury Notes1890VF$1650
FR 347 $1

A pleasing mid-grade large brown seal Stanton.

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347 $1Treasury Notes1890PCGS 20$1350
FR 347  $1

Large brown seal on this Treasury Note with balanced margins and vivid red serial numbers.  Desirable type note.

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347$1Treasury Notes1890F/VF$565
FR 347 $1

A desirable large brown seal Treasury Ace with margins all around and pleasant colors.  A problem free and affordable example.

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348$1Treasury Notes1890F/VF$1475
FR 348 $1

Evenly circulated large brown seal Treasury note with three balanced margins, top is tight but not into the note.  Problem […]

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352$1Treasury Notes1891CH VF$475
FR 352 $1

A bright and nicely centered mid-grade Stanton Note with pleasing colors on front and back.

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353$2Treasury Notes1890Fine$1450
FR 353 $2

Desirable large brown seal Treasury Deuce.  This note is evenly circulated and problem free with balanced margins.

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