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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
237$1Silver Cert.1923PCGS 67PPQ$585
Silver Cert. 237 1923 $1 typenote

A common type note in uncommon condition.  A boldly inked, well embossed Superb Gem with broad margins all around.

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88$5Legal Tender1907VF$385
Legal Tender 88 1907 $5 typenote

A pleasantly inked and well centered mid-grade Woodchopper bearing Teehee-Burke signatures.

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335$50Silver Cert.1891PMG 25$4850
Silver Cert. 335 1891 $50 typenote

This pleasing Everett note is a mid-grade, problem free Very Fine with margins all around, as well as deep blue […]

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288$10Silver Cert.1880PMG 35$7650
Silver Cert. 288 1880 $10 typenote

The scarcest of this type with only 90 examples recorded in the Track & Price census.  A lovely, Choice VF […]

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249$2Silver Cert.1899AU$1475
Silver Cert. 249 1899 $2 typenote

A bright Agriculture with deep blue seals and serial numbers and bold inks.  This well centered example bears Lyons/Roberts signatures […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
472$5Pennsylvania1882BB4714PMG 30EPQ$4850
472 Pottst, Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

The only $5 Brownback recorded on this Montgomery County bank and it’s SERIAL NO. 1.  Three pleasing margins with bottom […]

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598$5Pennsylvania1902611PMG 15 $450
598 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania $5 1902 Nationals

A popular and widely collected bank and the scene of the famous Civil War Battle.  PMG notes “minor repairs” on […]

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390$1Massachusetts1875625PMG 10NET$525
390 Boston, Massachusetts $1 1875 Nationals

A desirable example and the only $1 1875 recorded on this Suffolk County bank with 25 large size notes listed […]

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1801-2$10Nebraska1929II13420PMG 64EPQ$475
1801-2 Kimball, Nebraska $10 1929II Nationals

A pleasing Choice CU example from this Kimball County bank in Nebraska that issued only small size banknotes.  Balanced margins […]

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1801-1$10New York19292370CH CU $235
1801-1 New York, New York $10 1929 Nationals

A lovely uncirculated note from New York.  Bright with vivid inks and margins all around.

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1802-1 Sunbury, Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

A well centered example from this Northumberland County location.

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1802-1 Lebanon, Pennsylvania $20 1929 Nationals

A bright XF from this Lebanon County bank with only 16 large and 34 small in the Track & Price […]

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1801-1 Du Bois, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A nicely centered Very Fine from this Clearfield County bank with 44 large and 80 small size notes recorded.

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1802-2 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania $20 1929II Nationals

A problem free type 2 from this Luzerne County “small size only” bank.

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1801-1 York, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A bright AU example with balanced margins all around.  York County with 101 large and 181 small size notes recorded […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1500$1Legal Tender Notes1928PMG 66EPQ$895
FR 1500 1928 $1 Legal Tender Notes

A gorgeous example with vivid red serial numbers and seal on bright paper and bold green reverse.  Embossing is visible […]

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1507$2Legal Tender Notes1928FPCGS 68PPQ$3250
FR 1507 1928F $2 Legal Tender Notes