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Fr No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1266$0.105th IssuePCGS 40PPQ$75
FR 1266 $0.10 5th Issue fractionals

This XF Meredith note has pleasing inks on front and back, as well as lovely blue end paper on reverse.  […]

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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
217$1Silver Cert.1886CH AU $2350
Silver Cert. 217 1886 $1 typenote

A beautiful Martha note with large red spiked seal and blue serial numbers.  Balanced margins all around on this bright […]

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280$5Silver Cert.1899VF$1125
Silver Cert. 280 1899 $5 typenote

A evenly circulated and nicely centered Chief bearing Elliott/White signatures.  Problem free with bold blue seals and serial numbers.

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122$10Legal Tender1901VF$1850
Legal Tender 122 1901 $10 typenote

A pleasing mid-grade Bison note with margins all around, as well as pleasing inks on front and back.

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27$1Legal Tender1878CH CU $2350
Legal Tender 27 1878 $1 typenote
236$1Silver Cert.1899PMG 64 $675
Silver Cert. 236 1899 $1 typenote

A boldly inked Black Eagle bearing Speelman/White signatures.  Creamy paper with deep blue seal and serial numbers, as well as […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
3001-K$1Errors/Oddities2013PMG 5EPQ$285
FR 3001-K 2013 $1 Errors/Oddities

Offset Printing Error on this PMG graded Choice Very Fine example with Exceptional Paper Quality noted.

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1616*$1Silver Certificates1935GPMG 65EPQ$115
FR 1616* 1935G $1 Silver Certificates

A pleasing 1935G Star Silver Certificate with No Motto that is very bright and nicely centered.  A well-embossed Gem CU […]

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1972-B$5FRN1969CPMG 66EPQ$685
FR 1972-B 1969C $5 FRN

This high grade Error note boasts a serious misalignment on the front, as well as bold inks and balanced margins […]

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1702*$10Silver Certificates1934APMG 30 $245
FR 1702* 1934A $10 Silver Certificates

An evenly circulated, mid-grade STAR note with balanced margins all around.  Boldly inked with deep blue seals and serial numbers.

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1550$100Legal Tender Notes1966PMG 58EPQ$585
FR 1550 1966 $100 Legal Tender Notes

This beautiful Choice AU legal has all the eye appeal of a Gem CU.  It is incredibly bright and boldly […]

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2400$10Gold Certificate1928PMG 35EPQ$365
FR 2400 1928 $10 Gold Certificate

Quite a pleasing Gold Certificate with balanced margins, bright paper and vivid yellow overprints. Exceptional Paper Quality is duly noted […]

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Colonial Notes:

DenomStateDateState No.GradePrice
5 ShillingsDelaware1/1/177677CH CU $675
Delaware 5 Shillings 1/1/1776 Colonial

Five Shillings dated Jan. 1, 1776 in Newcastle, Delaware.  Bold inks on front and back of this  lovely example printed […]

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1 Pound 10 ShillingsPennsylvania3/1/1769132VF$365
Pennsylvania 1 Pound 10 Shillings 3/1/1769 Colonial

One of only nine examples recorded in the Track & Price census on this desirable Colonial from Pennsylvania.  One Pound, […]

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Continental Notes:

CC NoDenomDateGradePrice
$$6086CH AU $585
 86 $$60 9/26/1778 Continental

Sixty Dollars, printed by Hall & Sellers 1778.  Deep red serial number and signature.  Problem free Choice AU

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$1/3 Dollar 20VF$285
 20 $1/3 Dollar  2/17/1776 Continental

One third Dollar, printed by Hall & Sellers in Philadelphia, 1776.   Face and back designs created by Franklin.  Sundial motif […]

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