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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
318$20Silver Cert.1891PMG 35$3250
Silver Cert. 318 1891 $20 typenote

This lovely Manning note bearing the Tillman/Morgan signature combination is one of only 277 examples recorded in the Track & […]

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321$20Silver Cert.1891PMG 35$2950
Silver Cert. 321 1891 $20 typenote

This problem free Manning note is one of 429 examples recorded in the Track & Price census bearing the Parker/Burke […]

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281$5Silver Cert.1899VF$1075
Silver Cert. 281 1899 $5 typenote

An evenly circulated and problem free example of the always popular Chief note.  Margins all around on this note with […]

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357$2Treasury Notes1891XF$1785
Treasury Notes 357 1891 $2 typenote

A pleasing McPherson note with vivid red seal and serial numbers.  Well centered and bright with bold green on reverse.

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1178$20Gold Certificates1880VF$3150
Gold Certificates 1178 1880 $20 typenote

A boldly inked Gold note with broad margins all around.  Vivid orange reverse with cherry red seal and deep blue […]

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232$1Silver Cert.1899XF$365
Silver Cert. 232 1899 $1 typenote

Parker/Burke signature combination on this bright XF Black Eagle.  Deep blue seal and serial numbers on this problem free note.

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1167$10Gold Certificates1907VF$465
Gold Certificates 1167 1907 $10 typenote

One of only 366 examples recorded on this well centered, original Hillegas with small serial numbers bearing the Vernon/Treat signature […]

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
624 Lansdale, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

Quite a nice example from this popular Montgomery County Bank.  This bank issued only large size notes, with this being […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1604$1Silver Certificates1928DVF$135
FR 1604 1928D $1 Silver Certificates
2306$1North Africa1935AAU $195
FR 2306 1935A $1 North Africa
1600$1Silver Certificates1928CH CU $165
FR 1600 1928 $1 Silver Certificates

A well centered, bright and vividly inked Funnyback with balanced margins on front and back.  Well embossed with one small […]

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Continental Notes:

CC NoDenomDateGradePrice
 79 $$5 9/26/1776 Continental