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Type Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1167$10Gold Certificates1907PMG 55EPQ$1950
Gold Certificates 1167 1907 $10 typenote

A well centered AU with deep gold seals and serial numbers on front, as well as pleasing orange reverse.  Well […]

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FRN 851 1914 $5 typenote

Very bright for the grade with balanced margins all around.  Should be noted that there is a small bit of […]

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229$1Silver Cert.1899VF$265
Silver Cert. 229 1899 $1 typenote

This mid-grade Black Eagle is nicely centered with good color.  Vernon-Treat signatures

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281$5Silver Cert.1899F/VF$785
Silver Cert. 281 1899 $5 typenote

A problem free Fine/VF Chief with normal soiling associated with a circulated note.  Balanced margins all around.

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280$5Silver Cert.1899VF$895
Silver Cert. 280 1899 $5 typenote

A problem free and evenly circulated Chief that has retained its pleasing colors.  Elliott-White signatures.

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298$10Silver Cert.1891PMG 45 $2750
Silver Cert. 298 1891 $10 typenote

A very bright Tombstone note with red seal and blue serial numbers.  Margins all around on this well inked Choice […]

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1200$20Gold Certificates1882VF$1285
Gold Certificates 1200 1882 $20 typenote

A nicely centered VF20 example of the desirable “Garfield” 1882 Gold.  Cherry red seal and deep blue serial numbers – […]

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335$50Silver Cert.1891VF$4950
Silver Cert. 335 1891 $50 typenote

This nicely centered Everett note shows signs of even circulation and is problem free.  Vivid blue seal and serial  numbers […]

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122$10Legal Tender1901VF$2150
Legal Tender 122 1901 $10 typenote

A bright, evenly circulated Bison note with cherry red seals and serial numbers, as well as pleasing margins all around.

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851A$5FRN1914CH VF$195
FRN 851A 1914 $5 typenote

Nicely centered and boldly inked $5 FRN on New York (“2-B”) district.

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708$1FRBN1918CH VF$275
FRBN 708 1918 $1 typenote

Problem free Boston Green Eagle with deep blue seal and numbers.  Balanced margins all around.

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National Bank Notes:

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter No.GradePrice
477 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

A broadly margined Brownback from from this large size only bank with clear penned signatures of the bank’s officers, as […]

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487$10Pennsylvania1882BB2142CH VF$2565
487 Schwenksville, Pennsylvania $10 1882BB Nationals

Nicely centered  and well inked note from this desirable Montgomery bank.  While there are twelve large size notes recorded, this […]

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499$20Pennsylvania1882BB4714CH VF$1565
499 Pottstown , Pennsylvania $20 1882BB Nationals

Margins all around on this Montgomery County brownback.  This is one of two $20 Brownbacks recorded on this bank.  A […]

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485$10Pennsylvania1882BB4714CH VF$1475
485 Pottstown , Pennsylvania $10 1882BB Nationals

A bright and problem free example from this Montgomery County bank with only 35 large size notes rcorded.  Clear signatures, […]

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472 Pottstown, Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

A very bright and problem free Brownback with broad margins and bold signatures.  This $5  Brownback is part of a […]

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598 Honesdale, Pennsylvania $5 1902 Nationals

An evenly circulated example from this Wayne County bank with 32 large and 34 small size notes recorded.  Margins all […]

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466 Danville, Pennsylvania $5 1882BB Nationals

A lovely layout on this Brownback from Montour County with balanced margins all around and clear penned signatures of  Garhart, […]

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613$10Pennsylvania1902RS539CH VF$1235
613 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $10 1902RS Nationals

This very bright and beautifully inked Red Seal is one of only FIVE $10 Red Seals in the Track & […]

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624$10Pennsylvania19021149CH VF$550
624 Norristown, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

This Montgomery County note boasts pleasing colors and margins, as well as light blue stamped signatures of the bank’s officers.  […]

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600 New Milford, Pennsylvania $5 1902 Nationals

There are only Eight large size examples recorded on this Grange National Bank. This is a nicely centered and evenly […]

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626 Maytown, Pennsylvania $10 1902 Nationals

A desirable example from Lancaster County and one of only 8 large and 21 small size notes recorded.  Very bright […]

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1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II2142CH VF$495
1801-2 Schwenksville, Pennsylvania $10 1929II Nationals

A lovely Type 2 from this Montgomery County bank.  Very bright with vivid brown seal and numbers, as well as […]

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1801-1 Delta, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A widely collected York County bank.  Evenly circulated Very Fine with good centering and color.  Small brown stain at bottom […]

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1801-1 Camp Hill, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

A popular Cumberland County bank with only 12 large and 49 small size notes recorded.  Offered here is a nicely […]

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1801-1 Athens, Pennsylvania $10 1929 Nationals

Perfect for the “Greek” note collector, this evenly circulated example from this Bradford County bank is one of only 18 […]

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598$5California19026617CH VF$395
598 Los Angeles, California $5 1902 Nationals

A bright and well inked example from California.  This note has bold signatures, deep blue overprints and three broad margins, […]

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581 Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania $20 1882VB Nationals

A desirable $20 1882 Valueback from Allegheny County.  While there are 20 large and five small size notes recorded in […]

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574 Milford, Pennsylvania $5 1882VB Nationals

A lovely $5 1882 Valueback on this Pike County bank with 26 large and 11 small size notes recorded.  This […]

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642 Gap, Pennsylvania $20 1902DB Nationals

A 1902 Dateback from Lancaster County.  With only seven large and six small size notes recorded on this first title, […]

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592 Intercourse, Pennsylvania $5 1902DB Nationals

An evenly circulated VF on this widely collected and very popular bank from Lancaster County.  While there are 33 large […]

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508 Oxford, Pennsylvania $50 1882BB Nationals

Although there are 38 large and 45 small size notes recorded on this Chester County bank, this is one of […]

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Small Size Notes:

Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
1601$1Silver Certificates1928APMG 66EPQ$295
FR 1601 1928A $1 Silver Certificates

A high grade Funnyback with balanced margins all around, deep and bold blue seal and serial numbers, bright paper and […]

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1606$1Silver Certificates1934PMG 50$125
FR 1606 1934 $1 Silver Certificates

An Abt.AU Funnyback with bold inks and bright paper.  Broad margins all around.

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