New Year Traditions

New YearThroughout history, the New Year is looked at as a time for new beginnings. This is a cause for celebration, as well as many traditions to help bring good fortune into the upcoming year. Below are a few ways money plays a part in these traditions all over the world!

  • Rome began the tradition of gift giving on New Year’s Eve. Loved ones were given coins, among other things, to ensure the year ahead would be a prosperous one.
  • In Scotland, people will place a dime on the ledge of their front window. It is believed that this will  help to prevent the household from experiencing a shortage of money in the New Year.
  • Many believe that if you have money in your wallet at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, money will keep flowing smoothly throughout the year to come.
  • The midnight kiss is a well known tradition throughout the world. However, many couples will also hold onto the same dollar bill together to help bring wealth into their new year. It’s believed the higher denomination of the bill, the better.
  • The circle has often been viewed by various cultures as a symbol of prosperity. In many countries, such as the Philippines, men and women wear polka-dot clothing, eat round foods and keep coins in their pockets on New Year’s Eve. These traditions are a way to help usher in the new year with good fortune and wealth.