PCDA Dealers

PCDA DealerThe Professional Currency Dealer Association was founded in 1985 to advance the profession of dealing, the study of paper money, and promote ethical dealing between dealers and the public. It’s a non-profit organization comprised of the top rare currency dealers and numismatic experts. At Alex Perakis Coins & Currency, we are PCDA dealers in good standing. You can also find us listed on their website under official dealers.

To maintain our membership, we agree to conduct business according to the PCDA Code of Ethics and follow the PCDA Constitution and By-Laws. Additionally, being PCDA dealers provides us the opportunity to learn from the world’s leaders in currency, stocks and bonds, fiscal documents, and related paper items.

Members of the Professional Currency Dealer Association

We’re proud of our membership with the PCDA, as it shows our commitment to providing honest, knowledgeable service to our clients Nationwide from our base of operation located outside of Philadelphia, with an interest in buying or selling currency. We take this membership seriously by attending PCDA sponsored events throughout the year to promote education and consult with other industry experts. For example, you can always find us at the Memphis Paper Money Convention and the PCDA National Coin and Currency Convention.

After over 30 years as a full time dealer, we wholeheartedly enjoy fostering the love of collecting in others as well as providing rare pieces of currency to other experienced dealers and collectors. This industry provides an opportunity for camaraderie and study unlike any other. We appreciate any chance we get to promote the profession that has afforded us so many lifelong friends. Learn more about us.