Fractional currency came into existence during the time of the Civil War as many people began to hoard their coinage. The Government’s response was to issue paper money for denominations under $1, or fractionals. These notes vary from 3 cents to 50 cents and were issued from 1862 through 1876. They remained in circulation for many years thereafter.

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FR No.DenomTypeGradePrice
1267$0.154th IssueCH CU $185
4th Issue 1267 $0.15 fractionals

A scarce Columbia on watermarked paper with large red seal and margins all around.  A lovely Choice CU example priced […]

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1269$0.154th IssuePMG 64EPQ$365
4th Issue 1269 $0.15 fractionals

A lovely example with broad, balanced margins all around. Large red seal with vivid blue right end paper and Exceptional […]

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1303$0.254th IssueVF$123
4th Issue 1303 $0.25 fractionals
1264$0.105th IssueCH CU $235
5th Issue 1264 $0.10 fractionals

A popular Meredith note with margins all around, bold green seal and long, thin key.

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1381$0.505th IssueCH CU $145
5th Issue 1381 $0.50 fractionals

A pleasing, uncirculated “Bob Hope” Fifth Issue fractional note with margins all around and blue end paper.

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1381$0.505th IssueAU$95
5th Issue 1381 $0.50 fractionals

A nicely centered “Bob Hope” fractional with vivid blue end paper and balanced margins all around.

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