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Large size type notes consist of demand notes, legal tender, compound interest notes, refunding certificates, silver certificates, treasury notes, federal reserve bank notes, federal reserve notes and gold certificates. View what we have available below, or contact us about selling a note.

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Fr No.DenomTypeDateGradePrice
756$2FRBN1918PMG 55EPQ$1795
FR 756 $2  typenote

A very well centered Battleship note with pleasing inks on front and back.  Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG on […]

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787$5FRBN1918PMG 30EPQ$795
FR 787 $5  typenote

One of only 76 examples recorded on this Cleveland FRBN bearing Elliott/Burke signature combination.  A well-centered and evenly circulated example […]

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FR 787 $5  typenote

Evenly circulated and problem free Cleveland $5 FRBN with good centering. Only 76 examples recorded in the Track and Price […]

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803$5FRBN1918CH VF$785
FR 803 $5  typenote

One of only 109 notes recorded bearing the Teehee/Burke signature combination from Kansas City.  This attractive FRBN has balanced margins, […]

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833A$5FRN1914PCGS 64PPQ$3150
FR 833A $5  typenote

A boldly inked $5 Red Seal from New York “2-B” district that is very bright and well centered with deep […]

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847a*$5FRN1914PMG 45EPQ$2095
FR 847a* $5  typenote

A lovely STAR note on Boston (1-A) district. While there are 1440 examples recorded on this FR number, only 31 […]

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847a$5FRN1914PMG 45EPQ$375
FR 847a $5  typenote

This lovely $5 1914 from Boston “1-A” is very bright and boldly inked.  Pleasing, balanced margins all around on this […]

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855a$5FRN1914PMG 25EPQ$150
FR 855a $5  typenote

Pleasing and affordable Philadelphia “3-C” District FRN with margins all around.  Evenly circulated with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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855a$5FRN1914PMG 63EPQ$450
FR 855a $5  typenote
859a$5FRN1914PMG 35EPQ$250
FR 859a $5  typenote

Very bright note with deep colors on front and back. Well centered with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.

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859A$5FRN1914PMG 40EPQ$295
FR 859A $5  typenote

A nicely margined example from Cleveland district (4-D) with vivid inks on front and back.  Exceptional Paper Quality is noted […]

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FR 859A $5  typenote

Margins all around on this VF $5 FRN from Cleveland “4-D” district.  Light staining visible on reverse.

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875a$5FRN1914PMG 30 $195
FR 875a $5  typenote

Problem free Very Fine from St. Louis “8-H” District with margins all around.

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FR 909 $10  typenote

Quite a lovely AU FRN from New York (2-B) with pleasing margins all around.  Bright with deep blue seal and […]

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911C$10FRN1914CH XF$365
FR 911C $10  typenote

Evenly circulated and problem free example from New York “2-B” district with pleasing margins and bold inks.

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966$20FRN1914PMG 35EPQ$465
FR 966 $20  typenote

One of only 243 examples recorded from Boston (1-A) district bearing Burke-Houston signatures.  Perfect partner to the FR 906 offered […]

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FR 971A $20  typenote

A very bright FRN from New York “2-B” district with pleasing colors and margins.  It should be noted that there […]

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974$20FRN1914PMG 25 $195
FR 974 $20  typenote

One of 284 examples recorded on this Philadelphia District (3-C) Federal Reserve Note.  Problem free and affordable Very Fine with […]

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1035$50FRN1914PCGS 25$485
FR 1035 $50  typenote

A popular and widely collected type in a problem free mid-grade.  Broad and balanced margins all around with decent inks […]

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1046$50FRN1914PMG 64EPQ$4650
FR 1046 $50  typenote

A lovely Choice CU example of this desirable type note.  Margins all around, bright paper and vivid inks on front […]

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FR 1089 $100  typenote

There are 105 pieces recorded on this FR number in the Track & Price census.  This evenly circulated note has […]

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1172$10Gold Certificates1907PCGS 30PPQ$725
FR 1172 $10  typenote

Especially bright and well inked for the grade.  Vibrant orange reverse with broad margins all around on this lovely Very […]

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1183$20Gold Certificates1906PMG 40EPQ$2175
FR 1183 $20  typenote

The third note in the set of consecutively numbered notes, this FR 1183 is incredibly well-inked with the eye appeal […]

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1200$50Gold Certificates1922PCGS 30 $1975
FR 1200 $50  typenote

A popular and widely collected Gold Certificate bearing Speelman, White signatures and large serial numbers.  This lovely $50 1922 is […]

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