U.S Paper Money Facts – Part II

Interesting Paper Money Facts ~ Part II

  • 1932 brought a huge cash shortage to a town in Washington called Tenino. This led to the town creating wooden bills for temporary use. While cash on hand may have been in short supply for the town, lumber was definitely not! 
  • Need to measure but forgot your ruler? A quarter measures at exactly one inch!
  • The ink used in today’s currency is quite high tech as it now includes magnetic and color-changing properties.
  • The Secret Service, most famously known today for protecting the President’s of the U.S., was initially established during the Civil War to fight the overwhelming amount of counterfeiting. Obviously, as the years have gone on, the responsibilities of the Secret Service have vastly expanded.
  • The famous board game, Monopoly, prints more money each year than the Bureau of Engraving and Printing does! While the game prints up to $50 Billion in its play money each year, the U.S. prints an average of $1.5 Billion.