Famous Collectors ~ Part 1

Ever walked around a convention and thought you saw a familiar face from movies or T.V.? You’re probably right! Many celebrities collect coins and currency and are still avid in the hobby today. Below are a few faces you might recognize who share a passion for numismatics. 

James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones ~ Known for his work on stage and in movies such as Star Wars, Field of Dreams, and The Lion King, is a noted numismatist.  He even narrated the documentary Money – History in your Hands, a project created by the American Numismatic Association and the Professional Numismatists Guild. The documentary is now available to watch free on the PNG YouTube channel! Click here to watch!



$4 Coiled Hair Stella

Buddy Ebsen ~ Most famous for playing Jed Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies, Ebsen was co-founder of the Beverly Hills Coin Club, an enthusiastic Buddy Ebsencollector, and a serious student of numismatics. He often spoke about his love of the hobby and the history behind each of the coins he owned, which included a complete Gold Type Set and a Gem Proof $4 1879 Coiled Hair Stella gold piece. His collection brought over $7.6 million when it went to auction in 1987.



Penny Marshall ~ The director/actress is one of the famous faces you may recognize at a convention. An enthusiast of rare coins, she was even named after a coin! During an interview, Marshall said she was named Penny to pacify her brothers who had been saving their pennies for a pony, “but got a baby sister instead.”


Peter Weller ~ Known for his role as RoboCop, Weller is an avid collector of ancient coins. At one time he was the owner of the Ides of March Roman Denarius. The Ides of March is a dime sized coin that was struck in 42 B.C. by Marcus Brutus, to commemorate his assassination of Julius Caesar. The coin was sold in 2011 at Heritage Auctions for over $540,000. 

Ides of March