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Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Maryland 469 Baltimore $5 nationals

A desirable Brownback from this large-size only bank. Margins all around, clear signatures and problem free example.

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Maryland 659 Baltimore $20 nationals

Inependent City County with three broad margins, bottom is cut very slightly into the engraving.  A decent Fine with legible […]

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Maryland 1801-1 Baltimore $10 nationals

A nicely centered, problem free example, that is very affordable.

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1801-1$1019299699Clear SpringVF$675
Maryland 1801-1 Clear Spring $10 nationals

A lovely name on this bank from Washington County with only 8 large and 21 small size notes recorded. A […]

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Maryland 1800-1 Cumberland $5 nationals

A well-centered and problem free $5.

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Maryland 1801-1 Cumberland $10 nationals

A very bright and nicely centered example from this popular State.

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Maryland 1801-1 Friendsville $10 nationals

A desirable bank in Garrett County with only 10 large and 13 small size notes recorded in the Track & […]

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Maryland 1802-2 Frostburg $20 nationals

A type II $20 from this small size only bank in Allegheny County with only 18 notes in the Track […]

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Maryland 1802-1 Frostburg $20 nationals

One of only 18 large and 19 small size notes from this desirable Allegheny County bank.

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Maryland 1801-1 Frostburg $10 nationals

A pleasing VF from this Allegheny County location.  This is one of only 18 large and 19 small size notes […]

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Maryland 1801-2 Westernport $10 nationals

Although there are 39 small size notes recorded on this bank, this is the ONLY $10 Type 2 recorded.  Bright […]

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Maryland 1801-1 Westernport $10 nationals

A pleasing note from a popular State.

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Maryland 1802-1 Westernport $20 nationals

A broadly margined and problem free note.

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