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Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
627$1019029905ArdmorePMG 30 $2850

An evenly circulated example from this Montgomery County location with ONLY eight total notes recorded.  A bright and pleasing Plainback […]

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A problem free note from Schuylkill County.

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A pleasing Extra Fine example from this Blair County bank with only 7 Large and 19 Small size recorded. A […]

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626$1019023945BerwynCH VF$875

A desirable and widely collected bank in Chester County, this is one of only 14 large and 22 small size […]

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A tough note from this Chester County bank. There are only 10 large size examples recorded on this bank. This […]

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1801-1$1019293945BerwynPCGS 30PPQ$545

Evenly circulated and problem free note from this tough Chester County bank.  Track & Price census reports only 14 large […]

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A popular and widely collected bank note from Berks County.  A tougher example with only 16 large and 20 small […]

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Lovely marine blue penned signatures of the bank’s officers on this tougher offering from widely collected Berks County. One of […]

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This vividly inked Red Seal from Montgomery County is one of 11 large and 40 small size notes, as well […]

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1801-2$101929II8329BridgeportCH VF$245

A very bright type 2 from this tougher bank in Montgomery County with only 11 large and 40 small size […]

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1801-1$101929717BristolPMG 63EPQ$275

Margins all around on this Choice CU example from this Bucks County bank. Very bright and well inked with Exceptional […]

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1800-1$5192912934CarnegieCH VF$295

A very bright and nicely centered Choice VF from this Allegheny County bank.  A pleasing example of a desirable note […]

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A pleasing Brownback from Lehigh County.  While there are 39 large and 43 small size notes recorded on this bank, […]

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An evenly circulated example from Columbia County.  There are only 12 large and 15 small size notes recorded in the […]

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This small size only bank in Bucks County is hard to come by with only 23 Small size notes recorded […]

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A mid-grade example of this popular Delaware County note with bold signatures and three broad margins, top cut tight.

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Evenly circulated with one small split in bottom margin, not into note.  Popular Delaware County bank.

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1801-1$1019296275Clifton HeightsFine$450
Pennsylvania1801-1Clifton Heights$10nationals

A scarce bank in Delaware County with only seven large and six small size notes recorded.  An evenly circulated and […]

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677$5019023990CoatesvilleCH XF$3975

A beautiful “discovery” note!  There are no $50 1902 PB’s in the census.  Here’s your chance to own a desirable […]

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While there are nine large size and 14 small size notes recorded on this Chester County Bank, this is one […]

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590$51902DB2671ConshohockenPMG 35EPQ$2150

A desirable bank in Montgomery County with 7 large size ONLY recorded in the Track & Price census.  This bright […]

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A lovely layout on this Brownback from Montour County with balanced margins all around and clear penned signatures of  Garhart, […]

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A lovely example from this Chester County bank with only 22 large and 36 small size notes recorded in the […]

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1801-1$1019295019Du BoisVF$110
Pennsylvania1801-1Du Bois$10nationals

A nicely centered Very Fine from this Clearfield County bank with 44 large and 80 small size notes recorded.

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1801-2$101929II13133DublinPMG 64$588

A Choice CU offering from this Bucks County bank that issued small size only.  This bright and well centered Type […]

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632$1019025166East GreenvilleCH VF$490
Pennsylvania632East Greenville$10nationals

A pleasing note from widely collected Montgomery County.  This is one of only 14 large size notes recorded in the […]

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1802-2$201929II5166East GreenvilleCH AU $295
Pennsylvania1802-2East Greenville$20nationals

Another Montgomery County bank, this note is well centered and vividly inked.  While there are only 14 large and 45 […]

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1801-2$101929II5166East Greenville VF$180
Pennsylvania1801-2East Greenville $10nationals

A problem free Type II from this popular Montgomery County bank with only 14 large and 43 small in the […]

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1802-1$2019295166East GreenvillePMG 65EPQ$550
Pennsylvania1802-1East Greenville$20nationals

A vividly inked Gem CU offering from this Montgomery County bank with only 14 large and 45 small size notes […]

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1802-1$20192910775ElversonCH VF$240

A very bright Choice VF from Chester County.  One of five large and 21 small size notes recorded in the […]

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