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Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Collegeville $10 nationals

A popular town in Montgomery County.  Track & Price shows lists only nine large and 35 small size notes in […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Collegeville $10 nationals

A problem free Type II from this widely collected Montgomery County bank.

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590$51902DB2671ConshohockenPMG 35EPQ$2750
Pennsylvania 590 Conshohocken $5 nationals

A desirable bank in Montgomery County with 7 large size ONLY recorded in the Track & Price census.  This bright […]

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Pennsylvania 405 Conshohocken $5 nationals

A desirable Type note from this tough Montgomery County bank.  This is one of seven Large size only recorded on […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Conyngham $20 nationals

This is one of only ten small size notes in the Track & Price census from this Luzerne County bank.  […]

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1802-1$20192912967DaleVF (tiny pinhole)$375
Pennsylvania 1802-1 Dale $20 nationals

A pleasing note from this Cambria County bank with only 6 large and 31 small recorded. Well centered with one […]

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Pennsylvania 577 Denver $10 nationals

A popular Charter from desirable Lancaster County.  This pleasing Valueback is one of only 12 large size and 63 small […]

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1802-2$101929II10811Dry RunPCGS 25PPQ$595
Pennsylvania 1802-2 Dry Run $10 nationals

A pleasing and nicely centered Type II from this Franklin County location.  Problem free with a low serial number A000031 […]

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600$519028778DuncannonCH VF$645
Pennsylvania 600 Duncannon $5 nationals

A bright and evenly circulated example from Perry County and one of only five large and 13 small size notes […]

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1800-2$51929II4730DuquesnePMG 63EPQ$285
Pennsylvania 1800-2 Duquesne $5 nationals

A bright type 2 from this Allegheny County bank.  This is one of only 15 large and 55 small notes […]

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632$1019025166East Greenville VF$425
Pennsylvania 632 East Greenville  $10 nationals

An evenly circulated example from this Montgomery County bank with only 14 large and 43 small size notes recorded.  Well […]

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1801-2$101929II5166East Greenville VF$195
Pennsylvania 1801-2 East Greenville  $10 nationals

A problem free Type II from this popular Montgomery County bank with only 14 large and 43 small in the […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Exeter $20 nationals

A tough Luzerne County Bank with only 14 small size recorded in the Track and Price census. No large size […]

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Frackville $5 nationals

Evenly circulated and well centered example from this Schuylkill County location.  Pleasing inks and broadly margined.

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Pennsylvania 624 Freeport $10 nationals

An intact Fine note from Freeport, PA, in Armstrong County.  This bank has only 15 large and 19 small size […]

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624$1019022864GapPCGS 15$595
Pennsylvania 624 Gap $10 nationals

A tough and desirable note from this Lancaster County bank.  This is one of only six large size notes and […]

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1801-1$1019292864GapPCGS 64PPQ$325
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Gap $10 nationals

A popular Lancaster County bank with pleasing margins, vivid inks, bright overall paper and deep embossing.  Premium Paper Quality noted […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Gap $10 nationals

Lancaster County Bank that only issued small size notes. Evenly circulated Type II with neat s/n A000600.

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Gettysburg $10 nationals

An evenly circulated example on this desirable bank, home of the famous Civil War Battle. Balanced margins all around.

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652$2019029084Green LaneVF$650
Pennsylvania 652 Green Lane $20 nationals

A popular Montgomery County location.  This bank has only nine large and 45 small size notes recorded.  This note is […]

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Pennsylvania 650 Greencastle $20 nationals

A problem free example from this Franklin County bank with only 11 large size and 35 small size examples recorded.  […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-2 Greencastle $20 nationals

A nicely centered $20  Type II from Franklin County.

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Greencastle $10 nationals

Franklin County bank with 14 large and 37 small recorded. Only two – $10 Type II’s in the census.

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Greencastle $10 nationals

A bright and nicely centered note from Franklin County.  One of 15 large and 38 small size notes recorded.

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Greencastle $10 nationals

A Fine example from this Franklin County bank. Margins all around.

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Greencastle $10 nationals

A bright example from this Franklin County bank with broad and balanced margins all around.

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652$2019029541HarleysvilleCH VF$550
Pennsylvania 652 Harleysville $20 nationals

A bright, vividly inked note from Montgomery County with clear penned signatures of the bank’s officers.  A well centered note […]

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Hatfield $5 nationals

Broad margins all around on this problem free note from popular  small size only bank in Montgomery County.

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Hatfield $10 nationals

A well centered Type 2 from desirable Montgomery County.  Evenly circulated and problem free note.

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Hatfield $5 nationals

This bank in Montgomery County issued only small size notes, with this example being one of only 50 notes recorded […]

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