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Our company has been a reputable coins and currency dealer for over 30 years. At Alex Perakis Coins & Currency, we carry a varied inventory of currency from all states including New Jersey. Browse our inventory of NJ national bank notes below, or give us a call to sell some of your own. Be sure to contact us for all of your New Jersey obsolete currency.

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Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
1801-1$1019295884Atlantic CityVG$335
New Jersey 1801-1 Atlantic City $10 nationals
1800-1$519298800Atlantic City VF$225
New Jersey 1800-1 Atlantic City  $5 nationals

A pleasing note from this desirable seashore bank.  Margins all around and nice colors on this problem free example.

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1801-1$1019295884Atlantic CityVG$245
New Jersey 1801-1 Atlantic City $10 nationals
1801-1$1019292527Atlantic CityVF$345
New Jersey 1801-1 Atlantic City $10 nationals
1802-1$2019295884Atlantic CityVF$275
New Jersey 1802-1 Atlantic City $20 nationals

A desirable note on this seashore bank’s first title.  Balanced margins all around on this problem free example.  Low serial […]

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New Jersey 1800-1 Belleville $5 nationals

Essex County with only 43 small recorded.  Problem free example.

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606$51902 PB11368BergenfieldFine$1,050
New Jersey 606 Bergenfield $5 nationals

A very tough note from Bergen County. There are only 5 large size notes recorded on this second title. Bank […]

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1801-2$101929 TY29268BordentownVF$350
New Jersey 1801-2 Bordentown $10 nationals

Problem free and evenly circulated.

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New Jersey 1800-1 Bordentown $5 nationals

Popular Burlington County bank with only 9 large and 29 small size notes recorded.  A very bright example with margins […]

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587$51902RS1222Burlington UNC$2200
New Jersey 587 Burlington  $5 nationals

A well centered Red Seal from Burlington County.  Deep blue serial numbers along with bold signature of G.W.Lewis, President.  The […]

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New Jersey 1801-1 Burlington $10 nationals

A bright example from Burlington County.   Pleasing and evenly circulated.

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624$101902 PB1209CamdenVF$450
New Jersey 624 Camden $10 nationals

First title note with 16 large recorded. Well centered with nice signatures.

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1800-1$51929 TY11209CamdenFine$95
New Jersey 1800-1 Camden $5 nationals

Bright Type I.

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1801-1$1019297945Cape May Court HouseVF$1975
New Jersey 1801-1 Cape May Court House $10 nationals

A desirable Cape May County location and a popular Seashore bank.  One of only 8 large and 15 small size […]

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599$51902 PB7983CollingswoodFINE$675
New Jersey 599 Collingswood $5 nationals

A tougher Camden County bank with only 18 large size recorded. A pleasing example with margins all around and clear […]

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1801-1$101929 TY17983CollingswoodF/VF$200
New Jersey 1801-1 Collingswood $10 nationals
New Jersey 1802-1 Elmer $20 nationals

Salem County with 19 large and 37 small recorded.  Several pinholes.

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New Jersey 1801-1 Flemington $10 nationals

Problem free Fine from Hunterdon County.

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1800-1$5192913530Haddon HeightsFine$185
New Jersey 1800-1 Haddon Heights $5 nationals

This is one of only 30 notes recorded on this small size only bank in Camden County.  A reasonably priced […]

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1801-1$10192912598Highland ParkVF$395
New Jersey 1801-1 Highland Park $10 nationals

A tougher New Jersey note from Middlesex County with only 2 large and 29 small size examples recorded.  Nicely centered […]

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New Jersey 1801-1 Irvington $10 nationals

This is one of only 26 large and 25 small size notes on this Essex County bank.  An evenly circulated, […]

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480$101882BB695Jersey CityF/VF$1350
New Jersey 480 Jersey City $10 nationals

A desirable Brownback from this Hudson County bank.  This note is new to the census of 12 large size only […]

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1801-1$101929374Jersey CityFine$75
New Jersey 1801-1 Jersey City $10 nationals

A decent, problem free Fine.  Affordable

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1801-1$1019292343Mount HollyFine$135
New Jersey 1801-1 Mount Holly $10 nationals

Well centered note from this popular location. Several rust spots in margin.

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616$101902DB6728Mullica Hill VF$1695
New Jersey 616 Mullica Hill  $10 nationals

Bright and nicely centered example. This is the ONLY $10 1902 Dateback recorded, with only 11 other large size notes […]

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616$101902DB6728Mullica Hill VF$1400
New Jersey 616 Mullica Hill  $10 nationals

This is only one of 12 large size notes recorded and the only $10 Dateback in the census.  An evenly […]

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1801-1$1019296060Ocean CityFine$335
New Jersey 1801-1 Ocean City $10 nationals
1802-1$2019295556PhillipsburgCH VF$335
New Jersey 1802-1 Phillipsburg $20 nationals

This bright Choice VF from Warren County has broad margins and vivid colors all around.  This is one of only […]

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New Jersey 1800-1 Pleasantville $5 nationals

A tough Atlantic County note with only 15 small size recorded.

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1801-1$1019295712Point Pleasant Beach Fine$825
New Jersey 1801-1 Point Pleasant Beach  $10 nationals

A desirable “Seashore” note from Ocean County.  A nicely centered and problem free Fine.  There are only 14 large and […]

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