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Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Pennsylvania 482 Allentown $10 nationals

A bright Brownback on this Lehigh County bank with three broad margins and tight top margin.  Bold ink signatures of […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Allentown $20 nationals

A pleasing AU from the County Seat of Lehigh County.  Bright paper, nice embossing and margins all around.

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Arnold $10 nationals

Desirable ‘name’ bank from Westmoreland County.  There are 9 large and 25 small size notes recorded.  This is a problem […]

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Pennsylvania 357 Ashland $5 nationals
Pennsylvania 1801-2 Ashland $10 nationals

A problem free note from Schuylkill County.

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Pennsylvania 1800-1 Ashland $5 nationals

A very bright $5 from Schuylkill County.  Thee are 29 large and 41 small size notes recorded on this bank. […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Atglen $10 nationals

The Atglen National Bank, Chester County.  A  pleasing example from this bank.

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Atglen $20 nationals

A fine example from this popular bank in Chester County.  One of only 9 large and 29 small size notes […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Athens $10 nationals

Perfect for the Greek Name collector.  A pleasing and problem free note from this Bradford County bank with 13 large […]

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Pennsylvania 626 Avoca $10 nationals

A bright Very Fine from this Luzerne County bank.  This is one of only 12 large size and 31 small […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Barnesboro $20 nationals

A bright Very Fine from Cambria County with only 10 large and 51 small size notes recorded.

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Pennsylvania 618 Beaver $10 nationals

A scarce bank from Beaver County.  This pleasing 1902 Dateback is one of only five notes recorded on this bank.  […]

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1801-1$1019293356Beaver FallsPMG 40EPQ$535
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Beaver Falls $10 nationals

A bright and original note from this popular title. Lovely embossing is clearly visible.  

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610$5190213205Beech Creek Fine$3650
Pennsylvania 610 Beech Creek  $5 nationals

This is the ONLY large size note in the census on this Clinton County bank.  This is an evenly circulated […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Bellefonte $10 nationals

This Centre County bank has 16 large and 30 small size notes recorded.  Margins all around  on this evenly circulated […]

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Pennsylvania 626 Berwyn $10 nationals

A tough note from this Chester County bank.   There are only 10 large size examples recorded on this bank. […]

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1801-1$1019293945BerwynCH VF$525
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Berwyn $10 nationals

A popular Chester County bank and one of only 13 large and 20 small size notes recorded.  A bright and […]

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1801-1$101929293BloomsburgCH VF$285
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Bloomsburg $10 nationals

A  bright example from this Columbia County location  with only 17 large and 33 small size notes recorded by Track […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Blossburg $10 nationals

A bright Very Fine from this small size only bank in Tioga County.  Pleasing colors and margins.

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1802-2$201929II8421Blue BallPMG 45 $2650
Pennsylvania 1802-2 Blue Ball $20 nationals
1801-1$10192912281Blue Ridge SummitF/VF$875
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Blue Ridge Summit $10 nationals

A tough Franklin County bank with only 2 large size and 13 small size notes recorded.  Evenly circulated Fine to […]

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Pennsylvania 484 Bradford $10 nationals

A pleasing $10 Brownback from this McKean County bank with only 19 large and 28 small size notes recorded.  Broad […]

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626$1019028329Bridgeport VF$475
Pennsylvania 626 Bridgeport  $10 nationals

Nicely centered example from this desirable Montgomery County Bank. There are only 10 large size notes recorded according to T&P’s […]

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Pennsylvania 641 Bridgeport $20 nationals

Here is your opportunity to purchase the ONLY Red Seal from this Montgomery County bank with only 11 large and […]

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1801-2$101929II8329BridgeportCH VF$275
Pennsylvania 1801-2 Bridgeport $10 nationals

A pleasing and bright Type 2 from this Montgomery County bank with 11 large size and 40 small size notes […]

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Pennsylvania 1804-1 Brookville $100 nationals

A lovely high denomination from this Jefferson County bank.  Very bright with margins all around, pleasing embossing and low serial […]

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Pennsylvania 474 Catasauqua $5 nationals

A gorgeous layout on this well centered Brownback from Lehigh County,  Rich colors on the front and back of this […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Chalfont $10 nationals
Pennsylvania 1801-2 Chalfont $10 nationals

A bright Type II from this Bucks County bank that issued ONLY small size.  This is one of only 19 […]

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Pennsylvania 1800-2 Chalftont $5 nationals