National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Delaware 651 Wilmington $20 nationals

A well centered note from this New Castle County bank.  Evenly circulated with legible signatures of the cashier and president.

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Delaware 1801-1 Wyoming $10 nationals

A tougher Kent County bank with only 2 large and 15 small size recorded.  This example is problem free with […]

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Florida 1800-2 Jacksonville $5 nationals

An affordable Type II from a desirable State.

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416$10Illinois18752154BellevillePMG 45$2650
Illinois 416 Belleville $10 nationals

A lovely Choice XF from this St. Clair County bank with only 38 large and 39 small size notes recorded.  […]

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Illinois 1801-1 Centralia $10 nationals

Although the technical grade is Very Fine, we have downgraded to a Fine due to some rust stains on the […]

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Illinois 472 Chicago $5 nationals

A decent Brownback from Chicago. This note has margins all around, bold signatures of the bank’s officers, as well as […]

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Illinois 476 Chicago $5 nationals

A popular “Corn Exchange” bank from Cook County.  This well centered Brownback is intact with margins all around, legible signatures […]

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577$10Illinois1882VB2503LaSallePMG 63$2450
Illinois 577 LaSalle $10 nationals

Good Embossing noted by PMG on this beautiful 1882 Valueback from LaSalle, Il.  This note is perfect for type with […]

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Indiana 467 Aurora $5 nationals

A problem free Brownback from Dearborn County, Indiana with faded, but legible, signatures of the bank’s officers.  Margins all around, […]

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1800-2$5Indiana1929II12132EvansvillePMG 65EPQ$295
Indiana 1800-2 Evansville $5 nationals

This lovely type 2 example is priced to sell.  A pleasing Gem CU with Exceptional Paper Quality noted by PMG.  […]

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Indiana 1802-1 Indianapolis $20 nationals

Problem free and nicely centered note.

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1802-2$10Indiana1929II13759IndianapolisCH VF$135
Indiana 1802-2 Indianapolis $10 nationals

Well centered, bright Type II.

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1804-1$100Indiana19294800ShelbyvilleXF - Stained$585
Indiana 1804-1 Shelbyville $100 nationals

Shelby County with 24 large and 33 small size notes recorded.  Of the 33 small size, there are only 9 […]

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1804-1$100Indiana19294764South BendUNC$1275
Indiana 1804-1 South Bend $100 nationals

A bright Uncirculated high denomination. Nicely centered with low s/n C000222A.

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Indiana 1804-1 Washington $100 nationals

This nicely centered high denomination is one of only six $100 1929’s recorded by Track & Price.  Evenly circulated with […]

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Kansas 624 Liberal $10 nationals

A decent note from a desirable State with only 8 large and 16 small size notes recorded.  Margins all around, […]

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Kentucky 1802-1 Ashland $20 nationals

A well centered example from this popular State.

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1800-2$5Kentucky1929II906LexingtonPMG 65EPQ$325
Kentucky 1800-2 Lexington $5 nationals
1801-1$10Maryland19299699Clear SpringVF$675
Maryland 1801-1 Clear Spring $10 nationals

A lovely name on this bank from Washington County with only 8 large and 21 small size notes recorded. A […]

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Maryland 1800-1 Cumberland $5 nationals

A well-centered and problem free $5.

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Maryland 1801-1 Cumberland $10 nationals

A very bright and nicely centered example from this popular State.

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Maryland 1800-2 Oakland $5 nationals

A bright Type 2 from Garrett County.  There are 14 small size ONLY recorded by Track & Price on this […]

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1800-1$5Massachusetts19291144Shelburne FallsVF$265
Massachusetts 1800-1 Shelburne Falls $5 nationals

Evenly circulated with  margins all around.

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1800-2$5Massachusetts1929II1144Shelburne FallsCH VF$350
Massachusetts 1800-2 Shelburne Falls $5 nationals

A very bright Type 2 with broad margins and pleasing colors.

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1801-1$10Michigan192910527DetroitCH VF$115
Michigan 1801-1 Detroit $10 nationals

A very bright note with three broad margins, bottom margin is cut slightly into engraving.

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1802-1$20Michigan19294446Port HuronVF$95
Michigan 1802-1 Port Huron $20 nationals

Evenly circulated and bright note with margins all around.

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1802-1$20Michigan19294446Port HuronCH VF$195
Michigan 1802-1 Port Huron $20 nationals

A bright, third title note with only 16 large and 18 small recorded.

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1802-1$20Michigan19294446Port HuronCH VF$195
Michigan 1802-1 Port Huron $20 nationals
Minnesota 652 Duluth $20 nationals

An evenly circulated and problem free example from this widely collected State with bold signatures and margins all around.

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1804-1$100Minnesota19299327DuluthPMG 35 $365
Minnesota 1804-1 Duluth $100 nationals