National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
477$5New York1882BB5783New YorkCH VF$1650
New York 477 New York $5 nationals

Lovely colors, broad and balanced margins, vivid signatures on this desirable Brownback.  This note is new to the census of […]

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601$5New York19029717New YorkXF$475
New York 601 New York $5 nationals

A pleasing example from the Gotham National Bank of New York.  This XF example has bold inks and vivid signatures […]

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1802-1$20New York192913336New YorkVF$235
New York 1802-1 New York $20 nationals

An evenly circulated VF from this small size only bank in New York County with only 38 small size notes […]

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1802-1$20New York192913393SyracuseVF$135
New York 1802-1 Syracuse $20 nationals

A bright and pleasing example from this ‘small size only’ bank.  Broad margins all around.

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1801-1$10New York19292151OneontaVF$145
New York 1801-1 Oneonta $10 nationals

Otsego County bank with 45 large and 33 small size notes recorded in the  T&P census.

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598$5New York190294Port JervisCH VF$395
New York 598 Port Jervis $5 nationals

A bright and evenly circulated note on this second title bank.  Balanced margins all around, bold blue seal and numbers, […]

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1801-1$10New York192910258Silver Creek Fine$175
New York 1801-1 Silver Creek  $10 nationals

A problem free Fine note with margins all around.  Chautaugua County.

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1801-1$10New York192913393SyracuseCH VF$125
New York 1801-1 Syracuse $10 nationals

A pleasing Choice VF from this small size only bank in Onondaga County.  Bright with balanced margins all around.

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Ohio 434 Cincinnati $20 nationals

A lovely First Charter from this  “Ethnic Title” bank in Ohio.  Margins all around on front with pleasing colors and […]

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Ohio 1802-1 Delaware $20 nationals

Two-states in the  bank title.  Some splits at the right side margin, other than that intact.

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Ohio 1802-1 Marietta $20 nationals

Well centered and problem free.

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1801-1$10Ohio192991ToledoPMG 64EPQ$295
Ohio 1801-1 Toledo $10 nationals

A lovely Choice CU with pleasing inks, deep embossing and margins all around. Perfect for the collector of the first […]

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1801-2$10Ohio1929II13490Washington Court HouseFine$295
Ohio 1801-2 Washington Court House $10 nationals

A well centered type 2 from this small size only bank in Fayette County with a three-word  name.

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Pennsylvania 1804-1 Uniontown $100 nationals
Pennsylvania 482 Allentown $10 nationals

One of only 10 $10 Brownbacks recorded from this Lehigh County bank.   A problem free Very Fine that is  vividly […]

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627$10Pennsylvania19029905ArdmorePMG 30 $2950
Pennsylvania 627 Ardmore $10 nationals

An evenly circulated example from this Montgomery County location with ONLY eight total notes recorded.  A bright and pleasing Plainback […]

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627$10Pennsylvania19029905ArdmorePCGS 20APP$1850
Pennsylvania 627 Ardmore $10 nationals

A desirable National from Montgomery County.  There are only 6 large on the first title and 4 large recorded on […]

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534$5Pennsylvania1882DB2280AshlandPMG 45EPQ$1750
Pennsylvania 534 Ashland $5 nationals

This beautiful 1882 Dateback from Schuylkill County has jumbo margins all around, as well as clear signatures of the bank’s […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Ashland $10 nationals

A problem free note from Schuylkill County.

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Pennsylvania 626 Avoca $10 nationals

A bright Very Fine from this Luzerne County bank.  This is one of only 12 large size and 31 small […]

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1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II9402BallyCH VF$475
Pennsylvania 1801-2 Bally $10 nationals

A well centered example from this desirable Berks County bank  with only 6 large and 28 small size notes recorded […]

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Pennsylvania 1802-1 Barnesboro $20 nationals

A bright Very Fine from Cambria County with only 10 large and 51 small size notes recorded.

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Pennsylvania 618 Beaver $10 nationals

A scarce bank from Beaver County.  This pleasing 1902 Dateback is one of only five notes recorded on this bank.  […]

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624$10Pennsylvania1902459BellefontePMG 20NET$495
Pennsylvania 624 Bellefonte $10 nationals

A desirable note from Centre County and one of only 16 large size and 32 small size notes available.  PMG […]

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Pennsylvania 626 Berwyn $10 nationals

A tough note from this Chester County bank. There are only 10 large size examples recorded on this bank. This […]

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1801-1$10Pennsylvania192913381BlossburgCH VF$165
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Blossburg $10 nationals

Tioaga County small size only Bank with 72 small notes recorded. Nicely margined with pleasing colors.

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Pennsylvania 484 Bradford $10 nationals

A pleasing $10 Brownback from this McKean County bank with only 19 large and 28 small size notes recorded.  Broad […]

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1801-2$10Pennsylvania1929II8329BridgeportCH VF$275
Pennsylvania 1801-2 Bridgeport $10 nationals

A pleasing and bright Type 2 from this Montgomery County bank with 11 large size and 40 small size notes […]

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Pennsylvania 641 Bridgeport $20 nationals

Here is your opportunity to purchase the ONLY Red Seal from this Montgomery County bank with only 11 large and […]

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626$10Pennsylvania19028329Bridgeport VF$475
Pennsylvania 626 Bridgeport  $10 nationals

Nicely centered example from this desirable Montgomery County Bank. There are only 10 large size notes recorded according to T&P’s […]

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